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"I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it."-

In the past 13 years since the inception of this site, we've NEVER received as much e-mail (cumulatively) about one individual as we have about Mr. Brad Cofield- Ed King-Masonicinfo.com

It may seem that we are being harsh to this individual, but only because everything he stands for flies in the face of our sacred traditions.
-inactive Mason and rabid fanboy Bryan Caldwell

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Interactive Project Phase 2.0 part II

Two more lodges of the 1613 Nation have had their websites restored. Lodge John Yarker, our lodge in London, England and the fifth lodge of Postmodern Freemasonry. Lodge Yarker is very dear to my heart as it is named after who I feel was the most important Freemason in history. If it weren't for the work of John Yarker the 1613 Nation would not be here.

Lodge of the Royal Tiger is located in Mumbai India. It is a very young and enthusiastic lodge that like John Yarker works the Rite of Memphis.

Both lodges are open to visitation. Please, feel free to contact them and show your support.

Lodge John Yarker

Lodge of the Royal Tiger


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Interactive Project 2.0 Phase One

As many of you know, the Nation suffered a severe blow in the summer of 2010. A former member who also so happened to be our webmaster decided to leave the Nation without any previous discussion let alone warning. In doing so he felt it a reasonable and Masonic action to wipe clean the websites of the vast majority of our Masonic lodges.

Now, it is the 1613 position not to interfere in any way with someones destiny. If this includes doing us harm in either the short or long term due to lack of communication, or actions we cannot explain and do not understand; it is then our responsibility to accept and endure. We will not speak against such actions, we will instead embrace this persons choice to remanifest in their own way, and in that way we wish them happiness.

The after effect is not for us to restore our loss. How can one simply rebuild what what lost? Instead, we need to take this as an opportunity to improve. To make better what was, and to continue on the path of Kaizen, according to our principles.

We have chosen to do just that.

The early results have been the rebuilding of our face on the internet. Now, please keep in mind that we being a community of free sharing and limited resources and simply cannot get all of this done at once. I have decided to take on the beginning of this project myself, contributing both the funds and the time. Of course nothing will be asked in return but patience and understanding.

The websites that have rebuilt thus far have been done in the order of their lodges consecration. All of the others will follow as resources allow. In the meantime please enjoy the new sites and give these Brethren all the support you can.

Love and happiness to all of you. Cooperation, compassion and community. We, my Brethren are the pillars of the temple.

Lodge Ptah

Lodge Helios

Lodge of the Golden Fleece


Saturday, December 25, 2010

December 25th

Just a quick note to really wish everyone well. Friends, Brothers and adversaries alike. everyone has their destiny and all are crucial to the egregore.

To all members of the 1613, my deepest thanks and hopes for great 2011 for each and every one of you. May peace and health be upon you and yours in the upcoming year.

We have a lot of work ahead so let's not loose focus on the upcoming tasks. But, for now let us be merry and delight in the company of family, friends and Brethren.

May G.A.O.T.U. grant you the gifts of enlightenment and may the universe show us all the path from profanity to divinity.


Monday, December 6, 2010


Let's face it, the 1613 Nation is not a "traditional" Masonic order, nor do we claim to be. There are many in the Masonic "community" at large who do not appreciate this one bit. The truth is though, really, what do they expect? We've never advertised ourselves as what is commonly available on main street. That isn't what our objective was.

Personally, I'm not much of a "black and white" thinker. There are very few circumstances that I run into where the answer is either A or B with no other possible alternative. For me, this is not only one of life's greater challenges, but it is also one of it's greatest joys. Finding that something that you have looked at, read or experienced can still have elements that are totally new to you, even though you thought yourself so familiar.

In my Masonic journey this constant reinvention happens on a continual basis. New challenges arise and new solutions formed. Old Rites and rituals reveal a whole new electric effect. Someone I thought I pretty much new everything about suddenly surprises me in some fantastic way.

Of course, a Masonic journey just like any other has it's good and it's bad fantastic elements. The 1613 is not immune to this. There have been some that for whatever reason joined the Nation only to leave feeling worse for the experience. Part of me does feel bad bout these types of situations but also I realize that this too, is part of those individuals unique path. Self determination is a beautiful thing, but it isn't always easy to encourage it in others. I have to always remember to let myself help them, even those who wish the Nation and myself harm, be who they need to be.

The universe needs polarity. The Nation too needs it's adversary, or else it's hyper fluid kinetic form cannot exist on a level needed to make worldwide change. I'm not saying that it's easy to read some of these attacks against us. I am saying though that they need to be there. If we are to deny those who hate the ability to do so, then we are nothing more than the oppressors of movement that the Nation was founded to fight against.

A liquid cannot be compressed. Those of static mindsets will not be changed via our positions. The Manifesto will not have a voice among those who choose to not hear it. All of this my Brothers is OK, it is as it should be. Our work will continue and through our challenges we all become stronger.

It is my hope for all of you that you are happy. Transmutation and remanifestation are wonderful things but they are also a ton of hard work. You may not feel instant gratification but there is not second put into any of this that is ever wasted. You are all loved and appreciated. The journey always begins with a step and project with a vision. We just need to step back sometimes and remind ourselves of the simple things.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

C.B.C.S. and the 1613 Nation

It is my pleasure to announce, in total fraternal partnership with the THE ORDER OF THE KNIGHT BENEFICENT OF THE HOLY CITY L'Ordre de Chevaliers Bienfaisants de la Cité Sainte Sovereign Great Priory of Bulgaria (C.B.C.S.) and the THE ORDER OF THE KNIGHT BENEFICENT OF THE HOLY CITY L'Ordre de Chevaliers Bienfaisants de la Cité Sainte Sovereign Great Priory of d'Italia (C.B.C.S) that we consecrate on this day 12/04/10 the Priory of St.Germain-1613 Nation.

This will be the mother Priory of the Scottish Rectified Rite for the 1613 Nation with it's Headquarters located in Atlanta, GA.

We have been working hard with our fraternal allies to bring the C.B.C.S. to the 1613 Nation. Membership is open to all 1613 Masons and the Priory is harmony with the 1613 Manifesto.

This is a great day for all Masons, a very proud one for the Nation.

A full list of Lodges under Priory St. Germain will be listed in 2011

Brief history of the C.B.C.S. courtesy of
THE ORDER OF THE KNIGHT BENEFICENT OF THE HOLY CITY L'Ordre de Chevaliers Bienfaisants de la Cité Sainte Sovereign Great Priory of Bulgaria.

The Scottish Rectified Rite or Chevaliers Bienfaisants de la Cité-Sainte (CBCS) - Knights Beneficent of the Holy City - was originally a Masonic rite, a reformed variant of the Rite of Strict Observance which, in its highest degrees, uses Masonic-type rituals to demonstrate the philosophy which underlies both Martinism and the practices of the Elus-Cohens. The CBCS was founded in the late 18th Century by Jean-Baptiste Willermoz, who was a pupil of Martinez de Pasqually and a contemporary of Saint-Martin. The CBCS has managed to survive as a continually practiced rite from its founding until the present day, both as a purely masonic rite, and as a detached Rite which is also open for women.

The C.’.B.’.C.’.S.’. is the chivalric branch of the Martinist tradition, where Knighthood meets the Martinist doctrine.
The aim of the C.’.B.’.C.’.S.’. is enable the Chevalieres to follow the Imitation of Christ, and adopt a life of moral chivalry as the basis of all spiritual attainment. Furthering the personal work of rebuilding what once was lost, the work of the Knights and the Dames of the order is to manifest the charitable teachings of Martinism in the world through beneficent and unselfish deeds. C.’.B.’.C.’.S.’. is thus the chivalric branch of the Martinist tradition, the poor knights of Christ.

Of course the C.B.C.S. as worked under the 1613 Nation is in full unity with the 1613 Manifesto. It is open to all 1613 Freemasons.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Think, and stay safe

As is customary a candidates requesting membership into a Masonic lodge is (usually) subject to a Masonic investigation. This usually is done by the lodge "investigative committee." usually consisting of three interviews and when possible home visits by three separate Brothers of the lodge. They are to report their findings and based upon the information gather a candidates petition will either be rejected or accept and eligible for a vote by the lodge membership.

This is the way it usually goes. However, there have been an increasing amount of reports and observations of ways of doing this that just don't sit well with me. In fact I find them potentially dangerous.

First on this let me inform the readership that I have been in the human resources industry since 1994. Legal compliance is a major function of human resources so what I am about to type I am very familiar with.

There are lodges out there who are now requiring candidates to submit for formal background checks. This means that the candidate would have to be notified before petitioning and consent in to the background check in writing. They would also have to give over a copy of their state issued identification, a copy of a birth certificate as well as their social security identification number.

Now, I have a huge problem with this. First of all, there are stringent state and federal regulations in the handling of this type of sensitive personal information. The lodge doing this type of procedure would have to show the documentation showing that they are in compliance. In fact they would have to publicly post this, say on their website for an example.

If they are not doing this how are we to know who is keeping these records and who has access? to give over such information is to give someone everything they need to perpetrate identity theft. We know, that identity theft is a major problem throughout the world. One that can potentially ruin lives.

I am not accusing any Masonic lodge of doing such a thing but why take the risk? Everything that needs to be known as far as a persons relevance to Masonic membership is easily accessible via public record.

I would deeply question the motives of any lodge (Masonic or otherwise) who claims to need just personal information.

My advise, if they need to see a photocopy of your identification card this is understandable. Just make sure to black out the identification number. There is no excuse for them to need a copy of your birth certificate and never ever give anyone representing a lodge your social security number. For any reason! Run, don't walk away from such a situation.

When made to feel uncomfortable listen to your gut. If something seems fishy it's probably a good sign to walk away. Remember, no Masonic order, lodge , grand lodge or independent is the only game in town. Use rational common sense.

Think , and be safe.


Monday, November 15, 2010

The Hidden Danger of Choice

It is a trend amongst "progressive" Masonic orders to employ a "three tiered" approach. That is to allow both gender equal and gender segregated (male only, female only) lodges to work within the same system. The pitch on this type of set up is said to be one that would allow the individual lodges the freedom of choice. To determine for themselves who and how they want to work.

The 1613 Nation is all about self determination and choice. Then the question has to be asked, why doesn't the 1613 Nation allow gender segregated lodges within the community?

Well the answer lies in the practical operation of a three tiered model. This reveals the fatal flaws of such a system.

While in theory, allowing lodges to choose what would make them "comfortable" sounds like a grand idea. In practice it simply doesn't work. What it leads to is segregation. I will give an example to help illustrate my post.

Lets say you have a new progressive Grand Orient. Grand Orient X, and within the GOX there is an enthusiastic three tiered model. Well, we know through complied data that the progressive and alternative Masonic community is small. So, the idea that only one lodge of the Grand Orient X in a given metropolitan area is a reasonable goal. Especially in the beginning years of the order. If that lodge is not gender equal, it will be excluding potential seekers of light do to a condition of birth. How in any way can this be justified?

A rebuttal will be "we could help him/her" establish a new lodge. The first question I would have is how? How is he/she to be made a Mason in the first place? What if the next lodge that will be able to accept him/her is a substantial distance away? What if it is not economically feasible for him/her to travel to such a lodge? Are you then forced to accept only members (in this situation) of substantial financial means? Would this not be another form of discrimination?

My second point would be why? If you already have a functioning lodge, why displace a potential candidate or have to divide resources to create another lodge to accommodate a seeker that could just easily be welcomed into the already functioning unit? In a neonatal organization, don' t big decisions such as expansion have to be made as to not set up the new lodge to fail?

My third point would be how? A single seeker trying to create their own lodge can be as difficult as trying to swim on the beach. This is at the very least an uphill battle and will more than likely lead to burnout and disillusionment. A potential seeker just slipped through the crack. Potential for failure, very high.

Another point is , if we would fight so hard for racial equality, why would we allow those more "comfort" in a single gender environment, let alone actively encourage this practice? After all, how is it not a parallel case of discrimination?

Another problem of a fractured Order can easily come into play. Let's say Brother Jane Doe moves from her gender equal Grand Orient X lodge in San Francisco to Denver to take a new job. In Denver, the only Grand Orient X lodge in the area is male only. What is she to do? Will she be denied membership and affiliation within her own Order? How does this not spell total disaster?

I could go on and on as to why the three tired system simply doesn't function in a practical way but I think you dear readers are getting my point. The 1613 Nation is set up to be practical, accessible and with high functionality. Given these parameters we made the only decision that could be made. All lodges 100% gender equal.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just in case you took their word for it

From time to time a hater of the 1613 will raise their head out of the ground. Almost always it is done from some anonymous user name on either a Masonic fora, or Facebook. Most of the time I find them to be rather entertaining, if not just plain ridiculous. All of them are quite easily ignored. From time to time however I do get emails asking me to clarify some of the "points" made in these hysterical rants.

So, for those of you who crave such a thing pull up a chair and the popcorn because here we go.

The specific rant of misinformation I have chosen to respond to appeared some time ago on a forum where I am no longer able to directly respond. Now, this is indeed "modus operandi" for these types of attacks. I have yet to have anyone spread such things in a direct manner nor do I ever expect them to.

This is all so staus quo, nothing new.

My answers to the accusations will appear in bold.

Let's begin:

Is an "Order" an "association of certain persons, united by laws and statues peculiar to the society, engaged in a common object or design, and distinguished by particular habits, ensigns, badges or symbols" [Mackey]?

That's one definition. I don't remember any 1613 Freemason ever stating that the work of Albert Mackey was some sort of gospel.

However, is the 1613 Nation the same as Freemasonry, an Initiatory Order as well as a system of allegory that is veiled in symbols? There is absolutely no mention in the 1613 Nation "10-point program" or anywhere else on their website that even obliquely refers to the allegories, symbols or even the common working tools of Masonry. What kind of "value proposition" is that?

As far as "imaginary" individuals go, you can hear their voices on 1613 Radio. You can make direct contact with them on social media such as Facebook. Every single WM of ever 1613 lodge is accessible. Why don't you attempt to make actual contact before you throw around assumptions?

As to the other, so a lack of posting redundant information is what you are basing your argument on? There are many sources that will provide those so inclined with a definition of Freemasonry. Our websites where never intended to rehash information that the seeker can receive elsewhere. the fact is that we are composed of dedicated volunteers with limited time and limited budgets. We never intended our sites to be a "paint by numbers guide to Freemasonry."

Besides, we have made it clear the Rites and rituals of Freemasonry used by each individual lodge. The Rite of Memphis, Rite of Misraim, Rite of Schroeder, Rite of Steiner, Lauderdale Ritual on and on. Are we to believe that you sir, claiming to be a Master Mason are totally ignorant of these Rites of Freemasonry and their common symbolism? If so how is that our problem?

Yes, the "10 Point Program: is a central binder within the 1613 community. It is designed as something progressive, not simply a rehash of redundant information.

Is not an "Order of Architecture" "a system or assemblage of parts subject to certain uniform established proportions regulated by the office which such part has to perform, so that the disposition, in a peculiar form, of the members and ornaments, and the proportion of the columns and pilasters, is called an order" [Mackey]?

Again with the Mackey. As far as I know Mackey is not held as gospel outside of a few mainstream American Grand Lodges. How does that make us so strange?

In the interests of serving humankind, traditional Initiatic Orders such as Freemasonry have the benefit of our Traditions, which we can think of as encompassing the laws and principles of our world combined with the collected wisdom and best practices of our great teachers and philosophers. Our traditions are designed to give us instruction regarding how to transmute negative aspects of our world so that we can better live in harmony with the One.

Who's "traditions?" And why should these be accepted as absolute and impervious to change? I'll give an example. My family has since the 1990's had a tradition of eating Xmas dinner at a certain restaurant. Something I looked forward to each and every year. Lot's of great conversations and good times had by all. When I got married that tradition had to change for the sake of integration with my new family. All was OK, the world did not implode.

We do not claim to be a "traditional" Masonic body. In fact , in the USA, a "traditional" Masonic body resembles the Boy Scouts for adult men. No thanks. Again, we are being judged by what we never claimed to be a part of.

The 1613 Nation rejects the Western Mystery Traditions and its teachings and has instead substituted their own "10 points".

We do? How would you know this? When was the last time you attended a 1613 stated meeting?
In fact we embrace western mystery tradition and are firmly rooted there. The 1613 holds such work as Qabalah, Hermeticism and Rosicrucian tradition as integral to what we do as operative Craftsman. In fact no 1613 Freemason would ever call himself a Master Mason without a level of proficiency in the for mentioned.

the ten point program is a list of common associated best practices. Not as as total substitute to divine knowledge.

Instead of shedding Ego for purposes of integration with the Infinite, they "empower" so to become "sovereign individuals". How can one transform oneself from a rough ashlar to a perfect cube if the existence of Cosmic Consciousness and the One are denounced?

Different Rites and Rituals of Freemasonry have different cadence. One might forgive this error when we consider that the author of these attacks hail from the Grand Lodge of New York, widely regarded (even by the mainstream) as ritually deficient.

In the Rite of Misraim, a candidate is asked upon entry "what have you come here to do?" The answer: "to improve myself through Freemasonry."

Now, when we talk of Freemasonry, the 1613 Freemason understand this means deep transcendental change. From the rough to the smooth ashlar.

Do we promote self sovereignty? Yes we do. We promote that the most important lodge is the lodge of self. That the apron that matters is one that is tied around the waist not by human hands. That a Mason must always be between the pillars, must always live life by three simple steps. If this offends you, I am not sure what to say.

From an alchemical point of view, the process of transforming ones' ashlar into a cube is likened as transmuting lead, something of lesser value, into something higher, gold. During the trans formative process of self-awakening, there is a term in alchemy called the "black stage" that is associated with fear. So-called "Post Modern" Freemasonry has been called "Black Lodge" Freemasonry by its leader; it implies that the 1613 Nation is associated with this stagnant black sludge of the unknown.

First of all, I would assume "by it's leader" would be an attack on myself. I am no one's leader. I am simply an enthusiastic 1613 Freemason. Because I hold a position of leadership (as appointed) in the MEAPRMM, I do not consider myself to be any one's superior. I do advise when I have the capability to do so. Everything I do is for the benefit of the brethren, not myself.

Now, your alchemical observations are interesting. We deal with this in the Opera of the Black (Rito Negredo ) within the MEAPRMM. In the 1613 the color black was chosen for a very specific reason. In Hellenic myth, Chaos, the divine mother of all is represented by the color black. Black is also the color of change and remanifestation amongst Hermetics. Black is the color of the the pillar of severity in Qabalah, also the color of Geburah, the Sephiroth of Creation. That is what we as Post-Modern Freemasons are looking to do.

In the simplest terms the color black was chosen to represent inclusiveness, as black is the inclusion of all primary colors so is the Post-Modern Masonic lodge an inclusion of all of society.

Really nice symbolism, I think.

The 1613 Nation is the reverse of Freemasonry. It's like that Bizarro square-shaped world in the old Superman comics where everything is backwards and wacky, and where nothing makes any sense.

This is a statement totally based on total ignorance. Keep in mind this person has never spent a second in actual application of Post-Modern Freemasonry. Kind of like the Fred Phelps denouncing evolution.

The various statements made by the leader make it plain that "Post Modern" Freemasonry is so revolutionary that it is completely unlike any other form of Freemasonry.

Once again, I am not the "leader" but I'll assume that this is aimed at me. In fact I have called Post-Modern Freemasonry evolutionary, as opposed to revolutionary. But yes, we feel that it is quite different in many ways to it's Modern and Ancient predecessors.

If it is unlike and so different from any other form of Freemasonry, why are we calling something that quacks a cow? Yet, when anyone else notices and agrees that indeed, the 1613 Nation is completely unlike any other form of Freemasonry, blustering, defensive accusations of attacks and bullying are made.

Freemasonry is not trademarked product. nor does it resemble any strictly defined system of beliefs. No one lodge, Grand Lodge or Supreme Council speaks for Freemasonry, nor can they define for everyone what it is or what it is not.

Based upon this universally defined fact, we have as much claim to the term Freemasonry as any other jurisdiction or sovereign lodge on planet Earth.

We call ourselves Freemasons because that is exactly what we are.

Yet, when anyone else notices and agrees that indeed, the 1613 Nation is completely unlike any other form of Freemasonry, blustering, defensive accusations of attacks and bullying are made. I read something the other day that was on blogs purporting to be by two different individuals in the 1613 Nation, regarding how the Scottish webmaster of that outfit was a "coward" for leaving their group and how it takes a "strong will" to be "in the Nation". A different article on one of those same blogs (authored by a person who believes that he is "Livin' in hater's minds rent free - since 2006") is entitled, "Jesus hates a pussy". Is this how they realize their concept of "Cooperation, Compassion, Community"?

Unfortunate circumstances sometimes result in unfortunate reactions. What was done by a former member deeply hurt other members. This is an understandable part of the human condition. In actuality, anyone identifying themselves as a 1613 Freemason will be instantly attacked, insulted and banned on most Masonic Internet fora. Even those claiming to be progressive. I find it a little interesting that we are chastised so for defending ourselves, yet we realize it is our cross to bear.

When one is addicted to self-attention and toxic manifestation, all of their energy is used to feed their insecurities. We as masons learn to be compassionate individuals and when we encounter imbalances, we inherently wish to travel into the wasteland, bringing Light to rectify something of a lower nature into that which is higher, more valuable, and beneficial.

Is this supposed to be some sort of armchair psycho-analysis from an anonymous poster?

There are other alchemical associations associated with "separation" implied in the art of criticism. The body of the e-masonic community, recognizing that calcination is necessary, has "turned up the heat" so that impurities can be "separated", and, assisted by Acts of Karma, which accelerate the healing process, enable individuals to recognize their fears and move past them.

Reads like an excuse for bullying and un-Brotherly profane behaviour. I get that internet fora are cliques. Not unlike the cafeteria seating system in high school. it won't take long for the casual observer to recognize that the same flies congregate around the same pile of dung. make bad in pile and the rest of the piles are off limits. Makes me laugh that this is held up as some sort of "mortal sin" against me. Really, it is silly nonsense.

Karma further dictates that we attract to ourselves exactly that which we need. There are those out there who are now already on a better path because they've taken different actions when they possessed different knowledge. "Knowledge...is intended for use." Requiring a little outside criticism in the form of Light and the requisite self-assessment that followed, during which time they recognized that the 1613 Nation didn't fit their Masonic needs, they've risen from the mire of black lodges.

Some people think they need something one day and something different the next. Every 1613 lodge is independent. Unlike our mainstream counterparts not everything is spelled out in a manual to follow. To be a member of the 1613 requires self determination and self reliance. like the difference in working for the Fortune 500 and a start up. A lot of times a 1613 Freemason will need to wear many hats, problem solve for themselves and be faced with complex issues. All the while being attacked by so called "enlightened" men and women.

It isn't a game and truth be told it is damned hard with almost no instant gratification. This can be a recipe for those who are less than dedicated to quit. We get that.

Those who did not find what they seek within the 1613 are free to leave. Well wishes to them. Contrary to rumor we do not practice mind control, do not dupe un-suspecting noobs or kick puppies. In fact we give all of the information we can in order for anyone to make an educated decision the rest is up to them.

We would never interfere with some one's self determination. That means 1613, impartial or anti-1613 everyone has a role to play and they should be free to play it.

We charge no fees at all. No dues. We give what we can to all who are interested. Can the mainstream or any other Masonic organization say the same?

The politics of Masonry is one of the strangest things I've ever encountered.

I will 100% agree.

We all join, at least in part, because we wish to meet on the level with others, and yet there are all these groups that don't want to sit in lodge with each other, or maybe because "that's not the way I do it". When I think about stuff that's happened in various esoteric orders in the past, and one can take their pick of the various schisms that have occurred down through the years, what we see occurring on the Internet isn't all that different, but, as a sovereign individual, that is just my criticism.

Your criticism is appreciated. Hopefully I have answered your questions and you now have a higher education in what you had before regarding the 1613-Post-Modern Freemasonry.

Truth is we are just men and women of like mind and like interest who gather together in the spirit of Brotherly love. We do not claim to be a part of the mainstream Masonic fraternity, nor do we desire to be. We are not seeking recognition nor are we infiltrating your lodges.

We desire what is in within our rights. To practice our Craft the way we see fit.

Nothing more, nothing less.

And that just about does it.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Expecting adults to be adults

The various funny things that are written about the 1613 Nation and specifically myself range from the silly to the downright stupid. I find it so very odd that proclaimed members of the "enlightened" are so downright fearful of people being able to simply think for themselves.

Thinking for yourself is something that I as well as other Post-modern Freemasons value very much. I would never stand in the way of someones pursuit of their own self determination. Even if the results effect myself of the Nation in what would seem to be a negative way.

Destiny is destiny and everyone has the pursue and even create their own. In our opinion, that is a beautiful things.

One of the little misnomers is that is our official position is to proclaim that the mainstream has everything wrong and it is only us who have it "right." Nothing could be further for the truth. We simply state that for us, what we do has benefit. We never take the position to presume that what we offer is better or right for anyone else. When we receive the inquiry, we simply provide the information, that's it. No ones arm is ever pinned behind their back. Ever.

We are not an association of children. We expect adults to think for themselves this includes making decisions that they deem best for them.

As for what the mainstream may or may not be doing, that is for them to concentrate on. It really doesn't matter to us. We are practical enough to not worry about what we cannot directly effect. Most of us have no interest in what another organization is doing, we have lives and only so much energy can be spent in so much given time.

Seems reasonable, right?


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another win for the Moderns

Tricolour Masonic Lodge is a brand new lodge in Ireland. It would appear that they are the founding lodge of the new Grand Orient of Ireland. This is a major victory for the Moderns as the Emerald Isle has always been, up until this point as conservative and Antient in flavor as a country can get in a Masonic sense. In fact the single LDH lodge is found in the Union, Northern Ireland.

While I personally have no use for the secular humanism "Atheists with Aprons" version of Freemasonry that the Moderns are so firmly attached to, it is nice to see alternatives to the
knife and fork appear.

Now, the 1613 has no warm and fuzzy feelings as far as the current Grand Orient of France establishment is concerned. In no way am I endorsing yet another bloated and self serving bureaucratic hierarchy. I am simply wishing (on a personal level) best fraternal wishes to the Brethren of this new lodge. According to their website they are open to both men and woman (as they should be) regardless of belief (ditto.)

So congrats Brethren, may your work be able to hold of the special interests that seem to follow GOdF relationships.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ain't no way

Sometimes, what you need to say has already been said. It is obvious that the hater's need a reason to live and that I'm that reason. It's all good, gonna do what I do regardless.



Sunday, September 12, 2010

No Need for Confusion

Dear June Lennon,

You took an obligation you no longer felt obliged to uphold. That's fine. You're an adult and you can do what you want. No one in the 1613 would ever say otherwise.

If to break away is best for you and your sister (s) you have my blessing. I will really wish you all of the best.

The issues I have is when you state things that just aren't true as justifications for your actions. You state that I made up Loge Liberte Cherie. Well, as anyone can see from what I have posted here that allegation has no basis.

You state that our lodges have no property. We never stated property to be of any importance nor a part of our platform. In fact our our manifesto (which you proclaimed to believe in an uphold) refutes this. We are a grass roots movement. We state that a lodge can meet anywhere they can. From a living room, to a basement, to a backyard or even a parking lot. Accommodations are not what we really care about.

As to members you have seen pictures of many our lodges. I personally sent you pictures of Loggia Jose de San Martin, Liberte Cherie and Ojo de Horus and you exclaimed "huzzah" to all of them. So when you state that Circumspect was the only lodge with membership you know, with no one needing to tell you otherwise that is a lie.

At the end of the day I really hope you are happy June. I thought of you as a member of my family, you rejected this as you deemed that you don't need me as a Brother or friend. OK. Fine, you are an adult and you can make your own judgement. That does not mean we need to carry personal animosity. You are dead to me and that is that.

Doesn't mean I hate you or wish you ill will. I have had the memorial for a fallen brother and that is is as far as I need to go.

may the GOATU shine upon what you choose to do from here on out. I will have nothing to do with it.

I will refute any lies that are thrown against the wall in regards to the 1613 Nation, the MEAPRMM or myself. As is my right to do.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Summer Roundup

What a busy time it has been. With the new baby on the way and things picking up at work it seems that I have been going a million miles per hour with barely a second to catch up. All in all it has been a really productive time for myself on a professional, spiritual and yes Masonic level.

I have been spending what little free time I have these days digging deeper and deeper into the Qabalah. I am finding great satisfaction and peace in this discipline. The "yoga" of the West is a huge key I am finding to connecting the magical dots. Just has been a real eye opener for me, in many ways.

The 1613 is doing fine. Growing and reaching new heights. We had some "pano" otherwise known as growing pains but like any new venture we have ran into some people who either didn't understand what they where getting into or have found that being in a radical form of the Craft just didn't suit them. Either or we wish them all well. They are free to do as they want as we embrace free will.

To anyone interested in the 1613 do us all a favor. Read the manifesto. Understand it. If it does not jive with what you want go somewhere else. The great thing about this age that we are living in, there are plenty of Masonic outlets. No need to fit a square peg in a round whole.

With that being out of the way we have some new lodges to announce.

Lodge of the Standing Skull- Santa Cruz, Boliva

Lodge Even Hahamim= Jerusalem, Israel

Lodge Proletarius- Chicago, IL USA

Lodge Lux et Veritas- Phoenix , AZ USA

Lodge Romanov- Moscow, Russia

there are also some exciting things in the work for the MEAPRMM. WGH Ripel will be attending an event in his honor in Israel in October. When I have the details I will of course post them.

All in all the summer of 2010 will be one I will always have fond memories of. Challenges where met with enthusiasm, the current continues to grow and spread. More light has been brought into the world. Men and women free to grow and change. All beautiful developments.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Don't Cry For Me Chris Hodapp

This is going to be a short blog. I will get into more detail with this at a later time. For now I just wanted to give props to Freemasonry's number one dummie, Chris Hodapp. He wrote a bitchin' article about me on his blog. Sure, more of it is utter crap in terms of facts but hey, it's still a lot of fun.

I have to admit to being tickled from ear to ear at the thought of a one day Mason like Hodapp just racking his mind about what I'm doing. It seems that I have driven him to the edge. Be careful Chris, your LapBand might break.

Oh now, I shouldn't make fun of someone in such bad health like our favorite little dummie.

Enjoy the article peeps, I loved it.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

baptême du feu

Livin' in hater's minds rent free-since 2006.

The chickens are squakin, the weak accomplish nothing

Now, let it be said that I am a very biased individual. I care about me and mine and really not much else. So, that means that if you are a 1613 Freemason or a MEAPRMM Freemason I will walk through fire for you. What's mine is yours. If your not and your friendly that's cool. We can chat and meet on the level. If your a hater I don't give a shit about you. Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.


Friday, July 9, 2010


I have received a high honor. WGH Frank G. Ripel has bestowed on me the 97º of Memphis-Misraim and the office of International Substitute Head for the English Language (Deputy International Grand Master) for the M.E.A.P.R.M.M. This is a huge responsibility and I am deeply honored. I will treat this position with all of the seriousness and dignity it deserves. I love the M.E.A.P.R.M.M. and I strive to give to the order all it has given me. To my Brethren, the deepest of Brotherly love to you all. If you need anything, you know i will be there for you. If it weren't for you none of our achievements over the last few years would have been possible. My deepest thanks and appreciation.

Brad Cofield

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jesus Hates a Pussy

This has been one of the best days of my life. Amongst all the joy, there is always some bullshit. As usual, there are those busybodies who call themselves amongst enlightened men who love to abscess over me. Now, this has been going on since 06 so I'm used to it, that doesn't mean I can't laugh at it every one in a while.

Seems not the latest members of the BC fanclub are a whole Continent away. Oh joy.

A "Mason" by the named of Jiri Pragman seems to be channeling the energy of my number one fanboy, Ed "the olde webmaster" King. Seems that Mr. Pragman is rather upset that we are opening lodges in the land Trappist ale and France. Of course he goes to the "fake lodges" card, we need to cut this latest fanboy some slack, perhaps he doesn't know that this is a really tired tactic?

The thing is they betray their true feelings each and every time they post. Fanboys just can't help themselves. If they really believed the 1613 was "fake" and all "in the twisted mind of BC" why would it bother them so much Why spend so much time on it? For an example, I don't believe that Elvis is alive so I never think about it. I don't mention it. It doesn't cross my mind.

Part of me is flattered that these people all over the world spend so much time with me on their mind. Seriously, one fanboy even posted about me on Christmas Eve. I can just see it now. Home in front of the tree, watching the darling little cherubs opening their gifts in gleeful delight and what is the fanboy thinking of? Me, someone far away they have never met, never even spoken to and who really has no impact on their real life.

How is this even close to rationalized behavior?

On another note, I was also informed that we would not have the "support" of other independent Masonic lodges in the USA. I hate to sound dismissive but really B...F...D. They have done nothing up till this point to create or help grow the 1613. The 1613 is doing fine without them. Good luck in what you do fellas but really, you didn't matter before, and you don't matter now.

Are these people so delusional as to believe that we will come to a dead stop because they aren't giving us their support?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for having friends. It would be nice if the situation could arise that we could meet on the level regardless of affiliation. I have been around the block more than once so forgive me if I don't hold my breath.

To be a 1613 Mason is to be dedicated to something that is by it's very nature a threat to others. We are promoting something that doesn't conform to the static methods of others. I can understand why establishment types would circle the wagons when it comes to the mere mention of us. After all what we do have been proven to be attractive to some. The evidence of this comes from the fact that not only would this resonate in a country like the USA where there are little options. but it is resonating where the amount of choice is almost unlimited. France and Belgium are two examples of this.

The fanboys used to claim that this was only me. Then we put out there contact info for all of our lodges.. They can here different voices on 1613 Radio. Many of us are made available on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Some of us have actually given public presentations. Either I am a God and I can reproduce myself in others, or others have taken the vision and moved it forward.

We, the members of the 1613 are by our very nature outlaws. On at least some base levels. We live and operate in an enviornment that more often than not wants to see our destruction. We open ourselves up to harassment and worse. And yet here we are, building for the future. Erecting temples to virtue, and digging graves for vice.

So rock on outlaw. You, the 1613 family , the 1% of 1%. I deeply appreciate your iron wills and tough constitution. Like the mantra for special forces, Jesus hates a pussy. And so do we.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Some 1613 facts

Crossposted from the Chequered Pavement:

I would like to thank Bro. Steve Foley for encouraging factual information regarding all Masonic orders and communities to be out there for public consumption. He has been a close friend and true Brother who stands as a pinnacle of Masonic behavior. Thanks Brother.

Anyway, I thought that some of this may be useful to some of you so in that spirit I hope you enjoy.


Well basically the 1613 Nation is a community of independent lodges (self originating, not holding or requiring charter ) who work together out of a sense of cooperation and mutual Brotherhood. We are not a Grand Orient or Grand Lodge in any way and we do not claim to be.

So, what does this mean? In a nutshell we are all friends who share a common passion for Freemasonry and the betterment of Mankind through a set of common principles. The specifics are outlined on the 1613 Manifesto, although that in no way is ever intended to be a source of "set in stone" dogma.

Think of the 21st century in relation to different movements. Commonalities between the 1613 and the open source software movement or the Do It Yourself ethic are numerous. In a nutshell we are those movements within our mutual love, Freemasonry.

It all started from one lodge, that was itself started by an idea fueled by a desire to practice a ritual that we had a mutual fondness for. That lodge, Lodge Napoleon Bonaparte was founded expressly to work the original Rite of Misraim, a Rite that had previously been unavailable to work.

Those four founders of LNB, of who I am one originally had the idea to receive a charter for the lodge from a Grand Lodge in Europe who offered the Rite of Misraim. After a lot of contact and discussion we always found something that for us was not what we desired. Whether that be the $400.00 annual "tribute" to the Grand Lodge, or having to comply 100% with their rules for visitation, voting protocol in French or what have you we decided that was not the road to go down for us. So, we decided to be independents and do our own thing.

We wanted to be a worldwide lodge that would gather annually for ritual. While this worked we where running into Brethren who still wanted an in person lodge every month so we decided to explore that option.

So, what we decided to do was to set up a community where we would be able to share information. We would also dedicated ourselves to helping others within the community with traveling to do degrees, redacting ritual, creating new ritual on and on. The first step was the establishment of a Post-Modern Freemasonry group on FB. This allowed us to connect with interested people from all over the world. It has been a wonderful success today with almost 500 members in harmony.

This lead to the Establishment of individual lodges in Georgia and South Africa. An established lodge in Mexico working Memphis Misraim and a lodge in Germany working misraim also caught on to what we where doing so we found ourselves growing.

The way that our lodges come about is two ways. A currently establish lodges expresses sincere interest in joining the community. They resonate with the manifesto and the ten point program found within it. We establish them within the community, provide full web support etc.

The second method is that those who are Masons currently and who resonate with the 1613 inquire about forming a new lodge. Then we do the same thing by plugging them into the community etc.

The final way is an individual seeker inquires about the community. We get them introduced. We get to know each other and whatever the best solution to get the candidate initiated when identified is put into action. Practicality is the key of the day.

Our Rites are what is currently available and desire to be worked and then what can be created new and added to the current of Masonic Rites.

We feature long established rituals like Memphis, Misraim, AASR (REAA) French Modern Rite, Schroeder, National Mexican Rite. As well s the newly formed Hellenic Rite. We also encourage the modification of current rites based upon the will of the lodge.

The 1613 Nation is an open and free community. That means that we encourage those who are members to share the current with whoever they can. We encourage the exchange of ideas and the implementation of new best practices. We are not a dues paying organization. No lodge pays to be a member of the 1613. That means that this is strictly a volunteer effort. All of our support (including web design and hosting, intra-net, blogs, redacted rituals etc.) come at zero monetary costs to it's members. But all members are expected to be active in the community and to offer assistance to other members/lodges when required.

For an example our lodges in the UK- Sanctum Sanctorum and John Yarker work together on a regular basis. Both of our Lauderdale lodges are closely linked. Our NY, NY and DC lodges work together for mutual benefit etc. The desire to be a true community is our ultimate goal.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Logia Jose de San Martin-1613 Nation

Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1613 Nation.

In spite of the haters, Post-Modern Freemasonry is growing worldwide.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Better Call the Masonic Police

There seems to be a state of emergency. Certain mainstream pundit talking heads don't seem to appreciate the growth of the 1613 Nation (big surprise there I know.) In fact, a certain busybody posted recently on one of their hate forums (a little visited one at that) that our "Scottish" lodge has been "reported" to the Grand Lodge of Scotland. WTF? First of all, that lodge has a name. Lodge Sanctum Sanctorum. Second we don't really care what the Grand Lodge of Scotland has to say about it being that we are not under their jurisdiction nor do we claim to be.

The funny thing is that even though people like this often accuse us of being intentionally misleading they are the ones who would have unknowing parties believe that the Grand Lodge of Scotland (or any other Grand Lodge) actually owns Freemasonry in their given area. Fact is, they don't.

It would be a really nice planet if busybodies started paying attention to what happens in their own house and stopped worrying about everybody else. Sadly, this isn't going to happen anytime soon.

In the meantime Lodge Sanctum Sanctorum is a small but growing lodge. They are solid Brethren dedicated to Freemasonry and the 1613 community. If anyone has any questions of them directly they would be more than happen to answer.

Lodge Sanctum Sanctorum-1613 Nation
Contact: Worshipful Master Brother Darren Young

Mailing Address:
43 Rosin Court


Sunday, April 25, 2010

More to life than eMasonry strife

I find it silly that people would worry so much about where I post and do not post and why I am posting or not posting. Really? I understand the cabal of haters have no life outside of thinking about me 24/7 but the time has come gentlemen, to get a life.

Read a book, go on a date. Something....


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

1613 Nation Manifesto

We stand united against the forces of stagnation and institutionalised regression. As Freemasonry is a progressive science we seek to regain a fluid and flowing form. The rejection of tradition for the mere sake of maintaining the status quo. We hear-by issue in a new era. We take control of our own sovereignty. Our members are who matter not some far away "supreme council" or dictatorial oligarchy. We maintain the right of self determination. Empowerment is the new order of the day.


A maelstrom is rising, reaching out across the globe. The powers that have come to dominate over the last 300 years have grown tired. So bloated by their own institutional creation they have grow slow, unable to react to the needs of the twenty first century seeker of Masonic light. The traditions that they have come to rely on have betrayed them. Just as a poor diet with lead to a body ravaged with afflictions and cancer and a poor education leaves a mind dull and witless their allegiance to seventeenth century best practices have left them on life support in the twenty first century age. Today's seeker of light wants more than the stale status quo. They want more than just the social men's club but the radical progressive revolution of the enlightenment.

Where do we go from here? When will apathy and stasis be replaced with enthusiasm and emotion? Now! By who? The revolutionaries who go by the Freemasonry beyond form. We call ourselves Post-Modern Freemasons, the 1613 Nation.

Guiding Principles:

Unlike our Modern and Antient predecessors , Post-Moderns are united together not through the bonds of institutional servitude but by the genuine desire to build upon common principles. It is no the desire to form yet another among the countless institutions. It is not the feeding of ego that can so easily lead to a cult of personality. It is the genuine desire and belief that a true community based upon common sense pragmatic principles will allow us to guide ourselves in the model of the twenty first century Freemason.

The first of these principles is that of sovereignty. Sovereignty not only of our lodges as independent houses of the Craft, but sovereignty of the individual to practice the Craft how would best benefit their individual lives. As Freemasons and free men and women; we the members and 1613 Nation loudly and proudly declare our sovereignty and independence; not only as Freemasons but as collective citizens under the canopy of Heaven. We hold it within our rights to manage our affairs as we see fit, regardless of attempted outside interference.

The second of these principles is the abandonment of rigid institutionalized forms. In Order to remain effective the Craft needs to be adaptable to any situation we find ourselves in. We cannot be so dedicated to one way that it leads us right off the cliff to extinction. This is counter productive ad potentially suicidal. We need to approach the Craft with a pragmatic mindset. The growth of the Nation leads to the service of seekers of Masonic light. This is our mission, we cannot be so caught up in "tradition" that we loose focus that would lead to aspirants slipping through the cracks.

The third principle reflects our commitment to the service of all true aspirants. We must not discriminate dues to gender, race, sexual orientation, class, creed, religion or lack of faith. To do so is a gross violation of contemporary human virtue. We must build a cosmopolitan Craft, one who is inclusive and meaningful in order to build a better humanity.

The fourth principle reflects our operative focus. For being operative, our Freemasonry, conscious of accomplishing the great divine intention and transcendent teachings of the ancients, does not admit any limitation to the absolute liberty of conscience and, for its natural extension, the complete liberty of the spirit. All free and honest human beings, from all races, genders, religions, social situations, philosophical or political ideals and economic conceptions should commune in harmony and unity to be free citizens within the temple of Masonic light. The operative magicks of shall be transmitted through our workings. United in this glorious endeavour, we the custodians of this magickal Rites now open this mutual community.

It is these principles that separate us from those who have come before. We claim no superiority except when it comes to being such for ourselves. Just as we do not hold any foreign authority in supreme regard we do not hold the standards of organizations outside of our community as absolute standards. We are united in our common bond and strengthened in by our will.

1613 Nation Structure:

Cooperation, Compassion, Community we are the pillars of the Temple!

The 1613 Nation is not a grand lodge or orient. There is no grand master nor supreme council. The 1613 Nation is a co-operational community guided by principle and help together by mutual benefit and respect. The institutionalized way of doing things has given us a three hundred year old case study. This is a lot of data to process and we have come to the conclusion that an institutionalized system always leads to status. When the blood stops moving the host body dies. That is what has let to a cross divisional collapse of what once was an initiatic Craft. We are determined to avoid this path of esoteric starvation.

Each lodge is independent, but each lodge is also tied to the community. We do not help each other out of fear of retribution but rather out of the joy and sense of purpose it gives , Craftsmen helping Craftsmen each busy building the temple not built by hands- one living stone at a time.

We are resolute that we will not adopt the self destructive habits of institutionalism or elitism.

1613 Nation: Ten Point Program of the Post-Modern Freemason

  • 1.) Dedication to both lodge and individual Masonic empowerment. There is no greater lodge than the lodge of self. The four chambers of the Craftsman's heart not the four walls made of stucco and drywall. We as members of the 1613 Nation seek a high level of operative skill. We seek to reach a point of the "perpetual lodge." A state of being. We understand that it is not enough to meet once a month as Brothers than depart back into a state of a essentially profane life. It is through the empowerment of both the lodge of the individual Craftsman that must always remain in out focus or we will lose out state of perpetual motion.
  • 2.) Commitment to the grow of the individual Mason as a Craftsman of Masonic and related arcana. We realize that Freemasonry is not a unique self contained system of spiritual enlightenment. In other words it was not created in a vacuum. Freemasonry pulls it's life energy from those traditions, schools and systems that came before it. It is made imperative in order for us to have a skill set in one so must we in the others. A 1613 Craftsman is a practitioner of other mystery traditions. Hermeticism, Rosicrucianism, Martinism , Kabbalah, Tantra and other forms are required if one is going to be building a temple on Earth. All our tools within our familiarity.
  • 3.) Abolition of the regressive policies found within Freemasonry such a hierarchical grand lodge system. To remain a community based upon cooperation. To Abolish outdated best practices such as recognition based organizational criteria. All of these things are the enemy of the twenty first century Post-Modern Freemason. We simply cannot allow ourselves to fall into regressive "headtrash." The second we do we have failed in our divine purpose.
  • 4.) Restoration of "obscure" Rites of Freemasonry to a level of active practice. To be blunt we find value in all the Rites and rituals that have come before. Within every one you'll find the "golden thread" that binds us all together. We feel it is a crime that Rites be locked away as if in a museum or some perverse literary zoo. We have the honor to have all of this great body of work to have survived the centuries. Why not use them to progress our work? We make every effort to make what is available accessible to our membership.
  • 5.) The encouragement of the creation and implementation of new Rites and rituals. What has come before is fantastic, build what is born a new can make the difference between something next generation and something obsolete. We need to continuously push ourselves to not only master what we have available to be create. This creativity is the very essence of the Post-Modern Freemason.
  • 6.) Dedication to overall experimentation. Unless new ideas are put into action they are useless. Let us experiment with new techniques and best practices. Lets be honest with ourselves with what works and what fails. Let us find what works and build upon it.
  • 7.) Active participation in the non Masonic community. To foster the role of education and tolerance in order to build a better planet. Freemasonry is nothing more than a hobby and a distraction if what we learn and are capable of is not applied to the outside world. It is up to us to be better people. better fathers and mothers, better sisters and brothers. Better employers and employees. better citizens of the worldwide lodge. The Post-Modern Freemason sincerely believes a Masonic planet is better than a profane one. make it happen, live it.
  • 8.) Maintain a strong work ethic. To build instead of buy. To be self sufficient. As a grassroots movement it is up to each and every Post-Modern Freemason to get their individual hands dirty. rely on the community for help and support but more importantly be reliable. Don't buy what you can build.
  • 9.) To leave no Brother or Sister behind. Be responsible for one another. We are our Brothers keepers. Brotherly love, relief and truth for the Post-Modern Freemason is not a marketing slogan. Love your Brothers and Sisters. Make time for one another and always have each others best interests in mind. There are many obstacles against the Nation, we need to always make sure that we take care of our own.
  • 10.) Maintain an atmosphere of "kaizen" continual improvement. What can be built can always be built better. Improve, innovate.

The 1613 Nation is a community movement, spreading across the globe with speed and efficiency. In keeping with the spirit of a Post-Modern fluid movement dedicated to results over absolute forms we leave it up to the individual 1613 member to make their individual views know with their own personal manifesto. We need to make sure that all who seek are serviced. Everyone is just as important as everyone else. We are not based upon the ego or agenda of one person or a select group of people. We must continue to be a dynamic movement based upon skill building, growth , harmony and perseverance.

Now is the time Brethren, the birth of the 1613 Nation.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I know I recently announced that I would be winding down the Magus Masonica blog. Well, I have changed my mind. With so many changes and happenings within the 1613 Nation I feel that it is vital for me to retain this blog as a bit of personal space.

Lately, I have been focusing on an administrative role within the Nation. Fielding inquiries, doing what I can to help establish lodges wherever we have the ability. Also, redacting Rituals to work within the 1613 three officer format which by the way is no easy task. Ritual is my passion but it also drains the life from me sometimes, or at least it seems to.

So, for those few readers of Magus Masonica you can rejoice over the stay of execution. For those of you who wished me gone when have I ever obliged?

Love and Light,

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Turning World

The world just keeps on spinning. The current of Post-Modern Freemasonry has spread across the globe:

Lodge Napoleon Bonaparte
Lodge Hera
Lodge Ptah
Lodge of the White Rose
Lodge Circumspect
Lodge Artemis
Lodge Demeter
Lodge of the Nine Tears

Lodge Via Hermeticae
Lodge Corazon

Logia Jose De San Martin

Loge Ojo De Horus
Loge Star of Minerva's Dawn

Lodge John Yarker
Lodge Sanctum Sanctorem

Loge Liberte Cherie

Lodge Morganrote

Lodge Titan of the East

South Africa:
Lodge Helios