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It may seem that we are being harsh to this individual, but only because everything he stands for flies in the face of our sacred traditions.
-inactive Mason and rabid fanboy Bryan Caldwell

Sunday, September 12, 2010

No Need for Confusion

Dear June Lennon,

You took an obligation you no longer felt obliged to uphold. That's fine. You're an adult and you can do what you want. No one in the 1613 would ever say otherwise.

If to break away is best for you and your sister (s) you have my blessing. I will really wish you all of the best.

The issues I have is when you state things that just aren't true as justifications for your actions. You state that I made up Loge Liberte Cherie. Well, as anyone can see from what I have posted here that allegation has no basis.

You state that our lodges have no property. We never stated property to be of any importance nor a part of our platform. In fact our our manifesto (which you proclaimed to believe in an uphold) refutes this. We are a grass roots movement. We state that a lodge can meet anywhere they can. From a living room, to a basement, to a backyard or even a parking lot. Accommodations are not what we really care about.

As to members you have seen pictures of many our lodges. I personally sent you pictures of Loggia Jose de San Martin, Liberte Cherie and Ojo de Horus and you exclaimed "huzzah" to all of them. So when you state that Circumspect was the only lodge with membership you know, with no one needing to tell you otherwise that is a lie.

At the end of the day I really hope you are happy June. I thought of you as a member of my family, you rejected this as you deemed that you don't need me as a Brother or friend. OK. Fine, you are an adult and you can make your own judgement. That does not mean we need to carry personal animosity. You are dead to me and that is that.

Doesn't mean I hate you or wish you ill will. I have had the memorial for a fallen brother and that is is as far as I need to go.

may the GOATU shine upon what you choose to do from here on out. I will have nothing to do with it.

I will refute any lies that are thrown against the wall in regards to the 1613 Nation, the MEAPRMM or myself. As is my right to do.


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Dobhran said...

As a very wise and gentle giant in my personal post-modern freemasonry world reminded me once, so I will remind all PM freemasons who come here with the intent to be cruel with their words.....

To do such a thing, to do such things as has been done (in this example) by the actions and by whom is mentioned here and elsewhere... is anti-freemasonic. Having a building doned in colors and physical splendor does not make you a post-modern freemason. The fine linen of your apron, the richness of the thread in its detail, does not make you a post-modern freemason. How many rituals you know by rote, how many organizations of which you have been a member, nor all the acts of power you place into the flow of the universe makes you a post-modern freemason.

What makes you a post-modern freemason is what you hold closest to your heart as to the intent of your acts and means that you -choose- to put into existance. The work of the temple doesn't eixst in papers, in lectures. All of it, ALL OF IT, is for not if you have not found the key to being a member of your own temple in your heart. And that is the temple that must be improved first before anyone can proclaim right to lead others.

One does not need a castle or material riches to be blessed or considered an angel, or to have worth. That all comes from within.

So any mason..... from any tradition across the face of this planet must begin working within the temple inside their hearts before any further work can be accomplished. To those of you who have ridiculed and berated this Brother or any other member of 1613, or call the lodges of 1613 anything less than a lodge because they have to be resourceful for not only space but safety for their own lives.... you cannot be true PM freemasons until you answer to your own hypocrisies.

To all bretheren freemasons out there, I bow to you in full humbleness as a servant to humankind.

Love & light