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It may seem that we are being harsh to this individual, but only because everything he stands for flies in the face of our sacred traditions.
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The end of a chapter, the beginning of a new

Today is a big day for me. Tomorrow, my lovely wife and I will welcome our daughter into the world.This has been quite the road to get to this point. Like everything in our lives, this has been a road that wasn't easy to travel. It was filled with obstacles, many took a severe toll on the both of us. Through all of this, now we will have our final result and more work begins. I wonder just how much I will let myself enjoy the moment.

I really hope I let myself do so.

On the Masonic front, the 1613 Nation will celebrate it's first birthday this Friday. I honestly never imagined we would be where we are now. We have experienced a lot in this first year of life, most of it very positive. The negative of course was there, we are certainly battle tested. We proved that we can not only take a punch but that we'll punch back. I congratulate you Brethren, no matter what the opposition you have proven the will and conviction to overcome. That is what we require and each and every one of you have proven you have what it takes to survive in the game.

Many more announcements will be made on this blog in the days ahead. There are a lot of developments that will be made available here as soon as they can be announced.

I want to thank everyone. May the G.A.O.T.U. bless you in all that you do.



Monday, February 21, 2011

Congrats and H.G.W. to Lodge Demeter

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Lodge Demeter-1613 Nation had two initiations. This Hellenic Rite lodge is on the verge of the remarkable.

WM Holloway has done some very impressive things, in a short amount of time. It is individuals such as he, who see value and take ownership of their lodge that make a difference. It's wonderful to see a lodge of the Hellenic Rite grow and prosper against all odds.

My biggest congrats to WM Holloway and the Brethren of Lodge Demeter. How I wish I where there in body as I was in spirit.



Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Foundation of Universal Freemasonry

Over the last couple of days, I have had extended conversations with Bro. Stephen Quest and his new venture , the Foundation of Universal Freemasonry. This is a new confederation of independent Masonic lodges based upon the principles of peaceful coexistence , freedom and harmony. While it is not itself a Post-Modern Masonic group, they are friendly to Post-Modern Freemasonry and we can consider them to be our Brethren and friends.

The Foundation of Universal Freemasonry comes from a very passionate and idealistic platform. While I can say that I would do some things differently, I appreciate and support another avenue of choice being made available to sincere seekers of Masonic light.

This opens up yet another potential for partnerships between the 1613 Nation , and those of different communities. The Foundation of Universal Freemasonry will provide another choice for those seeking independent forms of the Craft away from the authoritarian Grand Lodge/Grand Orient system.

The Foundation considers themselves a force for Masonic reformation. Those who are interested in that now actually have a viable and progressive option. The 1613 Nation supports our Brethren in their endeavour and we consider ourselves in peaceful coexistence and cooperation.

Brad Cofield
1613 Nation

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Nation of Builders

We are a Nation of builders. As a community of independent lodges we have challenges ahead of us that the joiners simply do not encounter. We are forced, by circumstance to think, an act on our own. There is no "top down" authority, no code book to go to for answers. We have to be dependent on ourselves and each other. Communication is key, as is cooperation and collaboration between our sister lodges.

Due to these circumstances, we cannot be lulled into a trap of institutionalized thought patterns. we must release the fear associated with being out on our own. In order to be successful, lodge members have to take "ownership" of their own lodges. In order to build a successful lodge we need to foster a culture of pride in the work, and the benefits of a true community. If we don't do these things, we will be destined to fail.

We must understand fully that those who shout against us have no clue what it means to actually build something from the ground up. It's fair to point out that 99.9% have never built one Masonic lodge that is rooted in the institutionalized structure, let alone an independent lodge from scratch. These people can cast all of the aspersions they wish upon our accomplishments, as they have no practical experience we must keep this in perspective as we deal with the negative attention.

I am so very proud of each and every one of us. Doing what we do is damned hard, the work is needed in the world and we are doing what we have been anointed to do. The light of our work will shine beyond our lifetimes, the hard work and self sacrifices will be appreciate by history.

1613 for life!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quick Note

With the baby coming next week I have not been able to blog this month as I have previously expected. Never fear, plenty is going on and soon I will be back in the swing of things. We are very close to the first anniversary of the 1613 Nation and we will have a lot to announce.

Huge news on the horizon, stay tuned.



Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Post-Modern Square and Compass

Symbolism is the key of the Masonic Craft. Post-Modern Freemasonry doesn't have a ton in common with institutionalized forms of Freemasonry but in the importance of symbolism, it shares common ground.

The Post-Modern square and compass is the key symbol of the 1613 Nation. It's very specific so I thought I would break it down piece by piece.

1.) The Square: The square is the oldest symbol of the female sex. The square being a right angle is the instrument used to "square" one's action. It also represents the receptive ,the negative and the pillar of severity on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. It also represents the Earth.

The square has become a significant emblem. It sits upon the open VSL upon the altar, it is one of the three great lights (or lesser lights depending on the ritual.) It's the chief ornament of the Worshipful Master. There can be nothing truer than a perfect square. Thus it also represents the highest remanifestation.

2.) The Compass: The compass is the original symbol of the male sex. The compass is essential to make a circle, drawn from a central point. To represent the heavens. The pillar of mercy on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. It symbolizes the higher nature of man, and it is a significant fact that the circumference of a circle; which is a line without end has become an emblem of divinity, that symbolizes eternity.

3.) The interlocked Square and Compass: The joining of all. man and woman, Heaven and Earth, straight lines and circles.

4.) The Yin and Yang: the most well known Taoist symbol. In a classic sense it symbolizes the Tao-the undifferentiated unity out of which all existence arises.

In Post-Modern Freemasonry it also takes on another meaning. The essential duality of positive and negative, the interplay of peace and conflict that is required to drive the cosmology. The Post-Modern Freemason must always build despite adversity. The adversity, is also required in order to maintain skill, and drive dedication and fortitude. In this the opposition forces against the Post-Modern Freemason must also become a part of it. Those who seek to destroy the Nation are assisting the Nation in it's Divine work. Just as iron sharpens iron, and combat makes a better soldier, so does conflict make a stronger Nation.

This is a very key point that must be understood and appreciated. We must always be thankful for the forces of opposition. We must never dissuade anyone from their destiny, even if that destiny is against our own. A Post-Modern Freemason must be pragmatic, they must understand that this oppositional energy is a benefit.

4.) The Arrows: These represent movement, fluidity and our rejection of standardized and static forms. We must always remain in motion. This motion can come from the positive effects of our own efforts, or through our confrontation of conflict. Stasis is the ultimate enemy of the Craft, in stasis our Nation will die.

5.) The Colors: Black-In Hellenic myth, Chaos, the divine mother of all is represented by the color black. Black is also the color of change and remanifestation amongst Hermetics. Black is the color of the the pillar of severity in Qabalah, also the color of Geburah, the Sephiroth of Creation. That is what we as Post-Modern Freemasons are looking to do.

Black also represents the inclusiveness of our community. We represent the Masonic Heterodoxy. All who seek are welcome; regardless of race, religion, politics, social standing or income. Black is the combination of all colors. Black also represents the color of night, for even in the dead of night we build.

Silver- The color of brilliance and radiance. The color of the pure energy of our divine work. The color of Mercury, on its surface is a mirror. Look down into the bubble of it and see for yourself. Fracture the bubble's surface and see a dozen selves. Independent, contained yet fractionalized.
This is the many faceted human personality.

Mercury, also known as Quicksilver, representing the free flowing fluidity of Post-Modern Freemasonry.

Of course we welcome all to interpret symbolism for yourselves. As symbolism is interpreted by the individual, there is no right nor wrong answer. Learn, understand, grow and remanifest.



Friday, February 11, 2011

The 3 Initiates

Our founding lodge in the Nation of Bolivia, Logia de las Tres Iniciados has a new home on the web. This lodge, of humble beginnings has grown to be a strong working lodge of Post-Modern Freemasonry. Grass roots in action, they have through their will and hard worked proven that the 1613 Nation has a bright future in the Nation of Bolivia, and throughout Latin America.

The work of Worshipful Rocha and his lodge has served as an inspiration to many. They where instrumental in the creation of our second lodge in Bolivia, Lodge of the Standing Skull. Not only is this lodge reaching new heights, but they are paving the way for other men and women, regardless of religion, social status or economic situation to take control of their own enlightenment.

Please join me in showing support for these outstanding Brethren.



Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rise of Demeter

It makes me filled with joy to announce the revival of a 1613 Nation lodge.Lodge Demeter, once forced to close is now reborn. New location, new leadership and a clear vision. A lodge of the Hellenic Rite I hope Brethren everywhere will offer this brave new lodge your full support.

It isn't easy being an independent lodge. It isn't easy being a 1613 lodge. It isn't easy being a Hellenic Rite lodge, this lodge is all three. WM Holloway is sincere and straightforward in his dedication to human rights, equality, freedom and 1613 Freemasonry. I have no doubt whatsoever that this lodge will be a beacon of Masonic light for decades to come.

Every journey begins with but a single step. Today is that day.



Friday, February 4, 2011

Benvenuto al mondo

I would like to take this time to welcome Valentino Consiglio to the world. Valentino is the brand new baby boy of our Worshipful Brother Seby Consiglio and his beautiful wife Ada. Congrats to the Consiglio family.

Worshipful Seby Consiglio is the Worshipful Master of our very own Loggia Leonardo da Vinci-1613 Nation located in Sicily.

This is a year of birth, please join me in sending the Consiglio's are heartiest good wishes.