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In the past 13 years since the inception of this site, we've NEVER received as much e-mail (cumulatively) about one individual as we have about Mr. Brad Cofield- Ed King-Masonicinfo.com

It may seem that we are being harsh to this individual, but only because everything he stands for flies in the face of our sacred traditions.
-inactive Mason and rabid fanboy Bryan Caldwell

Monday, May 30, 2011

Lodge Even a-hahamim-1613 Nation

So much is happening. We, the members of the 1613 Nation have taken true liberal Freemasonry and put it into action. Action through building. Each and every day we make real strides in spreading our divine work on a worldwide scale.

This makes me very pleased to announce the newest edition to our family. Lodge Even a-hahamim (Philosophers Stone) located in the holy city of Jerusalem, Israel. Our second lodge in Israel, our first being Lodge Human Stone.

Lodge Even a-hahamim is a special lodge for a couple of reasons . We have a strong working relationship with the cradle of Operative Egyptian Freemasonry, the M.E.A.P.R.M.M. We have a lot of cross membership (including myself) between the two communities. Lodge Even a-hahamim represents for the first time the 1613 Nation and the M.E.A.P.R.M.M. have opened a lodge in total cooperation. As a result , Lodge Even a-hahamim works the Speculative degrees of Craft Masonry (Memphis) as well as the Operative Opera's of the Egyptian Rite of Cagliostro.

Two years ago, under the direction of Grand Hierophant of the M.E.A.P.R.M.M. Worshipful Frank G. Ripel along with a group of highly dedicated Brethren consecrated the National Sovereign Sanctuary of the State of Israel- M.E.A.P.R.M.M. It's leadership lead by International Deputy Grand Master Worshipful Alexandr Rybalka.

Worshipful Rybalka has now taken on an additional responsibility in the founding of a 1613 Craft lodge, Lodge Even a-hahamim. Along with the dedicated Brethren within this brings new joy and honor to both the Nation as well as the M.E.A.P.R.M.M.

Please join me in wishing these Brothers and Sisters immense success.
אבן ה-חכמים
עם 1613

Worshipful Master Alexandr Rybalka
Phone: +972 507217803
email: Alex@1613nation.org

Website coming soon.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No Romance Required

I often wonder what has gotten into a majority of Masons I run into on the web. They would sooner be run over by a truck than except anything outside the establishment. This is a very strange attitude to take. Not just from a enlightenment perspective, but a logical one.

How do they think their establishment came to be? Do they always think it was an established entity?

For those who don't now, Premier Grand Lodge of 1717 was established by what amounts to four drinking clubs based in four different taverns. The Goose and the Gridiron Alehouse, the Crown Alehose, The Apple Tree Tavern and the Rummer and Grapes Tavern. It's common knowledge that they gathered together and constituted themselves.

That's right, they where an entirely self created entity. They had no charter nor warrant. They didn't even have their first set of constitutions until three years after their formation.

These are all historical facts.

They where not the only Freemasons at the time. There where of course the Yorks and the Operatives, neither thought fondly of the tavern clubs endeavour, yet the tavern clubs proceeded to do what they did, regardless.

They in 1751 it happened again. The Antient Grand Lodge founded itself. Again, without warrant, patent nor charter.

The two merged together in 1813 to form what is today the United Grand Lodge of England which of course every mainstream Freemason (and some non mainstream) has a hard on for.

That's right, their "lineage" that they throw in the face of those who they consider "bogus" has (by their own definition) it's origins in "bogus" practices of self creation and *gasp* self- initiation.

Why then are they now so institutionalized? Why to they fight against the same spirit of independence and self reliance that they now reap the benefits from?

I don't have the answer. Is it a question of a inferiority complex on a pandemic scale?

Well regardless these are the facts people. Masonic lineage is total bullshit. Those who founded the GL of London 1717 where no better than any of you reading this. They where drinking clubs who had an idea and decided to act on it. They made some stuff up, it was pretty cool, other people liked it and it caught on.

That's it. No romance required.



Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Spiritual Science Community

Since Facebook decided to eliminate discussion board sections from it's group pages it became imperative that we find an alternative. Now, it seems to me that for a while now Facebook has made the Masonic internet forum obsolete, however their change in direction may have reversed the tide.

Allow me to introduce the Spiritual Science Community. How is it different? Well, first of all it is not strictly dedicated to Masonic discussions. As well as Masonic topics we have a range covering both Western and eastern mystery traditions as well as science, technology, human rights, philosophy and the arts. The idea being to make it a diverse community founded in the functions of education and free exchange of ideas.

Sorry, no endless posts about how drunk we are or what we are doing this weekend.

This community will also be free of flame wars and fanboys. I am the only administrator and I need to personally approve of all accounts. Chances are if I can recognize you from any of the numerous jerkoff Masonic forums out there your account will not be approved and your IP will be banned as a preemptive measure.

I want to let everyone know that this will not be a democracy. If someone is opposed to what it is we Post-Modern Freemasons do, and stand for they will not be welcome there.

For everyone else who is genuinely interested, we welcome you.

Stop on by, check us out and say hello.



Thursday, May 12, 2011

Freemasonry the product,

OK, there seem to be many that just don't get it. Well, I don't think that they are stupid people. It is my sincere belief that they choose not to accept the facts. What does that mean? If I choose to ignore the fact the world is round does that make the world flat? If I choose to ignore the human reproductive system does that make the story of the stork the truth?

I shouldn't have to answer.

The facts are what they are folks. It makes no difference if you "believe" because belief is not required.

Here is the simple fact that for some reason is akin to asking many to eat their own dung.

Freemasonry is not now or nor has ever been a single organization or product. It is not under the supreme jurisdictional control of any organization, group, community or individual.

I'm not sure how many times I have to repeat this fact in order for it to sink in. If you do not believe what I am typing, call any Grand Lodge anywhere on Earth and ask them if they are the soul owners of Freemasonry. Please, report back your findings.

Each and every Masonic order , jurisdiction and/or community only has to answer to itself. This is not my personal opinion, no, it is the legal fact. It is also the position advocated by traditional Masonic practice of every Masonic group on Earth.

There is no such thing as FREEMASONRYtm.



Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just the facts

I don't know if I find it funny, or sad. Honestly, it's a little of both.

It's not a secret, many Masons of other stripes hate the 1613. That by itself is not the issue I will type about in this blog as it really isn't all that noteworthy. What is however is the basis by which many hate us is the pure sheer ignorance of what it is they claim to protect.

He is the newsflash, the 100% iron clad, stone cold fact. Everybody ready?

Freemasonry is not now, nor has it ever been a trademarked or standardized product. No one Freemason, lodge, grand lodge or any other group owns exclusive rights to it. This is not a new development , it has always been the case. Every single Masonic order or organization (at least in public) agrees on this point.


So, when someone goes on a rant regarding what is "legitimate" and what is "bogus" Freemasonry they are either:

A:) A Masonic idiot, who has no clue as to the facts.

B:) A zealot, who while they understand intellectually that they are dead wrong, would never admit it. They have a driving desire to enforce their own view of the world upon everyone they encounter. Anyone outside those lines they will either beat into submission or bully from their "scene."

C:) A Profiteer. These types realize that letting everyone know the factual truth behind Freemasonry and it's public domain status would be bad for business.

All three of these camps exist. Surely, anyone who promotes an alternative form of Freemasonry will have to endure the wrath of such individuals sooner or later.

Not a day goes by when some idiot doesn't try to pound me over the head with the "standards" of their Masonic organization. Since I don't claim to be a member of their club, why should I be compelled to live according to their rules and regulations?

On what planet does that make any sense?

So, just in case any of you are wondering. I do not care how many Masons your Grand Lodge requires to open a lodge. I don't care what your charter says. I don't care about your Masonic code. I don't care about your lineage.

Why? Because I am not a member of your club. The 1613 Nation and the lodge within the community do not care about your lodges best practices. We don't care about your requirements of regularity nor do we care about your recognition. It really is that simple. In a grey world this issue is pretty black and white.

None of you own Freemasonry so none of you have the authority to tell us what we can and cannot do. We do not answer to you.

The consequences for not subjecting ourselves to their iron heel? They don't now or will they ever recognize us as Masons.

Excuse me while I grab the Kleenex.



Sunday, May 8, 2011

No Home for Malcontents

Many get rather jaded regarding their Masonic experience, and in many cases justifiably so. We know of more than a small handful who have been treated quite badly by their lodge, grand lodge etc. When this happens, they usually are a combination of both hurt and pissed off.

These types of emotions can serve as powerful motivation. I know, i speak from experience. There can be countless ways to vent your frustration. The avenues of eMasonry are many, while Masonic forums are in a state of decline there are still plenty out there. The blogosphere can be a home for dissatisfaction.

To make a long story short there are many ways to skin a cat.

More than a few alternatives have been founded to cater to the disenfranchised. With varying degrees of success. I'm the first to point out that an individual or group of individuals are free to do what they wish. Freemasonry is not the soul domain of any one person or group, so have at it I say. If you want to create a new lodge , grand lodge whatever to cater to the pissed off that is alright with me.

There are more than a few who would lump the 1613 into such a category, and I'm here to say that they are wrong. We are not a community based upon bad feelings for the mainstream, or any other group. Sure, some of us may have those feelings but we do not bring them into lodge with us. We do not use this type of thing as a platform.

We are a community with purpose. We exist to empower ourselves and one another through Freemasonry. We practice a spiritual science in the goal of improvement, first of ourselves and as a result our communities and with a little luck the planet we all call home.

Anger over what was done to anyone in the past can only get you so far. In order to take the next step you must take action. Those who complain about the way they are treated need to do so, but not for forever. There comes a time when energy must be kinetic to be effective.

We serve as a warm and friendly place for those of the same vision and passion. We are not here to get back at anybody. While not shrinking violets we cannot serve ourselves, our Brethren or our planet as just balls of fury. We must continue to build for ourselves and for those who come after us. This is done by the application of the Craft.

Let us not forget that.