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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Spiritual Science Community

Since Facebook decided to eliminate discussion board sections from it's group pages it became imperative that we find an alternative. Now, it seems to me that for a while now Facebook has made the Masonic internet forum obsolete, however their change in direction may have reversed the tide.

Allow me to introduce the Spiritual Science Community. How is it different? Well, first of all it is not strictly dedicated to Masonic discussions. As well as Masonic topics we have a range covering both Western and eastern mystery traditions as well as science, technology, human rights, philosophy and the arts. The idea being to make it a diverse community founded in the functions of education and free exchange of ideas.

Sorry, no endless posts about how drunk we are or what we are doing this weekend.

This community will also be free of flame wars and fanboys. I am the only administrator and I need to personally approve of all accounts. Chances are if I can recognize you from any of the numerous jerkoff Masonic forums out there your account will not be approved and your IP will be banned as a preemptive measure.

I want to let everyone know that this will not be a democracy. If someone is opposed to what it is we Post-Modern Freemasons do, and stand for they will not be welcome there.

For everyone else who is genuinely interested, we welcome you.

Stop on by, check us out and say hello.



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