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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another win for the Moderns

Tricolour Masonic Lodge is a brand new lodge in Ireland. It would appear that they are the founding lodge of the new Grand Orient of Ireland. This is a major victory for the Moderns as the Emerald Isle has always been, up until this point as conservative and Antient in flavor as a country can get in a Masonic sense. In fact the single LDH lodge is found in the Union, Northern Ireland.

While I personally have no use for the secular humanism "Atheists with Aprons" version of Freemasonry that the Moderns are so firmly attached to, it is nice to see alternatives to the
knife and fork appear.

Now, the 1613 has no warm and fuzzy feelings as far as the current Grand Orient of France establishment is concerned. In no way am I endorsing yet another bloated and self serving bureaucratic hierarchy. I am simply wishing (on a personal level) best fraternal wishes to the Brethren of this new lodge. According to their website they are open to both men and woman (as they should be) regardless of belief (ditto.)

So congrats Brethren, may your work be able to hold of the special interests that seem to follow GOdF relationships.


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