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Monday, September 8, 2008

Alchemy And The True Philosophers Stone

Alchemy is the central component of Freemasonry. Weather speculative or operative they both work on an alchemical paradigm. The operative work in the physical (the transformation of stone through chemical manipulation) and the speculative work in the spiritual (the smoothing of the individual ashlar IE: the philosophers stone.) I recently found this excellent piece on alchemy that I feel must be shared. It is your hosts opinion that the core of the Craft (alchemy) has been greatly overlooked. This has created a darkness that has overshadowed Masonic light. The light must be restored.

This article was translated from Spanish to English so please excuse some unfamiliar grammar.

By: Valentin Heine Who were the Alchemists? Who were the alchemists? That they looked for? I' for m looking? That they hid? To hide? Perhaps they had some relation with the chemicals? They may have to relationship with chemicals? And that was the philosopher stone? And that was the Philosopher' s Stone? That it meant? That meant? That it means today? That means today? Those are the questions passed that me through the mind when beginning to prepare this work. Those plows the questions that went through my mind to start preparing this work. TRANSFORMATION Transforms One of the first phenomena that intrigued the primitive man was transformació n of the matter. Phenomena One of the first that primitive man was intrigued AT the transformation of not to matter. As the cloud is transformed into water; as the fresh water is transformed into salty; as the seed is transformed into plant; as the flower is transformed into fruit. Ace the cloud is transformed into to water, ace fresh to water becomes salt, ace the seed becomes to plant, ace to flower turns into fruit. But the transformations produced by means of the fire are those that occupied but it because the experiments with fire gave almost immediate results. But the changes produced by means of fire plows those ranked ace the most experiments with fire gave almost immediate results. And with the dominion of the fire, the primitive man began to make experiments to transform matters. And with the mastery of fire, primitive man began to make experiments to transform materials. The fire produces chemical changes like being: the same combustion of the wood (that is transformed into ash, smoke, and gives off light and heat); roasting meat (process that to the present time we continue liking); cooking bricks, hornear pottery. The fire you produce chemical transformations such ace: the same burning wood (which is transformed into ash, smoke and heat and light shows), roast beef (tasting process that we remain to this day); bake bricks, pottery baking. Later, by means of the fire they were purified, they molded and they alloyed minerals, as the copper, the silver and the gold. Later, through the fire were purified, mold and ale minerals such ace to copper, to silver and gold. Transformació n is obtained by the fire. N The transformation is accomplished by fire. And with the civilizations that were developed in China, Mesopotamia and Egypt, the craftsmen got to produce transformations in matters, which they got to be colouring, drugs, glasses, lenses, varnishes, perfumes and metals. And with the civilizations that developed in China, Mesopotamia and Egypt, craftsmen Comecon to produces changes in materials, which became dyes, drugs, glasses, lenses, varnishes, perfumes and metals. Later transformations by other methods were obtained, aside from the fire. Later transformations were achieved by to other methods apart from the fire. But, that there is of the theory? But that' s the theory? As those phenomena were explained? Phenomena ace explained these? Because the one that can explain what happens, he is not only a visionary, but he is owner of the secret that allows to dominate the phenomenon him. Because it dog explain what happens, is not only to visionary, but owns the secret that allows you to masters the phenomenon. To repeat it. Repeat. To deduce of that knowledge, other profits. Deduct from that knowledge, to other achievements. Or, the early teoréticas explanations on the chemical phenomena, were of mystical character or magician. Theoretical Well, the early explanations on the chemical phenomena, were to magical mystical or. GREEK THEORIES Greek theory Old the Greeks almost did not add anything you practice to them of chemistry that inherited of the old woman neighboring civilizations, but however, refined to the teoréticas explanations on the transformations that observed, either in the nature, or in the factories of the craftsmen. The ancient Greeks hardly anything added to the practice of chemistry that inherited from the old neighbouring civilisations, but instead refined theoretical explanations about the changes observed to either in the wilderness, and in the workshops of artisans. The Greeks recognized the change like a universal phenomenon. The Greeks recognized the change universal ace to phenomenon. And they arrived at such point that, I mention Heraclitus, that in century 6 before the modern era I ask " if something, visible or invisible exists, that not cambie". And reached the point where, to quote Heraclitus, who AT 6 century before the modern was to wonder " if there is something visible or invisible, that does not change." Many Greek philosophers considered this subject, had many debates. Many Greek philosophers considered this to matter, had many discussions. He was Aristotle who, in century 4 before the modern era, formulated a theory, that I predominate in the scientific thought by almost 2000 years. It was Aristotle who, in the 4 century before the modern was, made to theory, which dominate scientific thinking for nearly 2000 years. In its theory I postulate that a primary matter exists and 4 qualities. In his theory I postulate that there is to primary field and 4 qualities. The qualities are: heat, cold, humidity and dryness. The qualities plows: heat, cold, humidity and dryness. According to the qualities that are impregnated in the primary matter, therefore 4 elements would take place. According to the qualities that plows impregnated in the primary field, and would occur 4 elements. The elements are FIRE (hot and dry); AIR (it warms up and humid); EARTH (it fries and dry); and WATER (it fries and humid). The elements plows fire (hot and dry); to air (hot and humid); Earth (cold and dry) and to water (cold and wet). All the material things were considered like the result of a combination of those four elements in different proportions. Material All things were seen ace the result of to combination of these four elements in different proportions. According to this theory, finding the suitable combination of the 4 elements with the 4 qualities, could be gotten to produce gold. According to this theory, finding the right combination of elements 4 with 4 qualities, it could produces gold. Later, Aristotle I add a fifth element or substance to the 4 before mentioned (that is: earth, air, fire and water) and are the ether, to which it defined as the perfect substance, of that are compound the celestial bodies. Later, Aristotle' s fifth element or add substance to 4 stupefies (IE: earth, to air, fire and to water) and is to ether, which was defined ace the perfect substance, which plows composed of celestial bodies. The ALCHEMISTS alchemists After innumerable experiments of transformació n of the materials, he was born along with the diverse theories, the idea of the transmutation. After countless experiments Not transformation of materials, was born along with the various theories, the idea of transmutation. To transform materials, to give another form them, to purify them, to separate them of impurities, but that is, not only to transmute (to change) an element, in another element. In other words, not only transform materials, give them to another way, purify, separate them from impurities, but transmutes (change) an element in another element. The alchemy is the old pseudoscience that tried to transmute basic gold metals and to discover one cures for all the diseases, or the way to prolong the life indefinitely. The alchemy is to former pseudoscience that sought to transmutes base metals into gold and to discover to cures for all diseases, or how to prolong life indefinitely. The astrologers thought that all human activity deeply was influenced by the celestial bodies (the Sun, the Moon, the stars). The astrologers believed that all human activity was deeply influenced by celestial bodies (the Sun, Moon, stars). According to the astrologers, the alchemists would have to wait a favorable configuration of the bodies in the firmament, so that their transmutations in metals took place. According to astrologers, alchemists would have to await to favorable configuration of the bodies in the firmament, under that to their transmutations occur in metals. The astrological influence I get to give to each metal its celestial body del that came, that is: the gold of the Sun; the silver of the Moon; the copper of Venus and the Mars iron. Astrological The influence Comecon to attribute to each celestial metal your body that Comecon from, namely gold of the Sun; to silver of the Moon, Venus to copper and iron from Mars. The alchemist I get to be a personage recognized in the European scene. The alchemist became to character recognized in the European scene. The alchemists were required and financed by kings and noble, that had the hope to increase their own resources. The alchemists were required and funded by kings and noble, who had hoped to increase to their own resources. Nevertheless, many alchemists, not managing to produce promised gold, were killed their. However, many alchemists, not making promised to produces gold, lost to their lives. of running of the time, symbols and allegories alchemists they took control extremely complex. to over Time, symbols and allegories alchemists were extremely complex. And of the search of gold, the alchemists passed their attention to the search of medicines. For And the quest gold, the alchemists spent his attention to the search for medicine. A leader of this movement was Paracelsus, (1493-1531), that was first in Europe in mentioning zinc and using the word " alcohol" talking about to " spirit of vino". To leader of this movement was Paracelsus, (1493-1531), who was the first in Europe to mention zinc and uses the Word " alcohol" referring to the " spirit of wine."