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It may seem that we are being harsh to this individual, but only because everything he stands for flies in the face of our sacred traditions.
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Interactive Project 2.0 Phase One

As many of you know, the Nation suffered a severe blow in the summer of 2010. A former member who also so happened to be our webmaster decided to leave the Nation without any previous discussion let alone warning. In doing so he felt it a reasonable and Masonic action to wipe clean the websites of the vast majority of our Masonic lodges.

Now, it is the 1613 position not to interfere in any way with someones destiny. If this includes doing us harm in either the short or long term due to lack of communication, or actions we cannot explain and do not understand; it is then our responsibility to accept and endure. We will not speak against such actions, we will instead embrace this persons choice to remanifest in their own way, and in that way we wish them happiness.

The after effect is not for us to restore our loss. How can one simply rebuild what what lost? Instead, we need to take this as an opportunity to improve. To make better what was, and to continue on the path of Kaizen, according to our principles.

We have chosen to do just that.

The early results have been the rebuilding of our face on the internet. Now, please keep in mind that we being a community of free sharing and limited resources and simply cannot get all of this done at once. I have decided to take on the beginning of this project myself, contributing both the funds and the time. Of course nothing will be asked in return but patience and understanding.

The websites that have rebuilt thus far have been done in the order of their lodges consecration. All of the others will follow as resources allow. In the meantime please enjoy the new sites and give these Brethren all the support you can.

Love and happiness to all of you. Cooperation, compassion and community. We, my Brethren are the pillars of the temple.

Lodge Ptah

Lodge Helios

Lodge of the Golden Fleece


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