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In the past 13 years since the inception of this site, we've NEVER received as much e-mail (cumulatively) about one individual as we have about Mr. Brad Cofield- Ed King-Masonicinfo.com

It may seem that we are being harsh to this individual, but only because everything he stands for flies in the face of our sacred traditions.
-inactive Mason and rabid fanboy Bryan Caldwell

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Taking a break...

This will probably be my last blog for a while. I simply am tired of all of the Masonic bullshit, and other esoteric bullshit as well. I'll continue to go to lodge, help Brethren etc. I'll also post 1613 related news when I feel like posting it, but as to the others I just don't care anymore.

Yes I know that the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Florida gave all Polytheists the boot. Yes I know it's a douche like move. No I don't care, why? He's a douche and more than likely, so are most of the members effected. Yes, that's harsh, but if they really want to make a change they will. My money is on they won't so I won't waste time caring about it.

In the meantime I have a life, mouths to feed, memories to be made. I've spent a lot of time and energy on assholes who really don't matter. So, let them continue to knock themselves out stressing about what I wear to bed, I'll just continue to enjoy my kid, my marriage, my music so on and so forth.

So, you can stay tuned if you want. I may post from time to time but don't hold your breath. For those who need me , you know my number.

Brad Cofield

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Party Like You're Frank G. Ripel !!

Hmm, seems when I mind my own business some just can't help themselves.

Believe it or not, the last post about the Gran Maestro himself wasn't easy to write. I had no intentions on speaking of any of it. When I got the call from a dear Brother regarding my infamous "email of expulsion" I laughed. I didn't even look at it for some time.

Yeah, I was removed from the MEAPRMM without trial. And yeah, I previously spent six years building that order from nothing into functionality. All of that aside, 1613 had since replaced MEAPRMM in priorities. I respected what the MEAPRMM was founded to be, an operative guild, and (like almost everyone else) I grew tired of it. Speculative Misraim is what I wanted and since the founding of LNB, that's what I got.

So Frank wanted to kick me out. A little sting of betrayal, but I've been through worse. Pass the Pellegrino and get on doin what I do ya know?

Then he had to go and make a threat of the "black hand of death." That's kind of funny because just in case you don't know, spells and hexes are bullshit.Fine Frank, go ahead and pretend to be the Anti-Christ, who gives a shit?

Doing the same to others who don't sign the check though, that's just plain wrong.

Anyway, Frank is getting some bad advice from someone. He thinks he can follow me around the web and win some war of attrition against me. For some all know eye of the Magus, where the Hell has he been? I'm the master of that game. The veteran, Dolemite of troll wars if it were. No one wins this type of game against me because I have nothing to be ashamed of. I don't care one little bit about what haters have to same about me on the internet. In fact, they do more to build me than I ever could. It's my game son, I took the chickenshit and turned it into chicken salad when you were still trying to sell Warren Rodges a little villa in Trieste.

Now, a new blurb about muah has appeared on the MEAPRMM site. It seems the magic Don Juan is going to prosecute me with his penis. Haha! That just may be my favorite threat yet.

Oh, and since your wife let me know you no longer reside in Italy, wherever you are I'm sure you're partying like a Lohan. Cheers Frank, Salud!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

WGH Frank G. Ripel, $@#% gets real

Well, this is in all honesty a hard blog to post. I was a dedicated member of the MEAPRMM for six years. I built the MEAPRMM worldwide. The membership increased over 500% directly due to my own efforts. I believed that an order based upon the Operative Rite would be a great thing. I knew that many would be intrigued by the Operative side of real Masonic alchemy.

I was both right, and wrong.

The MEAPRMM turned out to be a very niche product. The Operas of the rite are very difficult, technical and designed 100% to be worked in a lab alone. Not at all what those who are interested in Freemasonry nor any other Western Mystery Tradition would expect, nor would they do for any length of time. As a result, interest in the MEAPRMM was a cycle of ebbs and flows.

Despite all this I got it up to a pretty respectable level. We were able to do what we did , with very little input from our esteemed WGH Frank G. Ripel. Frank would, on occasion offer a tidbit of esoteric wisdom, often pretty profound, and we'd be satisfied with that. From continent to continent however, Frank was not a part of the day to day hands on operation of the guild. How do I know? I was, and I rarely if ever sought his input and he rarely if ever offered it.

I worked with members from around the globe. While not a gangbusters success, we did have a steady international membership and despite any titles or official chain of command, I was the go to contact. This started in 2008 and in 2010  I was promoted to International Deputy Grand Master and National Head for the entire English language. The 97th degree. And even though by this point, 1613 long surpassed the MEAPRMM on my schedule of priorities, I was nevertheless very honored and proud of this achievement. Why wouldn't I be?

This is when , it comes to the MEAPRMM things started to unravel. A group was founded on Facebook called the World Association of Egyptian Obediences. This FB group was set up by MEAPRMM Israel and was in theory supposed to unite all Egyptian Freemasons in discussion and harmony. Totally idealistic but what the harm? I began to participate, and Frank as well as his wife Galbix Red enthusiastically supported this group.

Now, keep in mind this is just a Facebook group. It's not a jurisdiction at all. They right away started to play the usual Masonry politics. Calling others "clandestine" and "bogus." They started issuing charters for speculative lodges under the MEAPRMM. I expressed my dissatisfaction at both of these developments as A.) The MEAPRMM was never intended to be a speculative jurisdiction. 2.) MEAPRMM prohibited any and all jurisdictional politics. It was a violation of MEAPRMM code to label another jurisdiction , especially a non operative "clandestine"or bogus."

The purpose of the WAEO was not to "unify" but rather to be another "dick measuring" group that would be judge, jury and executioner against any group they felt slighted them in any way. I issued an edict stating that MEAPRMM Washington State as well as the Orients under the MEAPRMM English Language would not support the WAEO. I announced that based upon the direct violations taking place as policy within the WAEO, all members of my jurisdiction would withdraw from it and no longer have anything to do with it. Furthermore, we would advise all others to stay away from it until such time they decided to act in a Masonic manner of inclusiveness and Brotherly love.

A few days after, I was removed via edict from Frank G. Ripel. No warning, no formal charges being filed, no Masonic trial. In fact no access to Masonic jurisprudence or due process whatsoever. With just the waive of a hand, I was done.

I told Frank that I did not respect nor recognize his tyrannous action. I would go on about my business as usual, which is what I've continued to do. Upon that he issued a "black hand of death" upon me and my family. Of course I let him know, any threat of force would be met with greater force. I am no amateur in this regard. I also let him know should anything happen to me or (more importantly) my family , there will be no safe haven on Earth for him. As a family man, it is within my rights to defend my family and myself from physical harm.

I also let him know that he not now nor ever had any authority over me nor my jurisdiction. He changed the direction of the MEAPRMM from an operative Masonic guild to a speculative den of politics. That was his choice and not one I nor my Brethren would endorse. In fact, we would consider his position to be one that was illegitimate and undeserved. Oh how right I turned out to be.

Fast forward and what do we see. Other National Heads of the MEAPRMM being thrown out without cause, without trial and without ability to defend themselves. As of this blog at least two National Heads have been dismissed, over the internet and without cause. These included WB Andrew Heim- NH of Hawaii  and WB Mario Serenko- NH of Utah.

Above you'll see a picture of WDH Frank G. Ripel. He seems to be having a great time. Now, I'm no stick in the mud. I have no problem with an old man getting his freak on. I do however have an issue with someone who reports to be the first 100th degree since Yarker doing so, in public with such little regard to his title and responsibility. As Masons , we're to tyle our actions. Obviously, WGH Ripel forgot this basic Masonic lesson. Or did he know it in the first place?

WGH Ripel claims to have been initiated into Freemasonry in 1946. Let's assume that he was of legal age as per Masonic custom when he was initiated. that would make him 87 years of age. Does the above individual in the sex club look 87 to you? He's since claimed to be 56, if so how did he found the Order of the Mystic Rose in 1949? Something doesn't add up.

By the way, what's up with the fake breasts on the wall?

Also, Frank let's new members of the MEAPRMM know that their "purpose" is to promote Frank Ripel's books around the world. What's that? To make Frank money? I suppose hookers and strippers in Vampire sex clubs aren't free?

Look, I'm no fuddy duddy. I'm not against an old man (even if he's half the age he previously claimed) getting his freak on. But , I do hold individuals who claim to be adepts to a higher standard. Obviously, Ol'Frank is a pervert, a misogynist and is just another fake esoteric prophet with nothing more than economic profit on his mind, that and some young ass.

What a shame, but not at all surprising.

Hey Frank, what happens in the sex club doesn't stay there..




Sunday, September 9, 2012

Continuing the call.

The path isn't easy.  The death threats, false accusations , phony accusations. Why? To all stop the spread of independent Freemasonry. Those profiteers want to hold on to what they have at all costs, they have no problem using any tactic in what they view as a total war .

They continue to seek my destruction, I continue to spread the message of personal enlightenment.


Lodge Atlantis GOUSA- Oh how times change

I found something interesting on Facebook the other day. An internet lodge under the GOUSA (remember them, yeah they're still alive) Atlantis Lodge # 13.

Atlantis lodge holds all of their business meetings online, they do degree work in person. Sound familiar? While they state how "unique" they are, we at Lodge Napoleon Bonaparte have been doing this since 2008. So, they came a little after we did , about five years.

That being said, a worldwide membership with virtual business, lodges of instruction and so forth with in person degree work sounds identical to what us Post-Modern Freemasons do. We threw out all convention in order to service each individual who has a strong desire to improve themselves through Freemasonry. I seem to remember the GOUSA mocking us at the time. Oh how  times change.

In fact, it seems that the GOUSA has decided to take direct inspiration from the 1613 Nation in many ways. They've gone from being "The true Traditional Observance" to rejecting tradition. They now claim to be a no fee confederation of lodges were the lodge is free to choose for themselves . This is really interesting as shortly after the GOUSA previously axed every Rite they offered for only the Modern Rite, their GM at the time Jeff Peace told me he believed that the other Rites could no exist with one another. Especially the Egyptian Rites as those would want to "take over." I told him this was total nonsense and a few years later he seems to agree. No mention at all of creation of new Rites and degrees but I suspect that too will be on it's way.

The GOUSA started as a great idea, then it became a total mess full of run away ego's and Froncophile ass grabbing. Now, because they have been forced to as the game of "recognition" bit them in the ass , they seem (on the surface) to be a more fluid and adaptable organization. Post-Modern Freemasons? Time will tell.

For what it's worth, I'm happy when any group kick the traditionalists in the nuts. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. This shows that the 1613 model is catching on, and while I'm sure none of them want me in their lodges I'm sure that my influence will be felt as they begin to adapt all the ideas they mocked one at a time.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

She's Just Good Enough

She was just good enough to give you life.
She was just good enough to keep you alive.
She was just good enough to cater to your ever need.
She was just good enough to love you as a son, even when you didn't deserve it.
She was just good enough to be there for you when you needed her, even if you didn't do the same.
She was just good enough to say, "I love you Son."

She was just good enough to accept your phone calls.
She was just good enough to be seen in public on your arm.
She was just good enough to say "I do."
She was just good enough to have your children.
She was just good enough to work harder than you, and asked for so little in return.

She was just good enough to melt your heart the first time you met.
She was just good enough to smile while she learned to walk.
She was just good enough to sit in your lap during story time.
She was just good enough to say " I love you Daddy."

She's not good enough to practice the Craft.
She's not good enough to share your lodge.
She's not good enough to be "one of the boys."
She's not good enough to ever understand.
She's not good enough to ever be made a Mason, because no woman can ever be good enough.

If you believe she's not good enough, neither are you.

Friday, July 13, 2012

False Illusions and Old Chairs

I once had a conversation with a mainstream Mason.he was very proud of his lodges "lineage" the titles and the other trappings of a terrestrial and profane life. He spoke with great enthusiasm for his brand of Freemasonry as being genuine and pure,why? One of the pieces of evidence he put forth was his lodges Masters Chair.

This chair, been around from the foundation of the lodge in1859. This chair, served as a cornerstone of "tradition." This chair, served as an example to all the "fortitude" and "steadfastly correct" lineage he was so proud of.

I thought about this for a moment, then my question to him. "What purpose does this old chair serve?"

He paused, stuttered and really said nothing of value so I answered for him.

"It keeps the WM's ass off the ground."

That's it,that is the functional purpose of the masters chair. A 150 year old chair or a $2.00 folding chair from Big Lots. They serve the same purpose and they and they do the same job equally well.

Many get caught up in what doesn't matter. Your lodge room, no matter how old or how splendid, is just that, a room. It serves no divine purpose. It doesn't make what you do better than what anyone else does.It's just a building.

The original speculative Masons met wherever they could.Often.in the back room of a bar, a basement, outdoors and yes, even a brothel or two. What they were doing was so radical, they faced prison and even execution. Tracing Boards are called just that because that is what they were, traced with chalk on the floor,then erased just as quickly as to not implicate anyone in a crime.

Revolution is what was being taught , equality for all regardless of social standing, bank account status or the standard of were you lived. To erect a fine monument to self indulgence goes against this original Masonic virtue.

The Masonic lodge is not found within a fancy building. It's secrets cannot be found by sitting in some old chair. Stepping within a Masonic hall is not a time portal that will deposit you at the feet of Ben Franklin.

As a Mason, it is the temple NOT built by hands which you are obligated and commissioned to construct. It is the four chambers of your heart where you're made a Mason, not within the four walls of any superficial structure.Unless you understand this fundamental Masonic truth, you're just as profane as you were before you first knocked on the West Gate.


Brad Cofield
Lodge Napoleon Bonaparte
Sovereign Right of Misraim
1613 Nation

Friday, March 2, 2012

Let it be known..

To all interested Masons around the world.

I'm not now or ever been a guy who takes being told what to do without reason or cause very well. If you sign my check, I might take orders. So, when shit is handed down upon high , it doesn't roll down hill on me. I'm smart enough to see it coming and get out of the way.

The MEAPRMM USED to be something special. It used to be focused on the operative Egyptian Rite. It used ot pay no attention whatsoever to recognition, party or identity politics. It used to be open to all who sought.

Now, the tide has turned. Do to a few it has backslid into wanting really hard to be a "recognized" speculative Masonic jurisdiction. This is directly opposed to the MEAPRMM stated mission statement and it's goals as a magical order since 1982.

But I suppose things change.

I will never report to anyone who does not have the best interest of my jurisdiction in mind. I will never use the MEAPRMM to open a speculative lodge of Memphis-Misraim as this directly ruins the MEAPRMM and it's original stated purpose. You can call me a defender of the "old" MEAPRMM and a detractor of the new.

The talk of "unity" among groups who (what they think are behind closed doors) talk badly of Frank G. Ripel and the MEAPRMM I have no use for. The authority of such people I place in my rubbish bin. I do not care now, nor ever their degrees, patents or anything else. They mean nothing to me, now or ever.

I will NOT submit to the will of a foreign authority who has no genuine respect for myself, my Brethren nor my Operative Craft.

I also will not accept the judgement of anyone who betrays the original purpose no matter who they are, what their motive, nor their counterfeit representation.

Thus, I do not, in any way now nor ever accept not do I recognize the counterfeit bull of expulsion supposedly from WGH Ripel. I have reason to believe that this did not come from WGH Ripel, but rather from opportunist, careerist profiteers using the name of the MEAPRMM for nefarious self aggrandizement.

So, in short, the English Jurisdiction of the MEAPRMM will continue under my earnest leadership until the end of my appointed term in July of 2013. It will continue under the Frand G. Ripel chartered and sanctified body of the Grand Orient Egyptian.

Until we speak again, T.A.F.

Brad Cofield