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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday 1613 Nation

March 1st is an important day in the history of Post-Modern Freemasonry. It was on this day, 2010 that four lodges of Post-Modern Freemasonry ; Lodge Napoleon Bonaparte, Lodge Ptah, Lodge Hera and Lodge Helios banded together in total communal cooperation. From that day forward they would presented a united Brotherhood dedicated to freedom and the spread of Masonic activism.

Taking from other successful movements, they decided upon a euphemism that would identify all that would be united in this cause.

16 = P for Post
13= M for Modern

Thus using the universal language of math to easily identify a Post-Modern Freemason. 1613.

The manifesto was drafted, ratified and adopted as the guiding platform and principles behind the movement. The first official lodge born to this new union was consecrated. Lodge John Yarker- London, England.

And this was just the beginning.

Those first few month where filled with rapid and intense kinetic energy.By the summer of 2010 the Nation had grown to 23 lodge representing 14 countries and four continents. The current was expanding at a pace that was so kinetic, the Nation became in danger of being run over by it's own momentum.

Some who where initially enthusiastic soon found the practical life of an activist Freemason ill suited for their particular constitution. Others, where not honest with themselves and their own motivations. As a result we lost some lodges. Some good people where caught in the crossfire. Some unfortunate events where to come.

Persistence, fortitude and determination are essential characteristics of an activist. The Nation proved to be filled with such individuals. despite the barrage of attacks from a few, the Nation rebounded in spectacular fashion. In fact it quickly became so successful the Nation accomplished what previously had been though to be impossible. Both mainstream and fringe, Antient and Modern, gender exclusive and gender equal camps of Freemasonry banded together, put their differences aside and decided to concentrate on a common threat; the 1613 Nation.

The world had not seen such a group like the Nation before. Men and women, united in simple common principles and mutual ideas actually working Freemasonry in a practical way, regardless of any establishment, external validation or any institutional limitation. This was a revolution based upon the principles of remanifestation, and the empowerment of the individual to both seek the light of Freemasonry but to grow and improve through Freemasonry based upon their individual journey.

No money exchanged, no mandates nor edict, no atmosphere of fear or repression. In the place of these institutionalized static regressive ways we had shown the world what focus, freedom and self determination could do. Not what was "better" for every Freemason nor someone who was interested in the Craft, but what was better for us, and those who share our common values and goals.

What we represented was choice, truth and freedom. This is what we will always represent.

It was an amazing year 2010. The 1613 Nation became so much more than I ever could have imagined. Instead of yet another Masonic order, we have created the worlds first living, breathing and growing independent and free Masonic community. We should not underestimate the scope of this achievement. We must always seek to do what Masons should do, build upon our foundation.

1613 Freemasons, I am proud of each and every one of you. It is not easy to build something that is sustainable. It is one Hell of a feat to have built this community to not only see it's first birthday, but to come out better, bigger and stronger than before. For this you'll always have my most sincere appreciation and admiration.

On this I swear.

Happy Birthday 1613 Nation!

Cooperation, Compassion and Community! We are the pillars of the temple!


Brad Cofield

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