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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lodge Atlantis GOUSA- Oh how times change

I found something interesting on Facebook the other day. An internet lodge under the GOUSA (remember them, yeah they're still alive) Atlantis Lodge # 13.

Atlantis lodge holds all of their business meetings online, they do degree work in person. Sound familiar? While they state how "unique" they are, we at Lodge Napoleon Bonaparte have been doing this since 2008. So, they came a little after we did , about five years.

That being said, a worldwide membership with virtual business, lodges of instruction and so forth with in person degree work sounds identical to what us Post-Modern Freemasons do. We threw out all convention in order to service each individual who has a strong desire to improve themselves through Freemasonry. I seem to remember the GOUSA mocking us at the time. Oh how  times change.

In fact, it seems that the GOUSA has decided to take direct inspiration from the 1613 Nation in many ways. They've gone from being "The true Traditional Observance" to rejecting tradition. They now claim to be a no fee confederation of lodges were the lodge is free to choose for themselves . This is really interesting as shortly after the GOUSA previously axed every Rite they offered for only the Modern Rite, their GM at the time Jeff Peace told me he believed that the other Rites could no exist with one another. Especially the Egyptian Rites as those would want to "take over." I told him this was total nonsense and a few years later he seems to agree. No mention at all of creation of new Rites and degrees but I suspect that too will be on it's way.

The GOUSA started as a great idea, then it became a total mess full of run away ego's and Froncophile ass grabbing. Now, because they have been forced to as the game of "recognition" bit them in the ass , they seem (on the surface) to be a more fluid and adaptable organization. Post-Modern Freemasons? Time will tell.

For what it's worth, I'm happy when any group kick the traditionalists in the nuts. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. This shows that the 1613 model is catching on, and while I'm sure none of them want me in their lodges I'm sure that my influence will be felt as they begin to adapt all the ideas they mocked one at a time.


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