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Friday, September 3, 2010

Summer Roundup

What a busy time it has been. With the new baby on the way and things picking up at work it seems that I have been going a million miles per hour with barely a second to catch up. All in all it has been a really productive time for myself on a professional, spiritual and yes Masonic level.

I have been spending what little free time I have these days digging deeper and deeper into the Qabalah. I am finding great satisfaction and peace in this discipline. The "yoga" of the West is a huge key I am finding to connecting the magical dots. Just has been a real eye opener for me, in many ways.

The 1613 is doing fine. Growing and reaching new heights. We had some "pano" otherwise known as growing pains but like any new venture we have ran into some people who either didn't understand what they where getting into or have found that being in a radical form of the Craft just didn't suit them. Either or we wish them all well. They are free to do as they want as we embrace free will.

To anyone interested in the 1613 do us all a favor. Read the manifesto. Understand it. If it does not jive with what you want go somewhere else. The great thing about this age that we are living in, there are plenty of Masonic outlets. No need to fit a square peg in a round whole.

With that being out of the way we have some new lodges to announce.

Lodge of the Standing Skull- Santa Cruz, Boliva

Lodge Even Hahamim= Jerusalem, Israel

Lodge Proletarius- Chicago, IL USA

Lodge Lux et Veritas- Phoenix , AZ USA

Lodge Romanov- Moscow, Russia

there are also some exciting things in the work for the MEAPRMM. WGH Ripel will be attending an event in his honor in Israel in October. When I have the details I will of course post them.

All in all the summer of 2010 will be one I will always have fond memories of. Challenges where met with enthusiasm, the current continues to grow and spread. More light has been brought into the world. Men and women free to grow and change. All beautiful developments.


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