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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pretty Serious Stuff

Tonight Temple Sobek-Ra did some pretty serious work. Discussions had continued over the course of the last year of where we all as individuals really wanted to take this as Craftsmen. It's like working with a lathe, once the wood is turned in a certain for it cannot be reformed, once a digit is lost it can perhaps be sewn back on but it will never regain it's original flexibility.

We as operative Freemasons have a lot in front of us that we can either become proficient in or it can destroy us, no middle road. Time to jump, enter the red zone and pull the rip cord.

Tonight was the right night. As we gathered the sky was clear enough for the first time in it seems forever. The energy was right, the synergy all together harmoniously aligned.

Let's just say that the energy flow was such as I don't think I will get much sleep for a while.

Amazing stuff.

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