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"I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it."-

In the past 13 years since the inception of this site, we've NEVER received as much e-mail (cumulatively) about one individual as we have about Mr. Brad Cofield- Ed King-Masonicinfo.com

It may seem that we are being harsh to this individual, but only because everything he stands for flies in the face of our sacred traditions.
-inactive Mason and rabid fanboy Bryan Caldwell

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Trident

This is going to be straight and to the point. There is always a specific way that "out of the closet" 1613 members will be attacked on Internet forums, blogs and social network sites like Facebook.

Stage One: They will be accused of being me. No one could ever agree with the principles of cooperation, compassion and community. No one would ever wish to be independent and make their own decisions without a Grand Lodge or Orient pulling the strings. No one would ever forsake tradition for personal empowerment. Obviously, I have nothing but time to invent multiple alias "sockpuppets." No matter how many pictures of yourself, your family, your lodge or even if they here your voice or watch your videos you cannot exist.

And if that doesn't work and you're still 1613.

Stage Two: Since they have no come to grips that you are a real person you must be under my "Svengali" esque super powers of mind control. No one of their own free will would ever associate with me. No one would ever consider me a friend and Brother. You must have been bamboozled as you're obviously a poor dumb idiot. They must save you from my evil clutches.

And if that doesn't work and you're still 1613.

Stage Three: You're me.

That is the guaranteed tried and true formula. They do it each and every time. People who flaunt their intelligence even endorse this formula. It's like a brain virus.

While I find it hilarious that I have been given all of these super duper powers of mind control and manipulation I'm starting to find it tiresome. I have responsibilities and things to do. If you're interested in 1613 Freemasonry you know you'll get the straight scoop. There is no financial gain here and nothing to be gained by me telling you that you don't have to join a thing, just do it yourself. You need to be prepared to face the trident, over and over and over again.

Bottom line, we are the only successful expression of independent communal Freemasonry in the world. The hate us because we threaten there ROI as well as the false cocoon of exclusivity they've built around themselves. They will always hate us, get over it and get on.

Or step off. Either way.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In Memoriam

Today has been a rough day for me. This morning I learned of the passing of a great man, Brother and friend. Nelson King was what I feel a Mason should be. He was an activist. A true progressive who fought against racism and other undesirable elements in the Craft. While he was a mainstream Freemason he and I always had a good relationship since we started corresponding in the summer of 2007. I considered Bro. King to be one of the rare beacons of light in a sea of profanity.

We had many conversations through the years and I could always count o him to challenge me to be a better man. I could also count on his unconditional friendship and support. He could also count on mine.

I don't really like spending a huge amount of time on what I can't control. As a pragmatist I don't see the value in such things. The afterlife being one of those topics. For tonight however, I'll let myself hope. Bro. Nelson King, I'll miss you very much.

Nation, a friend and ally has fallen today.

To learn more about the life of this great Brother please visit his website. Information regarding his memorial service can also be found there.


Brad Cofield

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Checking In

Been over a month since my last blog. I figured it only appropriate to check in and post on my birthday to let everyone know all is well. My daughter is growing fast and taking up a ton of my time. We have new developments with the Nation, including the establishment of new lodges and Chapters.

Lot's of big news to come. Stay tuned.

Until then, love and light to all.



Saturday, June 25, 2011

The crazy things people say

Some of it may be the heat, but summer time is a busy time for the fanboys. Some of the stuff I read about myself is pretty entertaining, some of it is pretty stupid, but it is never boring I will give them that.

One of the latest is that I told a fellow "Mason" over the phone to read Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma and simply open his own supreme council. That's odd, I never discouraged reading Morals & Dogma, in fact I do encourage reading it, in fact I encourage everyone read anything that will deepen their operative knowledge. I have no issue with anyone establishing anything, as is their right as free citizens under the canopy of Heaven to do, but that is not what we do. We don't operate as a supreme anything. It isn't something I advocate. Makes me wonder if the fanboys have just grown so lazy as to totally ignore my actual points of action.

It was also made clear that I told this same person to buy Duncan's Ritual and simply open his own lodge. Why would I do this if he is already a Mason? I have never told anyone to do this, not that I never will. I just simply haven't. I'm not the biggest fan of the Preston-Webb ritual found within Duncan's but whatever floats your boat.

Let's be clear. My individual position is that membership in and of itself means nothing. The initiatic experience and remanifestation is not simply to be a member, show up and be lead around a room in a hoodwink. It requires a deep change of life and a formal commitment to knowledge and its application in all aspects of everyday life. I no more consider a man or woman a Mason who goes through the degrees and then goes to the nearest bar to drink themselves into oblivion than I do the guy who would mow my lawn.

Freemasonry isn't an organization. It's not a product, it's not a club. It's a spiritual science and operative philosophy when applied to life is a vehicle from profanity to a divine state of being.

In my opinion, how the road is started is not as important to the destination.

A point of view from a Post-Modern Freemason.



Friday, June 10, 2011

Love and Light

I love Freemasonry. I believe that it is my anointed calling in life. I strive to live the life of a Freemason 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.

I honestly believe that through the spiritual science and operative Craft everyone can in a practical way change themselves into something beyond what they have imagined. As a result their community will become better, and better communities make a better planet.

This is why I believe that the world needs more working Freemasons. By any means necessary. The spread of the Craft around the globe will make our planet a better place for all and most importantly those who come after yourself.

If you're a Mason and you're reading this ask yourself honestly, do you love Freemasonry? If so, isn't the spread and adoption of the Craft by as many individuals as possible a goal of yours?

I read too much the anti-Masonic opinions that Freemasonry belongs only to a certain group and must begin and end according to a certain set of rules.

I am here to say forget those regressive and destructive forms of institutionalism. Embrace your freedom. There are many paths that lead to the same ocean. Masonic light, like all light moves at a speed far beyond our comprehension and it illuminates all who seek it. Light will always find it's path. It's time for us to open our eyes and see the light all around us.

Arise and work my Brothers and Sisters. Take what is rightfully yours and then share it with as many people as possible. In whatever way the situation requires build your lodges. Live to serve and to help. Raise the consciousness of the profane to that of the reborn.

Live, learn, love and teach. This is a huge responsibility. Change the world by sharing all that is Masonic love with it.



Monday, May 30, 2011

Lodge Even a-hahamim-1613 Nation

So much is happening. We, the members of the 1613 Nation have taken true liberal Freemasonry and put it into action. Action through building. Each and every day we make real strides in spreading our divine work on a worldwide scale.

This makes me very pleased to announce the newest edition to our family. Lodge Even a-hahamim (Philosophers Stone) located in the holy city of Jerusalem, Israel. Our second lodge in Israel, our first being Lodge Human Stone.

Lodge Even a-hahamim is a special lodge for a couple of reasons . We have a strong working relationship with the cradle of Operative Egyptian Freemasonry, the M.E.A.P.R.M.M. We have a lot of cross membership (including myself) between the two communities. Lodge Even a-hahamim represents for the first time the 1613 Nation and the M.E.A.P.R.M.M. have opened a lodge in total cooperation. As a result , Lodge Even a-hahamim works the Speculative degrees of Craft Masonry (Memphis) as well as the Operative Opera's of the Egyptian Rite of Cagliostro.

Two years ago, under the direction of Grand Hierophant of the M.E.A.P.R.M.M. Worshipful Frank G. Ripel along with a group of highly dedicated Brethren consecrated the National Sovereign Sanctuary of the State of Israel- M.E.A.P.R.M.M. It's leadership lead by International Deputy Grand Master Worshipful Alexandr Rybalka.

Worshipful Rybalka has now taken on an additional responsibility in the founding of a 1613 Craft lodge, Lodge Even a-hahamim. Along with the dedicated Brethren within this brings new joy and honor to both the Nation as well as the M.E.A.P.R.M.M.

Please join me in wishing these Brothers and Sisters immense success.
אבן ה-חכמים
עם 1613

Worshipful Master Alexandr Rybalka
Phone: +972 507217803
email: Alex@1613nation.org

Website coming soon.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No Romance Required

I often wonder what has gotten into a majority of Masons I run into on the web. They would sooner be run over by a truck than except anything outside the establishment. This is a very strange attitude to take. Not just from a enlightenment perspective, but a logical one.

How do they think their establishment came to be? Do they always think it was an established entity?

For those who don't now, Premier Grand Lodge of 1717 was established by what amounts to four drinking clubs based in four different taverns. The Goose and the Gridiron Alehouse, the Crown Alehose, The Apple Tree Tavern and the Rummer and Grapes Tavern. It's common knowledge that they gathered together and constituted themselves.

That's right, they where an entirely self created entity. They had no charter nor warrant. They didn't even have their first set of constitutions until three years after their formation.

These are all historical facts.

They where not the only Freemasons at the time. There where of course the Yorks and the Operatives, neither thought fondly of the tavern clubs endeavour, yet the tavern clubs proceeded to do what they did, regardless.

They in 1751 it happened again. The Antient Grand Lodge founded itself. Again, without warrant, patent nor charter.

The two merged together in 1813 to form what is today the United Grand Lodge of England which of course every mainstream Freemason (and some non mainstream) has a hard on for.

That's right, their "lineage" that they throw in the face of those who they consider "bogus" has (by their own definition) it's origins in "bogus" practices of self creation and *gasp* self- initiation.

Why then are they now so institutionalized? Why to they fight against the same spirit of independence and self reliance that they now reap the benefits from?

I don't have the answer. Is it a question of a inferiority complex on a pandemic scale?

Well regardless these are the facts people. Masonic lineage is total bullshit. Those who founded the GL of London 1717 where no better than any of you reading this. They where drinking clubs who had an idea and decided to act on it. They made some stuff up, it was pretty cool, other people liked it and it caught on.

That's it. No romance required.



Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Spiritual Science Community

Since Facebook decided to eliminate discussion board sections from it's group pages it became imperative that we find an alternative. Now, it seems to me that for a while now Facebook has made the Masonic internet forum obsolete, however their change in direction may have reversed the tide.

Allow me to introduce the Spiritual Science Community. How is it different? Well, first of all it is not strictly dedicated to Masonic discussions. As well as Masonic topics we have a range covering both Western and eastern mystery traditions as well as science, technology, human rights, philosophy and the arts. The idea being to make it a diverse community founded in the functions of education and free exchange of ideas.

Sorry, no endless posts about how drunk we are or what we are doing this weekend.

This community will also be free of flame wars and fanboys. I am the only administrator and I need to personally approve of all accounts. Chances are if I can recognize you from any of the numerous jerkoff Masonic forums out there your account will not be approved and your IP will be banned as a preemptive measure.

I want to let everyone know that this will not be a democracy. If someone is opposed to what it is we Post-Modern Freemasons do, and stand for they will not be welcome there.

For everyone else who is genuinely interested, we welcome you.

Stop on by, check us out and say hello.



Thursday, May 12, 2011

Freemasonry the product,

OK, there seem to be many that just don't get it. Well, I don't think that they are stupid people. It is my sincere belief that they choose not to accept the facts. What does that mean? If I choose to ignore the fact the world is round does that make the world flat? If I choose to ignore the human reproductive system does that make the story of the stork the truth?

I shouldn't have to answer.

The facts are what they are folks. It makes no difference if you "believe" because belief is not required.

Here is the simple fact that for some reason is akin to asking many to eat their own dung.

Freemasonry is not now or nor has ever been a single organization or product. It is not under the supreme jurisdictional control of any organization, group, community or individual.

I'm not sure how many times I have to repeat this fact in order for it to sink in. If you do not believe what I am typing, call any Grand Lodge anywhere on Earth and ask them if they are the soul owners of Freemasonry. Please, report back your findings.

Each and every Masonic order , jurisdiction and/or community only has to answer to itself. This is not my personal opinion, no, it is the legal fact. It is also the position advocated by traditional Masonic practice of every Masonic group on Earth.

There is no such thing as FREEMASONRYtm.



Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just the facts

I don't know if I find it funny, or sad. Honestly, it's a little of both.

It's not a secret, many Masons of other stripes hate the 1613. That by itself is not the issue I will type about in this blog as it really isn't all that noteworthy. What is however is the basis by which many hate us is the pure sheer ignorance of what it is they claim to protect.

He is the newsflash, the 100% iron clad, stone cold fact. Everybody ready?

Freemasonry is not now, nor has it ever been a trademarked or standardized product. No one Freemason, lodge, grand lodge or any other group owns exclusive rights to it. This is not a new development , it has always been the case. Every single Masonic order or organization (at least in public) agrees on this point.


So, when someone goes on a rant regarding what is "legitimate" and what is "bogus" Freemasonry they are either:

A:) A Masonic idiot, who has no clue as to the facts.

B:) A zealot, who while they understand intellectually that they are dead wrong, would never admit it. They have a driving desire to enforce their own view of the world upon everyone they encounter. Anyone outside those lines they will either beat into submission or bully from their "scene."

C:) A Profiteer. These types realize that letting everyone know the factual truth behind Freemasonry and it's public domain status would be bad for business.

All three of these camps exist. Surely, anyone who promotes an alternative form of Freemasonry will have to endure the wrath of such individuals sooner or later.

Not a day goes by when some idiot doesn't try to pound me over the head with the "standards" of their Masonic organization. Since I don't claim to be a member of their club, why should I be compelled to live according to their rules and regulations?

On what planet does that make any sense?

So, just in case any of you are wondering. I do not care how many Masons your Grand Lodge requires to open a lodge. I don't care what your charter says. I don't care about your Masonic code. I don't care about your lineage.

Why? Because I am not a member of your club. The 1613 Nation and the lodge within the community do not care about your lodges best practices. We don't care about your requirements of regularity nor do we care about your recognition. It really is that simple. In a grey world this issue is pretty black and white.

None of you own Freemasonry so none of you have the authority to tell us what we can and cannot do. We do not answer to you.

The consequences for not subjecting ourselves to their iron heel? They don't now or will they ever recognize us as Masons.

Excuse me while I grab the Kleenex.



Sunday, May 8, 2011

No Home for Malcontents

Many get rather jaded regarding their Masonic experience, and in many cases justifiably so. We know of more than a small handful who have been treated quite badly by their lodge, grand lodge etc. When this happens, they usually are a combination of both hurt and pissed off.

These types of emotions can serve as powerful motivation. I know, i speak from experience. There can be countless ways to vent your frustration. The avenues of eMasonry are many, while Masonic forums are in a state of decline there are still plenty out there. The blogosphere can be a home for dissatisfaction.

To make a long story short there are many ways to skin a cat.

More than a few alternatives have been founded to cater to the disenfranchised. With varying degrees of success. I'm the first to point out that an individual or group of individuals are free to do what they wish. Freemasonry is not the soul domain of any one person or group, so have at it I say. If you want to create a new lodge , grand lodge whatever to cater to the pissed off that is alright with me.

There are more than a few who would lump the 1613 into such a category, and I'm here to say that they are wrong. We are not a community based upon bad feelings for the mainstream, or any other group. Sure, some of us may have those feelings but we do not bring them into lodge with us. We do not use this type of thing as a platform.

We are a community with purpose. We exist to empower ourselves and one another through Freemasonry. We practice a spiritual science in the goal of improvement, first of ourselves and as a result our communities and with a little luck the planet we all call home.

Anger over what was done to anyone in the past can only get you so far. In order to take the next step you must take action. Those who complain about the way they are treated need to do so, but not for forever. There comes a time when energy must be kinetic to be effective.

We serve as a warm and friendly place for those of the same vision and passion. We are not here to get back at anybody. While not shrinking violets we cannot serve ourselves, our Brethren or our planet as just balls of fury. We must continue to build for ourselves and for those who come after us. This is done by the application of the Craft.

Let us not forget that.



Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No Shame

I have been accused by my ever so faithful fanboys of having "absolutely no shame." Fanboys are not often correct (they are always entertaining) but on this point I have to give credit where credit is do. They are 100% correct on this point. I am not ashamed of anything in my Masonic past, present or future. My path is just that, my chosen path and really it isn't for anyone one else to judge what is and isn't right for me.

I hope all of my readers can see what is really behind such comments. The facts are that there are people on this planet who are really pissed off at us who are not under the thumb of institutional control. They are so irritated that I choose as a free human being to embrace my freedom. The message that I promote is one of just doing that. Recognizing the gifts you have been given and taking full advantage of them.

I often get accused of stating that Post-Modern Freemasonry is the "only true way." Well, truth is you'll never be able to accuse a fanboy of being observant. I never state such a thing. In fact it would be the opposite of what Post-Modern Freemasonry is all about. Freemasonry isn't one size fits all no matter what you may run across.

No one organization owns Freemasonry and you do not have to subjugate yourself to threats and bullying behavior on your path to Masonic light. You just don't have to.

I embrace freedom and you're damned right, I'm in no way ashamed of any of it.



Saturday, April 23, 2011

1613 Nation Introduces First HRA Chapter

2011 is shaping up to a banner year for Post-Modern Freemasonry. The Nation grows stronger with each passing day as our determined Brethren continue to prove what determined builders of pure motive and divine inspiration can accomplish. Holy Royal Arch Freemasonry is something very beautiful and unique. I never imagined in our still neonatal stage as a independent community we would be able to offer this current of Freemasonry. I am so proud that my expectations have been exceeded. Chapter St. Thomas Aquinas is located in Orlando, Florida. The Chapter is open to all 1613 Master Masons and they work in tandem with our Craft lodge in Orlando, Lodge Frederick Douglass. Chapter St. Thomas Aquinas works four degrees of Royal Arch Freemasonry.

° Mark Master
° Past Master
° Most Excellent Master
° Holy Royal Arch

This is a glorious and proud day for the Nation. Please join me Brethren and friends in offering sincere congratulations to our worthy Brethren.
If you're a Master Mason currently in good standing within your local 1613 Nation lodge and our interested in the path of Royal Arch Freemasonry please, don't hesitate to contact Chapter Aquinas.




Friday, April 15, 2011

1613 Nation Welcomes new Rite of Memphis lodge in Florida

Oh how I love spring. The days are longer and gone are the endless hours of early darkness in the Pacific Northwest. I always find a new energy at this time of year.

The winter was very productive for the 1613 community, we are now seeing the seeds that where planet come into bloom. It does me great pleasure to announce to the world our newest addition to the family of Post-Modern Freemasonry - Lodge Frederick Douglass- 1613 Nation.

Named in honor of one of America's greatest hero's and fighter for the freedom of all men. That represents the attitude of the 1613 Nation perfectly. Equality and personal freedom are essential components of the 1613 platform. Lodge Frederick Douglass is lead by Worshipful Eric C. Collins. Worshipful Collins is a well known and hard working Brother who has shown through the years to walk as he talks. A veteran of Prince Hall Masonry, he brings a diverse skillset to the nation which we welcome with open arms.

I am personally very proud of these Brethren as they have shown great dedication and fortitude. It's not easy to establish a 1613 Nation lodge, the decision is one that is not appreciated by many. It shows great courage and a dedication to self sacrifice for the good of humanity. Please show these Brethren your support. When in Orlando stop on by, I'm sure they will welcome all friends and Brethren with open arms.

Lodge Frederick Douglass- 1613 Nation
4375 N. Pinehills Road #67
Orlando, FL 32808
Phone: (407) 455 8026

Support your local 1613.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Light of the Rising Sun

I am proud to introduce the latest addition to the 1613 family and the growing current of Post-Modern Freemasonry. Lodge Light of the Rising Sun, located in Gifu City, Japan.

This is a very significant lodge in many ways. First, it is the premier lodge of the 1613 Nation and the pioneer ambassador for Post-Modern Freemasonry in Japan. Second, it is the very first Rite of Memphis lodge in Japan. To think that for nearly 200 years since the inception of the Rite it has never been introduced to Japan, until now. And finally, it is one of only two gender equal lodges in Japan (the other under the jurisdiction of LDH) and is the only one to actually work in Japanese.

This is a tremendous occasion. Anyone who knows me would tell you that next to Freemasonry and the occult, Japan holds the closest place in my heart. Everything Japanese has always been a passion for me. I am so excited to have Post-Modern Freemasonry represented in a magical land where tradition lives alongside rapid innovation.

Lodge Light of the Rising Sun is comprised of some awesome leadership. Worshipful Master Annie Matsunami forged her Masonic career in the quarry of LDH. She is also an active Rosicrucian and an advanced occultist. Her passion for the arts and her spirit of creativity also shine through. She is a passionate adept of the 1613 Nation and I can think of no one better suited to lead our efforts in Japan.

The lodge is dedicated to the development of open table lodges so if you are in the area contact the lodge and I am sure they will welcome friendly travellers with open arms.

Contact Details:

Worshipful Master: Annie Matsunami Annie@1613nation.org

Senior Acolyte: Ana Kowano Ana@1613nation.org

Lodge Secretary: Aalma Busaco Alma@1613nation.org

Lodge Address

23 bairin nishi machi gifu
Gifu City, Gifu 500 8116

Phone: 090 7684 2961

Skype: Annie Matsunami




Saturday, April 9, 2011


I stumbled across a Martinist forum recently. On a whim I figured I would go ahead and register. After reading through and finding nothing of interest I never posted.

About a week or two went by and I thought I would check back in. Wouldn't you know it, but I was permanently banned. I guess the cadre of fanboys over at MFoL actually accomplished a goal for once. I laughed it off and went about my business.

The next thing I know I get an email from "Nathan Glover" spamming me about the improvements he made to said forum. He was quite proud of them it seems. Being that i was banned without a single contribution to the forum I wrote him back and in a gentlemanly manner asked him to stop spamming me.

This was his reply:


It really is nothing personal, and I did not enjoy banishing you. To be quite honest, I did not want to as it goes against my ethos. However, I had to do so in order to preserve harmony. I had received complaints, and I was outnumbered by the voices of the other staff. I wish you nothing but the best, and hope that you find the light that you seek! All else is tertiary! You can be assured that you won't receive anymore emails and I deeply apologize for any anguish caused!

All the best,

Frater Ariel

Translation: I'm a big pussy and we are all terrified of you.

Of course, this left me with a deep sense of satisfaction.

It's the simple pleasures.



Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting back in the swing of things

March has been a challenging month to say the least. It has been 14 years since I last had an infant in the home and I must say, I need to get in better shape. The combination of fatigue and the normal mundane tasks have put a big lag in my Masonic duties, including this blog.

A lot has happened, much of it very good. At the same time the Nation is still very much feeling the loss of our dear Sister Shyla Capehart. A fanboy has even attempted to use her death as some type of nefarious plot on my part. I hate to even answer such twits but the facts are the facts. What we are doing in regards to those left behind by our Sisters death is what is demanded of us as Masons. If these pathetic individuals even spent a tiny amount of time reflecting upon the work of Freemasonry as they do hanging on my every word and move they wouldn't need to be reminded. Just in case you wondered, the 1613 Nation nor the MEAPRMM/GOE or any other order or community that I am associated with has ever made a "play" for cash. We never will.

With that aside we have lots of new things to announce. April will be a very busy month for us. We welcome with open arms are newest Brethren, the task that they have chosen to undertake is not an easy one. We appreciate their fortitude, enthusiasm and self sacrifice. We are helping to redefine what the Craft means to the planet in the 21st century, and these brethren will help lead the way. Much more to come in upcoming blogs.

Anyway, it's late and I have to hurry up and catch some sleep while the baby allows me to do so. In conclusion of this little post I want to thank you all for your support and patience. Please feel free to contribute to our divine work to come.

Support your local 1613.

Brad Cofield

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sorrow and the fast burn

We have a lot going on. I have lots of good things to report. Reality on the other hand has taken some of the steam out of my sails lately so please bear with me.

On February 27th, the 1613 Nation and specifically Lodge Hera lost a member. Sis, Shyla Capehart was taken from us and called to the celestial lodge in the early hours of the morning. This came as a total shock to all of us. Shyla was only 36 years of age, far too young for anyone to die. She was also a mother of five children including an infant.

I was there in November when Shyla was initiated into Lodge Hera. It was a very proud and special moment for us all as she was amongst the first initiates into the Hellenic Rite in North America. being one of the creators of the Hellenic Rite I was understandably very proud of this accomplishment. So far the pinnacle of my Masonic achievements.

This however is not the reason why Shyla will be missed so much. She was a constant source of light for all who knew her. A very accomplished magician and occultist, she dedicated her life to the divine arts and she served as a inspiration to us all. She worked hard, loved large and practice what she preached.

Words cannot describe how she will be missed.

Please remember Sis. Shyla and donate to help keep her children fed, clothed and with a roof over her head. It's the Masonic thing to do. If you are interested let me know and I will put you in touch with her family.

The devastation in japan has also cast a wide net of depression over me. The lack of sleep has made expressing myself in a positive manner very difficult.

So good readers, please put up with my seeming neglect of reporting 1613, MEAPRMM and other Post-Modern Masonic news this month. I promise I will get back in the swing of things ASAP.



Sunday, March 6, 2011

1613 Nation: The Masonic Heterodoxy

Let me be perfectly clear. 1613 Freemasonry is dangerous. We are not in any way shape or form a "traditional" Masonic body. We in no way represent any form of Masonic "restoration." We are not interested in the romantic fantasy of "Masonic unification."

No, we are none of those things. What we represent is total 21st century Masonic heterodoxy. For those unfamiliar, Heterodoxy is defined as: a position not within the standards of orthodoxy. An example of Heterodoxy was Capernicus's theory of the Earth revolving around the sun was the height of heterodoxy during his time.

1613 Nation Freemasonry does not fit within Masonic orthodoxy. We are a community, not a Grand Lodge nor Grand Orient. We do not recognize outside authority, we do not expect to have fraternal relationships with those outside of the community. We hold the position that we get along with those who get along with us, but we do not actively seek formal relationships with other Masonic parties.

We do not respect any claims of "Exclusive Territorial Jurisdiction." We hold such a position to be totally bogus, unenforceable and a violation of personal freedom.

We do not respect the edicts of others. The fact is we see such as another violation of personal freedom.

We do not restrict the members of our community as to where they seek Masonic light. Those who do cannot be considered to be in any way philosophically compatible with us and what we seek to accomplish.

We seek to create our own standards of regularity and determine for ourselves what this means for our community. We do not in any way endorse the label of "irregular" that is used against us by the ignorant. To do so would be to endorse gross misinformation.

We do not seek outside validation or permission of any kind.

We understand and respect the cold hard fact that no one individual, organization nor group owns Freemasonry , it's symbols nor the Rites and rituals that are it's critical components. We embrace that we are full within our rights as free citizens to build how we choose to build.

With these things being laid out clearly, I feel that it is important that the potential aspirant understand fully as to what they would be getting into if they are seriously going in the direction of the 1613 Freemason.

You will be challenged to work hard in a number of key disciplines. To become the total Craftsman is the goal. This does not mean running through a ritual, doing a small test then on to the next happy hour. It means a life long commitment to not only intensive learning, but also to the perfection of the application of skills you have learned.

You will have to "think outside the box" in order to solve any challenge that arises. There is no large book where all of the answers are located. 1613 Freemasonry requires a pragmatic approach. In many ways it is the difference between being a employee and creating your own company. It's very challenging and very difficult. Not for everyone.

You'll have to have strong will and rock solid determination. Masons from the establishment will hate you, without ever knowing a single thing about you. Should you make yourself known as a 1613 Freemason, you can bet that you'll open yourself up to a lifetime of brutal attacks and attempts to bully you into submission. These can very in severity from simple harassment all the way up to death threats and your employment being threatened. Make no mistake, as a 1613 Freemason you are an activist. What you do stands as a example of personal freedom, self determination and grass roots activism. All of these represent real threats to the institutional establishment and it's profiteers. You must be prepared for the heat that our light will generate.

You'll be challenged to improve yourself in applicable ways to may your life, and your community better. We expect you to improve yourself in ways that are outside the lodge room and that will effect your life in tangible real world ways. It could be something as simple as if your lodge needs aprons, learn to sow. If you are sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck learn the skills you need to improve the situation. Make the very best you that you can. This is part of our total remanifestation into the perfect ashlar.

You'll be a part of a worldwide community. You must be there for your Brethren as we do treat each other as an extended family. This too is also not as easy as it sounds. You really need to ask yourself if you are ready for this kind of commitment.

Really be honest with yourself.



Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday 1613 Nation

March 1st is an important day in the history of Post-Modern Freemasonry. It was on this day, 2010 that four lodges of Post-Modern Freemasonry ; Lodge Napoleon Bonaparte, Lodge Ptah, Lodge Hera and Lodge Helios banded together in total communal cooperation. From that day forward they would presented a united Brotherhood dedicated to freedom and the spread of Masonic activism.

Taking from other successful movements, they decided upon a euphemism that would identify all that would be united in this cause.

16 = P for Post
13= M for Modern

Thus using the universal language of math to easily identify a Post-Modern Freemason. 1613.

The manifesto was drafted, ratified and adopted as the guiding platform and principles behind the movement. The first official lodge born to this new union was consecrated. Lodge John Yarker- London, England.

And this was just the beginning.

Those first few month where filled with rapid and intense kinetic energy.By the summer of 2010 the Nation had grown to 23 lodge representing 14 countries and four continents. The current was expanding at a pace that was so kinetic, the Nation became in danger of being run over by it's own momentum.

Some who where initially enthusiastic soon found the practical life of an activist Freemason ill suited for their particular constitution. Others, where not honest with themselves and their own motivations. As a result we lost some lodges. Some good people where caught in the crossfire. Some unfortunate events where to come.

Persistence, fortitude and determination are essential characteristics of an activist. The Nation proved to be filled with such individuals. despite the barrage of attacks from a few, the Nation rebounded in spectacular fashion. In fact it quickly became so successful the Nation accomplished what previously had been though to be impossible. Both mainstream and fringe, Antient and Modern, gender exclusive and gender equal camps of Freemasonry banded together, put their differences aside and decided to concentrate on a common threat; the 1613 Nation.

The world had not seen such a group like the Nation before. Men and women, united in simple common principles and mutual ideas actually working Freemasonry in a practical way, regardless of any establishment, external validation or any institutional limitation. This was a revolution based upon the principles of remanifestation, and the empowerment of the individual to both seek the light of Freemasonry but to grow and improve through Freemasonry based upon their individual journey.

No money exchanged, no mandates nor edict, no atmosphere of fear or repression. In the place of these institutionalized static regressive ways we had shown the world what focus, freedom and self determination could do. Not what was "better" for every Freemason nor someone who was interested in the Craft, but what was better for us, and those who share our common values and goals.

What we represented was choice, truth and freedom. This is what we will always represent.

It was an amazing year 2010. The 1613 Nation became so much more than I ever could have imagined. Instead of yet another Masonic order, we have created the worlds first living, breathing and growing independent and free Masonic community. We should not underestimate the scope of this achievement. We must always seek to do what Masons should do, build upon our foundation.

1613 Freemasons, I am proud of each and every one of you. It is not easy to build something that is sustainable. It is one Hell of a feat to have built this community to not only see it's first birthday, but to come out better, bigger and stronger than before. For this you'll always have my most sincere appreciation and admiration.

On this I swear.

Happy Birthday 1613 Nation!

Cooperation, Compassion and Community! We are the pillars of the temple!


Brad Cofield

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The end of a chapter, the beginning of a new

Today is a big day for me. Tomorrow, my lovely wife and I will welcome our daughter into the world.This has been quite the road to get to this point. Like everything in our lives, this has been a road that wasn't easy to travel. It was filled with obstacles, many took a severe toll on the both of us. Through all of this, now we will have our final result and more work begins. I wonder just how much I will let myself enjoy the moment.

I really hope I let myself do so.

On the Masonic front, the 1613 Nation will celebrate it's first birthday this Friday. I honestly never imagined we would be where we are now. We have experienced a lot in this first year of life, most of it very positive. The negative of course was there, we are certainly battle tested. We proved that we can not only take a punch but that we'll punch back. I congratulate you Brethren, no matter what the opposition you have proven the will and conviction to overcome. That is what we require and each and every one of you have proven you have what it takes to survive in the game.

Many more announcements will be made on this blog in the days ahead. There are a lot of developments that will be made available here as soon as they can be announced.

I want to thank everyone. May the G.A.O.T.U. bless you in all that you do.



Monday, February 21, 2011

Congrats and H.G.W. to Lodge Demeter

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Lodge Demeter-1613 Nation had two initiations. This Hellenic Rite lodge is on the verge of the remarkable.

WM Holloway has done some very impressive things, in a short amount of time. It is individuals such as he, who see value and take ownership of their lodge that make a difference. It's wonderful to see a lodge of the Hellenic Rite grow and prosper against all odds.

My biggest congrats to WM Holloway and the Brethren of Lodge Demeter. How I wish I where there in body as I was in spirit.



Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Foundation of Universal Freemasonry

Over the last couple of days, I have had extended conversations with Bro. Stephen Quest and his new venture , the Foundation of Universal Freemasonry. This is a new confederation of independent Masonic lodges based upon the principles of peaceful coexistence , freedom and harmony. While it is not itself a Post-Modern Masonic group, they are friendly to Post-Modern Freemasonry and we can consider them to be our Brethren and friends.

The Foundation of Universal Freemasonry comes from a very passionate and idealistic platform. While I can say that I would do some things differently, I appreciate and support another avenue of choice being made available to sincere seekers of Masonic light.

This opens up yet another potential for partnerships between the 1613 Nation , and those of different communities. The Foundation of Universal Freemasonry will provide another choice for those seeking independent forms of the Craft away from the authoritarian Grand Lodge/Grand Orient system.

The Foundation considers themselves a force for Masonic reformation. Those who are interested in that now actually have a viable and progressive option. The 1613 Nation supports our Brethren in their endeavour and we consider ourselves in peaceful coexistence and cooperation.

Brad Cofield
1613 Nation

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Nation of Builders

We are a Nation of builders. As a community of independent lodges we have challenges ahead of us that the joiners simply do not encounter. We are forced, by circumstance to think, an act on our own. There is no "top down" authority, no code book to go to for answers. We have to be dependent on ourselves and each other. Communication is key, as is cooperation and collaboration between our sister lodges.

Due to these circumstances, we cannot be lulled into a trap of institutionalized thought patterns. we must release the fear associated with being out on our own. In order to be successful, lodge members have to take "ownership" of their own lodges. In order to build a successful lodge we need to foster a culture of pride in the work, and the benefits of a true community. If we don't do these things, we will be destined to fail.

We must understand fully that those who shout against us have no clue what it means to actually build something from the ground up. It's fair to point out that 99.9% have never built one Masonic lodge that is rooted in the institutionalized structure, let alone an independent lodge from scratch. These people can cast all of the aspersions they wish upon our accomplishments, as they have no practical experience we must keep this in perspective as we deal with the negative attention.

I am so very proud of each and every one of us. Doing what we do is damned hard, the work is needed in the world and we are doing what we have been anointed to do. The light of our work will shine beyond our lifetimes, the hard work and self sacrifices will be appreciate by history.

1613 for life!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quick Note

With the baby coming next week I have not been able to blog this month as I have previously expected. Never fear, plenty is going on and soon I will be back in the swing of things. We are very close to the first anniversary of the 1613 Nation and we will have a lot to announce.

Huge news on the horizon, stay tuned.



Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Post-Modern Square and Compass

Symbolism is the key of the Masonic Craft. Post-Modern Freemasonry doesn't have a ton in common with institutionalized forms of Freemasonry but in the importance of symbolism, it shares common ground.

The Post-Modern square and compass is the key symbol of the 1613 Nation. It's very specific so I thought I would break it down piece by piece.

1.) The Square: The square is the oldest symbol of the female sex. The square being a right angle is the instrument used to "square" one's action. It also represents the receptive ,the negative and the pillar of severity on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. It also represents the Earth.

The square has become a significant emblem. It sits upon the open VSL upon the altar, it is one of the three great lights (or lesser lights depending on the ritual.) It's the chief ornament of the Worshipful Master. There can be nothing truer than a perfect square. Thus it also represents the highest remanifestation.

2.) The Compass: The compass is the original symbol of the male sex. The compass is essential to make a circle, drawn from a central point. To represent the heavens. The pillar of mercy on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. It symbolizes the higher nature of man, and it is a significant fact that the circumference of a circle; which is a line without end has become an emblem of divinity, that symbolizes eternity.

3.) The interlocked Square and Compass: The joining of all. man and woman, Heaven and Earth, straight lines and circles.

4.) The Yin and Yang: the most well known Taoist symbol. In a classic sense it symbolizes the Tao-the undifferentiated unity out of which all existence arises.

In Post-Modern Freemasonry it also takes on another meaning. The essential duality of positive and negative, the interplay of peace and conflict that is required to drive the cosmology. The Post-Modern Freemason must always build despite adversity. The adversity, is also required in order to maintain skill, and drive dedication and fortitude. In this the opposition forces against the Post-Modern Freemason must also become a part of it. Those who seek to destroy the Nation are assisting the Nation in it's Divine work. Just as iron sharpens iron, and combat makes a better soldier, so does conflict make a stronger Nation.

This is a very key point that must be understood and appreciated. We must always be thankful for the forces of opposition. We must never dissuade anyone from their destiny, even if that destiny is against our own. A Post-Modern Freemason must be pragmatic, they must understand that this oppositional energy is a benefit.

4.) The Arrows: These represent movement, fluidity and our rejection of standardized and static forms. We must always remain in motion. This motion can come from the positive effects of our own efforts, or through our confrontation of conflict. Stasis is the ultimate enemy of the Craft, in stasis our Nation will die.

5.) The Colors: Black-In Hellenic myth, Chaos, the divine mother of all is represented by the color black. Black is also the color of change and remanifestation amongst Hermetics. Black is the color of the the pillar of severity in Qabalah, also the color of Geburah, the Sephiroth of Creation. That is what we as Post-Modern Freemasons are looking to do.

Black also represents the inclusiveness of our community. We represent the Masonic Heterodoxy. All who seek are welcome; regardless of race, religion, politics, social standing or income. Black is the combination of all colors. Black also represents the color of night, for even in the dead of night we build.

Silver- The color of brilliance and radiance. The color of the pure energy of our divine work. The color of Mercury, on its surface is a mirror. Look down into the bubble of it and see for yourself. Fracture the bubble's surface and see a dozen selves. Independent, contained yet fractionalized.
This is the many faceted human personality.

Mercury, also known as Quicksilver, representing the free flowing fluidity of Post-Modern Freemasonry.

Of course we welcome all to interpret symbolism for yourselves. As symbolism is interpreted by the individual, there is no right nor wrong answer. Learn, understand, grow and remanifest.



Friday, February 11, 2011

The 3 Initiates

Our founding lodge in the Nation of Bolivia, Logia de las Tres Iniciados has a new home on the web. This lodge, of humble beginnings has grown to be a strong working lodge of Post-Modern Freemasonry. Grass roots in action, they have through their will and hard worked proven that the 1613 Nation has a bright future in the Nation of Bolivia, and throughout Latin America.

The work of Worshipful Rocha and his lodge has served as an inspiration to many. They where instrumental in the creation of our second lodge in Bolivia, Lodge of the Standing Skull. Not only is this lodge reaching new heights, but they are paving the way for other men and women, regardless of religion, social status or economic situation to take control of their own enlightenment.

Please join me in showing support for these outstanding Brethren.



Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rise of Demeter

It makes me filled with joy to announce the revival of a 1613 Nation lodge.Lodge Demeter, once forced to close is now reborn. New location, new leadership and a clear vision. A lodge of the Hellenic Rite I hope Brethren everywhere will offer this brave new lodge your full support.

It isn't easy being an independent lodge. It isn't easy being a 1613 lodge. It isn't easy being a Hellenic Rite lodge, this lodge is all three. WM Holloway is sincere and straightforward in his dedication to human rights, equality, freedom and 1613 Freemasonry. I have no doubt whatsoever that this lodge will be a beacon of Masonic light for decades to come.

Every journey begins with but a single step. Today is that day.



Friday, February 4, 2011

Benvenuto al mondo

I would like to take this time to welcome Valentino Consiglio to the world. Valentino is the brand new baby boy of our Worshipful Brother Seby Consiglio and his beautiful wife Ada. Congrats to the Consiglio family.

Worshipful Seby Consiglio is the Worshipful Master of our very own Loggia Leonardo da Vinci-1613 Nation located in Sicily.

This is a year of birth, please join me in sending the Consiglio's are heartiest good wishes.



Sunday, January 30, 2011

Carpe diem

One of my major motivators is to help build a better planet through the free community that is the 1613 Nation. We are not an Order, not a Grand Lodge. We are something much different and far removed from these types of institutionalized constructs. We are a free and open community who share a common interest. Brought together by Brotherhood and bonded through the occult practice of our divine art.

The Nation has been designed from the very beginning, to be a free and open community where every single member and every single lodge has a clear and open voice. We value creation, we value creativity, we value the opportunity to openly challenge ourselves. We seek to eliminate all previous boundaries and barriers and unite all people who seek via our most important work and strengthened by the bond that is family.

We cannot be concerned with attempts to appeal to those who are already members of the Craft. Of course, we must always encourage free association regardless of jurisdiction.However, if we are to grow, to thrive and really change the world be need to continue to reach those who's voices have yet to be heard.

Life is improved through Freemasonry. Talent is nothing without opportunity, and we need to be the guide who makes that opportunity for change available to all.

let us always remember the simple things. The basics are the bedrock of our Craft. Let us be optimistic in our outlook. Embrace ever challenge and even opposition with great energy and enthusiasm.

Let's not be ashamed or shy away from our heterodoxical way of doing things, but instead embrace and promote our style of mind shift.

The world is changing every day, let's be a force for at least some of that change. Change of ourselves, our communities and eventually the planet.

Cooperation ,Compassion, and Community. We are the pillars of the Temple!

Seize the moment my Brethren.



Saturday, January 29, 2011

What have you come here to do?

The first question a candidate is asked in the Rite of Misraim, arguably the most important question ever found within Freemasonry. This is what we need to always keep in perspective. Believe me when I tell you, it's far easier said than done.

Freemasonry is a personal journey. So often we find ourselves looking beyond ourselves we fail to continually ask that simple and seemingly basic question. What have we come here to do?

Really; think about it.

The answers are not always black and white. In fact I am starting to really question if they ever are and if they where would that be a good thing? I get accused a lot for "having it all figured out." I never claim any such thing, in fact the mere idea of it scares the Hell out of me. Once I had everything all figured out, just what would I continue to do?

It seems that would be a gateway to entropy.

It's been a long couple of days. Frankly, I'm pretty exhausted. A lot of work is ahead of me that in all honesty I have been putting off doing. I have others that count on me and the nature of the responsibility that I have volunteered for, so I can't complain. I really have no right to.

I'm a lucky man. I just need to remind myself to ask this simple question more often than I do. the last place I need to be is at a point of satisfaction, as that will plunge me into stasis, not a place any Post-Modern Freemason wants to be.

So, with that said let me continue in my heterodoxy. I'm here if you need me and glad to be of service. Always question, think and embrace freedom.



Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Straight to the point

Sometimes, someone comes up with something that says what needs to be said. This is one of those times.

This should apply to all people, all over the world. Know your rights, embrace freedom!


Brad Cofield

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Pragmatist Buffet

Pragmatist: noun

A practical, matter-of-fact way of approaching or assessing situations or of solving problems.

To me a Post-Modern Freemasonry one must be a pragmatist. The sheer nature of the opposition requires constant assessing of situations and the solving of problems. The establishment and others are violently opposed to what we do, and they actively seek to eliminate our freedom by attempts to destroy our will and conviction.

Fear leads to hatred, which then becomes a motivation. Make no mistake that these individuals are fully motivated to wipe Post-Modern Freemasonry off the face of the Earth. While, the constant cry baby behaviors are actually comical, to underestimate these deranged individuals could very well be a fatal mistake.

Freemasonry is about energy. Both positive and negative. Anyone who understands the basics of Qabalah would see where the Craft degrees fall upon the tree of life and the direct manifestation the Craft degrees represent. Take the lessons of the negative degree (EA) draw upon that energy and use it to sustain your purpose.

If you do this as a matter of habit, the negative attacks quickly turn into a positive attribute. You'll notice how the fanboys run from board to board to cry and console one another. You can actively not only predict, but actually control their behaviors. It's really powerful work.

Don't let the negativity envelope you. take a pragmatic view and use it instead to feed your fire. If you do you'll quickly find, not only are the fanboys feeding you, they are tripping over themselves to pay the bill.


Brad Cofield

Monday, January 24, 2011

Understanding the agenda part II

Have you ever noticed when some crazy law is proposed that totally violates your personal freedom they always use "to protect our children" as an excuse for this violation?

The current anti 1613 hysteria really reminds me of this exact same phenomena. It seems that a major complaint is that I am on the Internet. When we found a new lodge I write about it, here and on other forums and social media that I have access to. This is a point of issue for those who do not want us to exist. it seems that if we agree to "stay off the Internet" they'll agree to "leave us alone."


They state that the unsuspecting seeker of light needs "protecting" from our "Nigerian email scam."

They have admitted that we have never solicited any funds, so how are we in anyway related to anything that does? A bad analogy, yes, I can forgive them for that. Still, what is it that people need protecting from?

Association ?
Mutual growth?
Free exchange of opinions and ideas?
The opportunity to live a Masonic outside of institutionalized control?

Once you step back, take off the emotional hat and actually take a look the agenda is easy to see. This is one more example of the institutionalized attempts to crush personal freedom.

Think, be aware and rely on your own judgement. None of you need a nanny to tell you what to do, how to do it or control your right to Masonic light.

Understand all options, make educated decisions based on your desires and goals. Embrace your freedom.

Brad Cofield

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A quick note on personal freedom

A simple truth about the age we're living in is the seeker of Masonic light has more choices available now than ever. There are plenty of options and this is in my opinion a very good thing. What works for some may not work for others, and that's all well and good. As it should be. What does scare me though are tactics designed to restrict personal freedom and I think these need some serious thought by the potential seekers.

Most Masonic organizations practice what is in my opinion a gross violation of basic human rights. The right to freedom of association and freedom of assembly. Many Masonic organizations require as a condition of membership exclusive membership. That means that you may not be a member of any other Masonic organization other than that particular one. Choose to break this "rule" and the consequence will be removal and the (at least very uncomfortable) situation of being ostracized.

Others will allow "affiliation" in another Masonic organization that they are in official relationship with. While this is better than an outright ban, this is still a severe restriction of personal freedom.

The 1613 Nation and MEAPRMM/Grand Orient Egyptian would never restrict the seeker of Masonic light. We respect the individuals rights and we fight to preserve individual freedoms.

It is up to the individual to really ask themselves, if the crowd they are about to associate with is worth the elimination of other possibilities. In my opinion, the answer would be clear. No.

Your mileage may very. Think long and hard about not only what you are getting into when you knock on the West Gate, but what you may be ask to forever give up.

Brad Cofield- 1613 Nation

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh no, a whole in the bucket

Rumor has it, that the Hellenic Rite of Freemasonry, created within the 1613 Nation; has been leaked. OH, how shocking. As if this would cause the Earth to stop spinning or the sky to fall,

Now, should this rumor turn out to be true, (I know how it would be possible) I am going to give my official reaction. I'm thrilled about it. I hope that whoever has it works it, as that is what it is for. The version of the Rite that they would have would no doubt be a early version of the Entered Apprentice degree. Different to what we do now as the Hellenic Rite was never intended to be static. Since they do not have either the Fellowcraft nor Master Mason degrees, I hope that they have used the degree they do have as a framework to build the other two. This would indeed be pretty exciting. Nothing is better than creation and applying that work.

One of the things that makes us special, at least in our opinion is that the 1613 Nation is an open source movement. Everything we do is to be freely shared. We invite continued collaboration. Changes and improvements are to be actively encouraged. We embrace the creative process on all levels.

This would include outside the community. I would never discourage this type of thing in others. It's not 1613 membership that matters, it's effecting transmutational change on a global scale. If getting their hands on a version of our Hellenic Rite is indeed a catalyst for transmutational change , the divine work is accomplished.

So, at the end of the day whatever works, works. We wish these men and women all the best. May G.A.O.T.U. bless them in all that they do and may the Goddess be present within their middle chamber.



Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It is what it is

Boy, there has been a lot of pouting and shouting from fanboys lately. I find most of it kind of funny, I find all of it useful. The thing that they either refuse to see or simply cannot comprehend is that I have zero problem with their collective opinion of me. I have no problem being cast in the role of the adversary. I don't wilt like some sort of fragile flower. I can take everything they throw at me and come out just fine. I'm not new to battle, and I don't put myself in a situation where I'll loose.

The 1613 Nation wasn't founded to attract existing Masons. They aren't our targeted audience. They never have been so any condemnation from them really is misplaced. They fear a free Masonic "market" and this much is perfectly clear. They simultaneously state how insignificant I am while they scream about what a terrible person I am and that the 1613 is a fraud. Which is it? It's all funny as Hell, that's what.

Whatever the case i give them something to do, a reason to live. This is a good thing. The Nation has caused them all to sit up and take notice, this too is a good thing. The mainstream and some "fringe" Masonic groups have circled their wagons collectively against us. This is also a good thing as we have managed to do for them what they couldn't do on their own. Have a sense of collective unity.

This may appear like a negative post. While it does have negative components understand as Post-Modern Freemasons we must always be pragmatic. What we do requires energy and we need to take what comes our way, both positive and negative and use that energy to our advantage. This is all fuel for our collective fire. Conflict,misinformation and ridicule are always going to launched against us in futile attempts to break our will. That will never happen.

I remain absolutely resolute in my conviction.

The answers to most 1613 Nation questions remain where they have always been, within the Manifesto. Of course most fanboys refuse to read it as to piss and moan is so much easier.



Monday, January 17, 2011

Leading the Lambs to Slaughter

The more and more outrageous accusations I am accused of the more amusing I tend to find it. There is one how ever that I actually find offensive, it's not the accusation really but the implication that everyone who seeks is just so stupid.

We are accused of "duping" poor innocent fools into joining the 1613 Nation. As if we have some secret powers of mind control or, despite the fact that we are open and transparent about everything. Somehow, innocents still fall into our web of deceit. It seems that many must feel that all seekers of Masonic light (other than themselves of course) are just one step above clinical retardation.

From the very beginning, even before the nation when we founded Lodge Napoleon Bonaparte, we have been clear about who we are and what we are about. You can about it in our Declaration of Sovereignty. You can read about it on our lodge FAQ. You can read about it on the What We Do Differently page. And that is just one lodge website.

On every single 1613 lodge has a page just like this one, that clearly spells out in black in white that we are independent, and not in any way related to nor recognized by the major Masonic body of the land.

Yet we are still deceiving poor souls? This leads me to conclude that those who accuse us of such things really don't have a problem with us, or how we do things. Oh no, they have contempt for the seeker themselves.

This might explain why many of the loudest fanboys have actually been inactive in Freemasonry other than to pound away on message boards with myself the usual topic of conversation. How sad of an existence to honestly believe that others are so much less than you are.

Out tenant of compassion must come into play with folks like this.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

eMasonry Communication V 2.0

When I fist started my eMasonic journey in 2006 the landscape was far different than it is now. Masonic forums ruled the day. Along with blogs (done by the same people who dominated the forums) they served as the single solitary source of Masonic intercourse over the internet.

At first it seemed like such a variety of forums. It was all very new to me and very exciting. There seemed to be some with rather radical ideas, and others who where what I called then "traditionalists." The arguments where many and often very heated. There was always a lot of activity, over many posts per day by many different participants.

I soon found myself almost addicted to it. I found some who where willing to help me, answer my questions and help me through my unfortunate event with my mother lodge. I was very grateful for this help of course and excited to know that these "Brothers" did indeed have my back. It felt good, reassuring and nurturing in a way. I guess much like the victim of any sort of crime I grasped on to wherever I could. Looking back now I was bit too eager and my eyes where slammed firmly closed. I trusted the wrong people but all of that is for a different and perhaps a different blog.

well fast forward and I am probably the most banned Mason on the internet. Last count I have been banned from twelve Masonic forums (coincidentally 12 has always been my lucky number.) This is a fact the few who still use forums now love to beat their chests about, until you realize that 90% of the Masonic forums I have been banned from are all administered and moderated by the exact same clique of friends.

The good part is that even to this day, anytime my name is mentioned it's always the hottest topic on any Masonic forum. Always, without fail. Now there is of course a negative side to this seeing how the conversations about me always revolve on how I love to steal crack, then feed it to puppies, or other equal nonsense of a negative nature. I have grown to find it quite comic and actually a bit flattering, considering those who seem to live their lives on forums I have never met, never had a phone conversation with nor will ever have any actual interaction with. Yet, they have made me into this mythical figure. I'm not complaining.

Well, fast forward and we see the landscape has totally changed. The first forum i was ever banned from used to be the most active, LRUS. It's now a total graveyard, with any luck one to three posts per month. There is a guy who tries his damnedest to get the party going by posting the latest about the West Virgina situation and other topics like that.But it seems that for the most part others have moved on.

It's the same for pretty much all of the others. One of the most popular had a cadre of folks who where so preoccupied being my fanboys they forgot to pay for their own domain. That's a fun bit of irony.

There are a very few who have any type of active conversation. usually about the correct way to wear a Masonic ring and other totally unexciting mundane topics. To make a long story short we are now seeing the once dominant form of Masonic communication become the VHS of the web 2.0 era.

And guess what, it's a good thing.

Facebook has totally came in, and wiped the floor with outdated forms of internet communication run by the same cliques spouting the same old group think. Facebook has made it possible for real time communication, with Masons and those interested in Freemasonry from around the world. The user actually has control over who they want to talk to so no more need to endure any abuse simply because you are not a moderator or administrator of a forum or are outside the clique.

Groups and pages, including lodge pages and communities can be established and the interaction controlled. We have a general 1613 group as well as individual lodge pages. No flaming, no harassment. Everyone gets along, gives and gets respect and in general act like,,,actual adults. To make a long story short it has been a real bonanza for those of us who have taken too much crap from too many bullies over the years.

In other words, highly recommended.

I would like to give a shout out however to one Masonic forum that has stood the test of time. ran by a real Mason who lives as he types. Free from bullies, open minded , caring and true. The Chequered Pavement , run by my good friend and Brother Steve Foley. He's hated by the fanboys and he is A-OK in my book. Thank you Steve.



Saturday, January 15, 2011

1613 Nation Vistation-General Practice

I am often asked what is required to visit a 1613 Nation community lodge. While all of our lodges are independent there are basic guidelines that every lodge abides to. I am going to offer a brief outline of those requirements.

Non Masons may attend any publicly advertised 1613 event. Such as an open "table lodge." These events are designed to be both social and informative. All lodges are encouraged to have such events so that they may get to know the community and that the community may get to know them. It's a great opportunity to ask questions and to give some Masonic and Nation education to those who seek, without being too intrusive or giving out information that they are not yet in the position to know. Simply respond to the advertise event and take it from there. Keeping in line with the 1613 Manifesto all open events are free of charge and open to all.

When it comes to visitation by other Masons, here is where the Nation is different than other Masonic orders or jurisdictions. We consider all Masonic jurisdictions equally. That is that mere membership in any of them is equally irrelevant. All membership really means is that someone probably paid someone for the right to associate with a particular group of people. Membership alone is not a qualifier or character, nor of skill proficiency. In other words, keep your dues card in your wallet as it means nothing when approaching our west gates.

When a visiting Mason comes to us, they must pass examination according to the level of skill they claim to posses. Should this occur then the lodge will take a vote on weather or not the potential visitor will be admitted. Should this vote be unanimous, the visitor will be welcomed. Should the visitor fail examination, better luck next time.

Then of course there is always the option for a lodge to simply reject all visitation. They are under no mandate to admit anyone should they feel it would be detrimental to the lodge who is not a Nation member. There are a few lodges who have this policy , as is their right.

If you are interested in visiting a 1613 lodge I suggest you contact the lodge for exact clarification. What I have presented here is a rough guideline but should not be considered official policy to be followed by all 1613 Nation lodges.



Thursday, January 13, 2011

Foundations of the divine path

As 1613 Freemason, we approach the Craft as just that. A Craft, an operative force for personal (and as a result) community change. A deep change that we refer to as "remaniestation." A means to an end. To go from an ordinary human being to something that is not capable of description by mere words.

We accomplish this through ritual, and via continuing education. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves in not only the basis of our work, but from which it came. We must understand the foundation before we start adding on to the house so to speak.

In the following weeks I will be posting on the foundational arts of Qabalah, Rosicrucianism and Hermetics. It is our sincere belief that our Freemasonry is not simply a fraternity, social club or charitable organization, but rather a divine path. It owes it's existence to the other cosmologies that have not only come before, but have lent themselves to the creation of the very Craft itself.

I deeply appreciate all of the support. The goal for 2011 is to both educate others and learn from them. There is so much more to what we do than meets the eye, I know that it is my responsibility to help make this known to all who seek deeper knowledge.



Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Understanding the art of the agenda- Part One


an underlying often ideological plan or program agenda>

I have to admit, I find human motivations fascinating. I have come to learn that no action undertaken by man comes without a distinct motivation. The consumer market floods me with images and enticements so that I may contribute to the bottom line. The Mormon who knocks on my door so that he may eventually convert me to his way to eternal life. The real estate agents drives a BMW to convey confidence and success.

The same holds true for the Masonic community. Everyone has an opinion about everyone else, and they all have their motivations. A specific agenda is always there, even if you don't know it.

The same is true with the 1613 Nation. The difference is that we, unlike many others are open and clear about our motivations and agenda. They are outlined by the 1613 Manifesto, in plain language and easy to understand. We state on all of our web pages who we are, what we do and what to expect. It all seems pretty simple to understand.

So what's the big deal?

Well, we have a lot of misinformation out there about us. This too, is also because of distinct motivations and specific agendas. It's pretty easy to spot once you know what you're looking for.

The first agenda, is one that is very popular. Some rather famous names in the mainstream Masonic community have been paying us a high amount of attention. Many have resorted to utter fabrication, in order to make us look, as a community below ethical.

Ask yourselves, what's the motivation? What is the specific agenda? To answer this look at the basic blood of the world, simple economics. many of these men either directly or indirectly make their living off of mainstream Freemasonry. Books, television appearances, speaking engagements etc. all amount to a pretty nice source of income. I fully understand this agenda and I have some respect for it. For these men (and some women) have found for them not only what they enjoy, but they can make their living from it as well. That's the American dream, the best of both worlds.

What we, the 1613 Nation propose is very dangerous to these individuals. We run on an agenda of personal empowerment and freedom. We intentionally show no respect for their authority. We pay no attention to their rules and restrictions because we know as we are not members of their organizations they have no authority over us. Freemasonry is no more owned by them as is owned by us. Freemasonry is just that; free. We make this part of our mission statement. We charge no dues, no fees, no tributes. We don't play on doing so anytime soon. We've eliminated both an economic motivation and the motivation of societal status from our platform.

When we put on our pragmatic glasses and look at the real situation, even though tiny and neonatal, the 1613 Nation and friends of it are very dangerous to the status quo. The motivation that is one of economics and social status is very understandable, and from where they sit totally understandable.

The more dangerous motivational agenda that really deserves no respect is the agenda of the institutionalised mind. We will examine that one in depth in my next installment.



Sunday, January 9, 2011

The One True Key

Short, sweet and to the point. This is it folks, the foundation of it all. If you do not have a basic understanding of this, learn. You cannot be a true Freemason (Craftsmen) without it. It's that important.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Magickal Day at Lodge Hera

Today something amazing occurred. In a simple room,draped in dark green, a picture of Hera hanged in the East, the square, compass, rule and peacock feather atop the alter; a member of the Hellenic cult, received her raise in wages.

The first Fellowcraft degree of the Hellenic Rite to occur in the USA. The officers dressed in their ceremonial garments, aprons and collars. The music of the occasion played softly in the background. the energy was raised as the candidate was lead skillfully around the middle chamber.

People often ask "why 1613?" Well, today is why. A new ritual, from a simple idea to a leaving and breathing member of the royal art. I have never been as proud of my path, never as resolute in my convictions.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Membership Reality Check

The Masonic community is really a strange thing indeed. Often, you get members of specific jurisdictions who believe (honestly) that the criteria for membership in their jurisdiction blindly applies as some sort of universal Masonic membership criteria. The fact is, this belief while often sincere is totally false. No one jurisdiction, order or the like owns Freemasonry. Nor do they have any authority over anyone who is not a member under their jurisdiction. No authority at all.

So if group A has a requirement of a belief in a supreme being or that the membership be exclusively male, those requirements only apply to their own membership. Now, they may also been in fraternal relations with other jurisdictions that share those same requirements. But this is a voluntary agreement between sovereign institutions, it is not mandated by one on the other.

The 1613 Nation, while not a Grand Lodge, Grand Orient nor Supreme Council, does have it's own set of shared requirements that prospective member lodges must be in agreement with. These in no way have any effect on anyone outside the community, nor are they intended to. It should be well understood that since no one owns Freemasonry, we are within our constitutional and human rights to govern ourselves as we see fit.

This really should be the end of the confusion. The world is big enough and we are not making demands on anyone other than ourselves. Of course that would be the gentlemanly and mature way to behave. Sadly, many in the Masonic community are not gentlemen, nor are they mature. Instead they feel that it is their mission to drive everyone who does not yield to their supreme authority into a submissive state of non existence.

This type of bullying is nothing new. When one bully passes into the great beyond there soon comes another to take their place. This is the reality one must fully comprehend , understand and prepare for if they are going to join any alternative form of the Craft, especially one that promotes freedom, liberty and self determination as does the 1613.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year

Wow, what a year 2010 was. We will mark it as a landmark year for Post-Modern Freemasonry. From a simple idea that grew into a single lodge two years ago, to twenty seven lodges around the world. The birth of the Masonic age of self empowerment, the 1613 Nation.

Of course, we got to see the fanboys get even more creative in their attempt to block out the sun. Some of them where admittedly pretty fabulous. I kind of became famous by being the first out of literally thousands of blog subjects to forever be immortalized on Chris Hodapp's blog page. What an honor that was. Sure, he didn't intend it that way ad he played fast and loose with the facts, but when the results are what they have been, who the Hell cares. After all, we 1613 Freemasons are a pragmatic lot by nature and over 6000 reads of this blog alone since he published his little love letter, I won't argue with the results. So, a huge thank you to Mr. Hodapp.

We got to actually see the Hellenic Rite come from idea into action with our first initiates into the Rite. Lodge Star of Minerva's Dawn initiated the first Hellenic Rite EA in April 2010. Lodge Hera followed with two initiations in September. Now, if that has to end up being the extent of my accomplishment in Freemasonry, that's a legacy I can deal with.

We saw a new interactive project take shape. 1613 Radio. Still working out the kinks but in 2011 it will be pretty awesome, you can count on that.

We had our share of tough times. We had more lodges leave the Nation than we would've liked, but the universe will do as it will. There are those for who we are not a good fit and in the end, it was better that those lodges die young, than continue to be unhappy. While we may be puzzled as to the motivation and continued actions of some, it is our duty and our obligation to wish them all the best as fellow citizens in this kingdom under Heaven.

We ended the year with new growth. We saw five new lodges including three new countries that thanks to these brave and dedicated Brethren now have 1613 Freemasonry as an alternative for those who so desire.

We saw talent show itself in the most unexpected ways. brethren, it is my honor every day to be able to work in the same quarry as you. Each and every one of you are blazing stars.

And finally, the Nation was blessed with the most wonderful news of all. We will have four new babies in 1613 families. Proof, that miracles do happen and that G.A.O.T.U. provides for those who provide for themselves.

In conclusion that you all, Brethren, friends and fanboys because you are all so important to what we do. Each a key piece to this divine work that we all must provide to the world. May bless you and yours in this new year. May your success be plentiful, and may your obstacles be met with energy and enthusiasm.

Cooperation, Compassion and Community; we are the pillars of the temple!