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In the past 13 years since the inception of this site, we've NEVER received as much e-mail (cumulatively) about one individual as we have about Mr. Brad Cofield- Ed King-Masonicinfo.com

It may seem that we are being harsh to this individual, but only because everything he stands for flies in the face of our sacred traditions.
-inactive Mason and rabid fanboy Bryan Caldwell

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Think, and stay safe

As is customary a candidates requesting membership into a Masonic lodge is (usually) subject to a Masonic investigation. This usually is done by the lodge "investigative committee." usually consisting of three interviews and when possible home visits by three separate Brothers of the lodge. They are to report their findings and based upon the information gather a candidates petition will either be rejected or accept and eligible for a vote by the lodge membership.

This is the way it usually goes. However, there have been an increasing amount of reports and observations of ways of doing this that just don't sit well with me. In fact I find them potentially dangerous.

First on this let me inform the readership that I have been in the human resources industry since 1994. Legal compliance is a major function of human resources so what I am about to type I am very familiar with.

There are lodges out there who are now requiring candidates to submit for formal background checks. This means that the candidate would have to be notified before petitioning and consent in to the background check in writing. They would also have to give over a copy of their state issued identification, a copy of a birth certificate as well as their social security identification number.

Now, I have a huge problem with this. First of all, there are stringent state and federal regulations in the handling of this type of sensitive personal information. The lodge doing this type of procedure would have to show the documentation showing that they are in compliance. In fact they would have to publicly post this, say on their website for an example.

If they are not doing this how are we to know who is keeping these records and who has access? to give over such information is to give someone everything they need to perpetrate identity theft. We know, that identity theft is a major problem throughout the world. One that can potentially ruin lives.

I am not accusing any Masonic lodge of doing such a thing but why take the risk? Everything that needs to be known as far as a persons relevance to Masonic membership is easily accessible via public record.

I would deeply question the motives of any lodge (Masonic or otherwise) who claims to need just personal information.

My advise, if they need to see a photocopy of your identification card this is understandable. Just make sure to black out the identification number. There is no excuse for them to need a copy of your birth certificate and never ever give anyone representing a lodge your social security number. For any reason! Run, don't walk away from such a situation.

When made to feel uncomfortable listen to your gut. If something seems fishy it's probably a good sign to walk away. Remember, no Masonic order, lodge , grand lodge or independent is the only game in town. Use rational common sense.

Think , and be safe.


Monday, November 15, 2010

The Hidden Danger of Choice

It is a trend amongst "progressive" Masonic orders to employ a "three tiered" approach. That is to allow both gender equal and gender segregated (male only, female only) lodges to work within the same system. The pitch on this type of set up is said to be one that would allow the individual lodges the freedom of choice. To determine for themselves who and how they want to work.

The 1613 Nation is all about self determination and choice. Then the question has to be asked, why doesn't the 1613 Nation allow gender segregated lodges within the community?

Well the answer lies in the practical operation of a three tiered model. This reveals the fatal flaws of such a system.

While in theory, allowing lodges to choose what would make them "comfortable" sounds like a grand idea. In practice it simply doesn't work. What it leads to is segregation. I will give an example to help illustrate my post.

Lets say you have a new progressive Grand Orient. Grand Orient X, and within the GOX there is an enthusiastic three tiered model. Well, we know through complied data that the progressive and alternative Masonic community is small. So, the idea that only one lodge of the Grand Orient X in a given metropolitan area is a reasonable goal. Especially in the beginning years of the order. If that lodge is not gender equal, it will be excluding potential seekers of light do to a condition of birth. How in any way can this be justified?

A rebuttal will be "we could help him/her" establish a new lodge. The first question I would have is how? How is he/she to be made a Mason in the first place? What if the next lodge that will be able to accept him/her is a substantial distance away? What if it is not economically feasible for him/her to travel to such a lodge? Are you then forced to accept only members (in this situation) of substantial financial means? Would this not be another form of discrimination?

My second point would be why? If you already have a functioning lodge, why displace a potential candidate or have to divide resources to create another lodge to accommodate a seeker that could just easily be welcomed into the already functioning unit? In a neonatal organization, don' t big decisions such as expansion have to be made as to not set up the new lodge to fail?

My third point would be how? A single seeker trying to create their own lodge can be as difficult as trying to swim on the beach. This is at the very least an uphill battle and will more than likely lead to burnout and disillusionment. A potential seeker just slipped through the crack. Potential for failure, very high.

Another point is , if we would fight so hard for racial equality, why would we allow those more "comfort" in a single gender environment, let alone actively encourage this practice? After all, how is it not a parallel case of discrimination?

Another problem of a fractured Order can easily come into play. Let's say Brother Jane Doe moves from her gender equal Grand Orient X lodge in San Francisco to Denver to take a new job. In Denver, the only Grand Orient X lodge in the area is male only. What is she to do? Will she be denied membership and affiliation within her own Order? How does this not spell total disaster?

I could go on and on as to why the three tired system simply doesn't function in a practical way but I think you dear readers are getting my point. The 1613 Nation is set up to be practical, accessible and with high functionality. Given these parameters we made the only decision that could be made. All lodges 100% gender equal.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just in case you took their word for it

From time to time a hater of the 1613 will raise their head out of the ground. Almost always it is done from some anonymous user name on either a Masonic fora, or Facebook. Most of the time I find them to be rather entertaining, if not just plain ridiculous. All of them are quite easily ignored. From time to time however I do get emails asking me to clarify some of the "points" made in these hysterical rants.

So, for those of you who crave such a thing pull up a chair and the popcorn because here we go.

The specific rant of misinformation I have chosen to respond to appeared some time ago on a forum where I am no longer able to directly respond. Now, this is indeed "modus operandi" for these types of attacks. I have yet to have anyone spread such things in a direct manner nor do I ever expect them to.

This is all so staus quo, nothing new.

My answers to the accusations will appear in bold.

Let's begin:

Is an "Order" an "association of certain persons, united by laws and statues peculiar to the society, engaged in a common object or design, and distinguished by particular habits, ensigns, badges or symbols" [Mackey]?

That's one definition. I don't remember any 1613 Freemason ever stating that the work of Albert Mackey was some sort of gospel.

However, is the 1613 Nation the same as Freemasonry, an Initiatory Order as well as a system of allegory that is veiled in symbols? There is absolutely no mention in the 1613 Nation "10-point program" or anywhere else on their website that even obliquely refers to the allegories, symbols or even the common working tools of Masonry. What kind of "value proposition" is that?

As far as "imaginary" individuals go, you can hear their voices on 1613 Radio. You can make direct contact with them on social media such as Facebook. Every single WM of ever 1613 lodge is accessible. Why don't you attempt to make actual contact before you throw around assumptions?

As to the other, so a lack of posting redundant information is what you are basing your argument on? There are many sources that will provide those so inclined with a definition of Freemasonry. Our websites where never intended to rehash information that the seeker can receive elsewhere. the fact is that we are composed of dedicated volunteers with limited time and limited budgets. We never intended our sites to be a "paint by numbers guide to Freemasonry."

Besides, we have made it clear the Rites and rituals of Freemasonry used by each individual lodge. The Rite of Memphis, Rite of Misraim, Rite of Schroeder, Rite of Steiner, Lauderdale Ritual on and on. Are we to believe that you sir, claiming to be a Master Mason are totally ignorant of these Rites of Freemasonry and their common symbolism? If so how is that our problem?

Yes, the "10 Point Program: is a central binder within the 1613 community. It is designed as something progressive, not simply a rehash of redundant information.

Is not an "Order of Architecture" "a system or assemblage of parts subject to certain uniform established proportions regulated by the office which such part has to perform, so that the disposition, in a peculiar form, of the members and ornaments, and the proportion of the columns and pilasters, is called an order" [Mackey]?

Again with the Mackey. As far as I know Mackey is not held as gospel outside of a few mainstream American Grand Lodges. How does that make us so strange?

In the interests of serving humankind, traditional Initiatic Orders such as Freemasonry have the benefit of our Traditions, which we can think of as encompassing the laws and principles of our world combined with the collected wisdom and best practices of our great teachers and philosophers. Our traditions are designed to give us instruction regarding how to transmute negative aspects of our world so that we can better live in harmony with the One.

Who's "traditions?" And why should these be accepted as absolute and impervious to change? I'll give an example. My family has since the 1990's had a tradition of eating Xmas dinner at a certain restaurant. Something I looked forward to each and every year. Lot's of great conversations and good times had by all. When I got married that tradition had to change for the sake of integration with my new family. All was OK, the world did not implode.

We do not claim to be a "traditional" Masonic body. In fact , in the USA, a "traditional" Masonic body resembles the Boy Scouts for adult men. No thanks. Again, we are being judged by what we never claimed to be a part of.

The 1613 Nation rejects the Western Mystery Traditions and its teachings and has instead substituted their own "10 points".

We do? How would you know this? When was the last time you attended a 1613 stated meeting?
In fact we embrace western mystery tradition and are firmly rooted there. The 1613 holds such work as Qabalah, Hermeticism and Rosicrucian tradition as integral to what we do as operative Craftsman. In fact no 1613 Freemason would ever call himself a Master Mason without a level of proficiency in the for mentioned.

the ten point program is a list of common associated best practices. Not as as total substitute to divine knowledge.

Instead of shedding Ego for purposes of integration with the Infinite, they "empower" so to become "sovereign individuals". How can one transform oneself from a rough ashlar to a perfect cube if the existence of Cosmic Consciousness and the One are denounced?

Different Rites and Rituals of Freemasonry have different cadence. One might forgive this error when we consider that the author of these attacks hail from the Grand Lodge of New York, widely regarded (even by the mainstream) as ritually deficient.

In the Rite of Misraim, a candidate is asked upon entry "what have you come here to do?" The answer: "to improve myself through Freemasonry."

Now, when we talk of Freemasonry, the 1613 Freemason understand this means deep transcendental change. From the rough to the smooth ashlar.

Do we promote self sovereignty? Yes we do. We promote that the most important lodge is the lodge of self. That the apron that matters is one that is tied around the waist not by human hands. That a Mason must always be between the pillars, must always live life by three simple steps. If this offends you, I am not sure what to say.

From an alchemical point of view, the process of transforming ones' ashlar into a cube is likened as transmuting lead, something of lesser value, into something higher, gold. During the trans formative process of self-awakening, there is a term in alchemy called the "black stage" that is associated with fear. So-called "Post Modern" Freemasonry has been called "Black Lodge" Freemasonry by its leader; it implies that the 1613 Nation is associated with this stagnant black sludge of the unknown.

First of all, I would assume "by it's leader" would be an attack on myself. I am no one's leader. I am simply an enthusiastic 1613 Freemason. Because I hold a position of leadership (as appointed) in the MEAPRMM, I do not consider myself to be any one's superior. I do advise when I have the capability to do so. Everything I do is for the benefit of the brethren, not myself.

Now, your alchemical observations are interesting. We deal with this in the Opera of the Black (Rito Negredo ) within the MEAPRMM. In the 1613 the color black was chosen for a very specific reason. In Hellenic myth, Chaos, the divine mother of all is represented by the color black. Black is also the color of change and remanifestation amongst Hermetics. Black is the color of the the pillar of severity in Qabalah, also the color of Geburah, the Sephiroth of Creation. That is what we as Post-Modern Freemasons are looking to do.

In the simplest terms the color black was chosen to represent inclusiveness, as black is the inclusion of all primary colors so is the Post-Modern Masonic lodge an inclusion of all of society.

Really nice symbolism, I think.

The 1613 Nation is the reverse of Freemasonry. It's like that Bizarro square-shaped world in the old Superman comics where everything is backwards and wacky, and where nothing makes any sense.

This is a statement totally based on total ignorance. Keep in mind this person has never spent a second in actual application of Post-Modern Freemasonry. Kind of like the Fred Phelps denouncing evolution.

The various statements made by the leader make it plain that "Post Modern" Freemasonry is so revolutionary that it is completely unlike any other form of Freemasonry.

Once again, I am not the "leader" but I'll assume that this is aimed at me. In fact I have called Post-Modern Freemasonry evolutionary, as opposed to revolutionary. But yes, we feel that it is quite different in many ways to it's Modern and Ancient predecessors.

If it is unlike and so different from any other form of Freemasonry, why are we calling something that quacks a cow? Yet, when anyone else notices and agrees that indeed, the 1613 Nation is completely unlike any other form of Freemasonry, blustering, defensive accusations of attacks and bullying are made.

Freemasonry is not trademarked product. nor does it resemble any strictly defined system of beliefs. No one lodge, Grand Lodge or Supreme Council speaks for Freemasonry, nor can they define for everyone what it is or what it is not.

Based upon this universally defined fact, we have as much claim to the term Freemasonry as any other jurisdiction or sovereign lodge on planet Earth.

We call ourselves Freemasons because that is exactly what we are.

Yet, when anyone else notices and agrees that indeed, the 1613 Nation is completely unlike any other form of Freemasonry, blustering, defensive accusations of attacks and bullying are made. I read something the other day that was on blogs purporting to be by two different individuals in the 1613 Nation, regarding how the Scottish webmaster of that outfit was a "coward" for leaving their group and how it takes a "strong will" to be "in the Nation". A different article on one of those same blogs (authored by a person who believes that he is "Livin' in hater's minds rent free - since 2006") is entitled, "Jesus hates a pussy". Is this how they realize their concept of "Cooperation, Compassion, Community"?

Unfortunate circumstances sometimes result in unfortunate reactions. What was done by a former member deeply hurt other members. This is an understandable part of the human condition. In actuality, anyone identifying themselves as a 1613 Freemason will be instantly attacked, insulted and banned on most Masonic Internet fora. Even those claiming to be progressive. I find it a little interesting that we are chastised so for defending ourselves, yet we realize it is our cross to bear.

When one is addicted to self-attention and toxic manifestation, all of their energy is used to feed their insecurities. We as masons learn to be compassionate individuals and when we encounter imbalances, we inherently wish to travel into the wasteland, bringing Light to rectify something of a lower nature into that which is higher, more valuable, and beneficial.

Is this supposed to be some sort of armchair psycho-analysis from an anonymous poster?

There are other alchemical associations associated with "separation" implied in the art of criticism. The body of the e-masonic community, recognizing that calcination is necessary, has "turned up the heat" so that impurities can be "separated", and, assisted by Acts of Karma, which accelerate the healing process, enable individuals to recognize their fears and move past them.

Reads like an excuse for bullying and un-Brotherly profane behaviour. I get that internet fora are cliques. Not unlike the cafeteria seating system in high school. it won't take long for the casual observer to recognize that the same flies congregate around the same pile of dung. make bad in pile and the rest of the piles are off limits. Makes me laugh that this is held up as some sort of "mortal sin" against me. Really, it is silly nonsense.

Karma further dictates that we attract to ourselves exactly that which we need. There are those out there who are now already on a better path because they've taken different actions when they possessed different knowledge. "Knowledge...is intended for use." Requiring a little outside criticism in the form of Light and the requisite self-assessment that followed, during which time they recognized that the 1613 Nation didn't fit their Masonic needs, they've risen from the mire of black lodges.

Some people think they need something one day and something different the next. Every 1613 lodge is independent. Unlike our mainstream counterparts not everything is spelled out in a manual to follow. To be a member of the 1613 requires self determination and self reliance. like the difference in working for the Fortune 500 and a start up. A lot of times a 1613 Freemason will need to wear many hats, problem solve for themselves and be faced with complex issues. All the while being attacked by so called "enlightened" men and women.

It isn't a game and truth be told it is damned hard with almost no instant gratification. This can be a recipe for those who are less than dedicated to quit. We get that.

Those who did not find what they seek within the 1613 are free to leave. Well wishes to them. Contrary to rumor we do not practice mind control, do not dupe un-suspecting noobs or kick puppies. In fact we give all of the information we can in order for anyone to make an educated decision the rest is up to them.

We would never interfere with some one's self determination. That means 1613, impartial or anti-1613 everyone has a role to play and they should be free to play it.

We charge no fees at all. No dues. We give what we can to all who are interested. Can the mainstream or any other Masonic organization say the same?

The politics of Masonry is one of the strangest things I've ever encountered.

I will 100% agree.

We all join, at least in part, because we wish to meet on the level with others, and yet there are all these groups that don't want to sit in lodge with each other, or maybe because "that's not the way I do it". When I think about stuff that's happened in various esoteric orders in the past, and one can take their pick of the various schisms that have occurred down through the years, what we see occurring on the Internet isn't all that different, but, as a sovereign individual, that is just my criticism.

Your criticism is appreciated. Hopefully I have answered your questions and you now have a higher education in what you had before regarding the 1613-Post-Modern Freemasonry.

Truth is we are just men and women of like mind and like interest who gather together in the spirit of Brotherly love. We do not claim to be a part of the mainstream Masonic fraternity, nor do we desire to be. We are not seeking recognition nor are we infiltrating your lodges.

We desire what is in within our rights. To practice our Craft the way we see fit.

Nothing more, nothing less.

And that just about does it.