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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just the facts

I don't know if I find it funny, or sad. Honestly, it's a little of both.

It's not a secret, many Masons of other stripes hate the 1613. That by itself is not the issue I will type about in this blog as it really isn't all that noteworthy. What is however is the basis by which many hate us is the pure sheer ignorance of what it is they claim to protect.

He is the newsflash, the 100% iron clad, stone cold fact. Everybody ready?

Freemasonry is not now, nor has it ever been a trademarked or standardized product. No one Freemason, lodge, grand lodge or any other group owns exclusive rights to it. This is not a new development , it has always been the case. Every single Masonic order or organization (at least in public) agrees on this point.


So, when someone goes on a rant regarding what is "legitimate" and what is "bogus" Freemasonry they are either:

A:) A Masonic idiot, who has no clue as to the facts.

B:) A zealot, who while they understand intellectually that they are dead wrong, would never admit it. They have a driving desire to enforce their own view of the world upon everyone they encounter. Anyone outside those lines they will either beat into submission or bully from their "scene."

C:) A Profiteer. These types realize that letting everyone know the factual truth behind Freemasonry and it's public domain status would be bad for business.

All three of these camps exist. Surely, anyone who promotes an alternative form of Freemasonry will have to endure the wrath of such individuals sooner or later.

Not a day goes by when some idiot doesn't try to pound me over the head with the "standards" of their Masonic organization. Since I don't claim to be a member of their club, why should I be compelled to live according to their rules and regulations?

On what planet does that make any sense?

So, just in case any of you are wondering. I do not care how many Masons your Grand Lodge requires to open a lodge. I don't care what your charter says. I don't care about your Masonic code. I don't care about your lineage.

Why? Because I am not a member of your club. The 1613 Nation and the lodge within the community do not care about your lodges best practices. We don't care about your requirements of regularity nor do we care about your recognition. It really is that simple. In a grey world this issue is pretty black and white.

None of you own Freemasonry so none of you have the authority to tell us what we can and cannot do. We do not answer to you.

The consequences for not subjecting ourselves to their iron heel? They don't now or will they ever recognize us as Masons.

Excuse me while I grab the Kleenex.



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