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Sunday, March 6, 2011

1613 Nation: The Masonic Heterodoxy

Let me be perfectly clear. 1613 Freemasonry is dangerous. We are not in any way shape or form a "traditional" Masonic body. We in no way represent any form of Masonic "restoration." We are not interested in the romantic fantasy of "Masonic unification."

No, we are none of those things. What we represent is total 21st century Masonic heterodoxy. For those unfamiliar, Heterodoxy is defined as: a position not within the standards of orthodoxy. An example of Heterodoxy was Capernicus's theory of the Earth revolving around the sun was the height of heterodoxy during his time.

1613 Nation Freemasonry does not fit within Masonic orthodoxy. We are a community, not a Grand Lodge nor Grand Orient. We do not recognize outside authority, we do not expect to have fraternal relationships with those outside of the community. We hold the position that we get along with those who get along with us, but we do not actively seek formal relationships with other Masonic parties.

We do not respect any claims of "Exclusive Territorial Jurisdiction." We hold such a position to be totally bogus, unenforceable and a violation of personal freedom.

We do not respect the edicts of others. The fact is we see such as another violation of personal freedom.

We do not restrict the members of our community as to where they seek Masonic light. Those who do cannot be considered to be in any way philosophically compatible with us and what we seek to accomplish.

We seek to create our own standards of regularity and determine for ourselves what this means for our community. We do not in any way endorse the label of "irregular" that is used against us by the ignorant. To do so would be to endorse gross misinformation.

We do not seek outside validation or permission of any kind.

We understand and respect the cold hard fact that no one individual, organization nor group owns Freemasonry , it's symbols nor the Rites and rituals that are it's critical components. We embrace that we are full within our rights as free citizens to build how we choose to build.

With these things being laid out clearly, I feel that it is important that the potential aspirant understand fully as to what they would be getting into if they are seriously going in the direction of the 1613 Freemason.

You will be challenged to work hard in a number of key disciplines. To become the total Craftsman is the goal. This does not mean running through a ritual, doing a small test then on to the next happy hour. It means a life long commitment to not only intensive learning, but also to the perfection of the application of skills you have learned.

You will have to "think outside the box" in order to solve any challenge that arises. There is no large book where all of the answers are located. 1613 Freemasonry requires a pragmatic approach. In many ways it is the difference between being a employee and creating your own company. It's very challenging and very difficult. Not for everyone.

You'll have to have strong will and rock solid determination. Masons from the establishment will hate you, without ever knowing a single thing about you. Should you make yourself known as a 1613 Freemason, you can bet that you'll open yourself up to a lifetime of brutal attacks and attempts to bully you into submission. These can very in severity from simple harassment all the way up to death threats and your employment being threatened. Make no mistake, as a 1613 Freemason you are an activist. What you do stands as a example of personal freedom, self determination and grass roots activism. All of these represent real threats to the institutional establishment and it's profiteers. You must be prepared for the heat that our light will generate.

You'll be challenged to improve yourself in applicable ways to may your life, and your community better. We expect you to improve yourself in ways that are outside the lodge room and that will effect your life in tangible real world ways. It could be something as simple as if your lodge needs aprons, learn to sow. If you are sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck learn the skills you need to improve the situation. Make the very best you that you can. This is part of our total remanifestation into the perfect ashlar.

You'll be a part of a worldwide community. You must be there for your Brethren as we do treat each other as an extended family. This too is also not as easy as it sounds. You really need to ask yourself if you are ready for this kind of commitment.

Really be honest with yourself.




Frater VL said...

Interesting post. I would like to learn more about you or the community you represent. Do you have any starting point for doing so?

In the LVX,


Magus Masonica said...

Frater VL,
1613nation.org. Please be patient since it is being updated. On this blog you will find links to many of our lodges. There is also a lot of information here from my perspective.

We also have a community and several pages on Facebook should you be interested. Of course if you have any specific questions please feel free to ask.


Frater VL said...


Thanks for your response, and I have read the Manifesto on 1613nation.org.

I have a few questions, since I've been interested in Freemasonry from some time ago; but the restrictions and the Lodge scheme which I see as too rigid has kept me outside of study or learn more about it.

The first is: is this for personal study, let's say like AMORC style or necessarily do the members attend lodges?

Second, what are the requisites to be admitted?

Third, if one is admitted and there is home study; how does the member get the materials?

I hope my questions are not out of place, but I think having a guidance and a point of entry is important.

Peace profound, in the LVX


Magus Masonica said...

Frater VL.

Sorry for the slow response. My new baby girl is keeping me pretty busy.

1.) The goal of the 1613 Nation is to establish local lodges to service seekers of light in any given community. For someone who is a solo aspirant what would happen would be for them to start to study the basics of the foundational arts of the Craft. Then they would have to get out into their communities to find those of common interest. There are many ways this can be accomplished. All options are available.

Masons need to build, this includes doing for others as well as for yourself.

2.) Be 21 years of age. No criminal history. Some background or a very strong interest in the occult and magickal practice.

3.) If you are interested in forming a chapter (study group) in your area please feel free to contact me brad@1613nation.org and I will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for your questions and interest and again, sorry for any delay in my response.