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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Better Call the Masonic Police

There seems to be a state of emergency. Certain mainstream pundit talking heads don't seem to appreciate the growth of the 1613 Nation (big surprise there I know.) In fact, a certain busybody posted recently on one of their hate forums (a little visited one at that) that our "Scottish" lodge has been "reported" to the Grand Lodge of Scotland. WTF? First of all, that lodge has a name. Lodge Sanctum Sanctorum. Second we don't really care what the Grand Lodge of Scotland has to say about it being that we are not under their jurisdiction nor do we claim to be.

The funny thing is that even though people like this often accuse us of being intentionally misleading they are the ones who would have unknowing parties believe that the Grand Lodge of Scotland (or any other Grand Lodge) actually owns Freemasonry in their given area. Fact is, they don't.

It would be a really nice planet if busybodies started paying attention to what happens in their own house and stopped worrying about everybody else. Sadly, this isn't going to happen anytime soon.

In the meantime Lodge Sanctum Sanctorum is a small but growing lodge. They are solid Brethren dedicated to Freemasonry and the 1613 community. If anyone has any questions of them directly they would be more than happen to answer.

Lodge Sanctum Sanctorum-1613 Nation
Contact: Worshipful Master Brother Darren Young

Mailing Address:
43 Rosin Court


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