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Sunday, May 8, 2011

No Home for Malcontents

Many get rather jaded regarding their Masonic experience, and in many cases justifiably so. We know of more than a small handful who have been treated quite badly by their lodge, grand lodge etc. When this happens, they usually are a combination of both hurt and pissed off.

These types of emotions can serve as powerful motivation. I know, i speak from experience. There can be countless ways to vent your frustration. The avenues of eMasonry are many, while Masonic forums are in a state of decline there are still plenty out there. The blogosphere can be a home for dissatisfaction.

To make a long story short there are many ways to skin a cat.

More than a few alternatives have been founded to cater to the disenfranchised. With varying degrees of success. I'm the first to point out that an individual or group of individuals are free to do what they wish. Freemasonry is not the soul domain of any one person or group, so have at it I say. If you want to create a new lodge , grand lodge whatever to cater to the pissed off that is alright with me.

There are more than a few who would lump the 1613 into such a category, and I'm here to say that they are wrong. We are not a community based upon bad feelings for the mainstream, or any other group. Sure, some of us may have those feelings but we do not bring them into lodge with us. We do not use this type of thing as a platform.

We are a community with purpose. We exist to empower ourselves and one another through Freemasonry. We practice a spiritual science in the goal of improvement, first of ourselves and as a result our communities and with a little luck the planet we all call home.

Anger over what was done to anyone in the past can only get you so far. In order to take the next step you must take action. Those who complain about the way they are treated need to do so, but not for forever. There comes a time when energy must be kinetic to be effective.

We serve as a warm and friendly place for those of the same vision and passion. We are not here to get back at anybody. While not shrinking violets we cannot serve ourselves, our Brethren or our planet as just balls of fury. We must continue to build for ourselves and for those who come after us. This is done by the application of the Craft.

Let us not forget that.



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