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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No Romance Required

I often wonder what has gotten into a majority of Masons I run into on the web. They would sooner be run over by a truck than except anything outside the establishment. This is a very strange attitude to take. Not just from a enlightenment perspective, but a logical one.

How do they think their establishment came to be? Do they always think it was an established entity?

For those who don't now, Premier Grand Lodge of 1717 was established by what amounts to four drinking clubs based in four different taverns. The Goose and the Gridiron Alehouse, the Crown Alehose, The Apple Tree Tavern and the Rummer and Grapes Tavern. It's common knowledge that they gathered together and constituted themselves.

That's right, they where an entirely self created entity. They had no charter nor warrant. They didn't even have their first set of constitutions until three years after their formation.

These are all historical facts.

They where not the only Freemasons at the time. There where of course the Yorks and the Operatives, neither thought fondly of the tavern clubs endeavour, yet the tavern clubs proceeded to do what they did, regardless.

They in 1751 it happened again. The Antient Grand Lodge founded itself. Again, without warrant, patent nor charter.

The two merged together in 1813 to form what is today the United Grand Lodge of England which of course every mainstream Freemason (and some non mainstream) has a hard on for.

That's right, their "lineage" that they throw in the face of those who they consider "bogus" has (by their own definition) it's origins in "bogus" practices of self creation and *gasp* self- initiation.

Why then are they now so institutionalized? Why to they fight against the same spirit of independence and self reliance that they now reap the benefits from?

I don't have the answer. Is it a question of a inferiority complex on a pandemic scale?

Well regardless these are the facts people. Masonic lineage is total bullshit. Those who founded the GL of London 1717 where no better than any of you reading this. They where drinking clubs who had an idea and decided to act on it. They made some stuff up, it was pretty cool, other people liked it and it caught on.

That's it. No romance required.



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