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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Carpe diem

One of my major motivators is to help build a better planet through the free community that is the 1613 Nation. We are not an Order, not a Grand Lodge. We are something much different and far removed from these types of institutionalized constructs. We are a free and open community who share a common interest. Brought together by Brotherhood and bonded through the occult practice of our divine art.

The Nation has been designed from the very beginning, to be a free and open community where every single member and every single lodge has a clear and open voice. We value creation, we value creativity, we value the opportunity to openly challenge ourselves. We seek to eliminate all previous boundaries and barriers and unite all people who seek via our most important work and strengthened by the bond that is family.

We cannot be concerned with attempts to appeal to those who are already members of the Craft. Of course, we must always encourage free association regardless of jurisdiction.However, if we are to grow, to thrive and really change the world be need to continue to reach those who's voices have yet to be heard.

Life is improved through Freemasonry. Talent is nothing without opportunity, and we need to be the guide who makes that opportunity for change available to all.

let us always remember the simple things. The basics are the bedrock of our Craft. Let us be optimistic in our outlook. Embrace ever challenge and even opposition with great energy and enthusiasm.

Let's not be ashamed or shy away from our heterodoxical way of doing things, but instead embrace and promote our style of mind shift.

The world is changing every day, let's be a force for at least some of that change. Change of ourselves, our communities and eventually the planet.

Cooperation ,Compassion, and Community. We are the pillars of the Temple!

Seize the moment my Brethren.



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David Ford Junior Collins said...

How Our Cosmic Brother's and Sister's biuld Mother off all Craft called Speed/Black quick Silvered Tetrahedron's.

Now first off all they need to build The Superstructure and The place to get this resourse is out in The Iron Belt.

So firstly and foremost they go out to The Iron Belt and select twelve massive Asteroid's about three point seven kilometers in width and one point seven kilometer's in breath and there is plenty off them out there this size.

So how do they get them to Earth's orbit.Once they have selected the correct roid's,They cut a flat surface upon the roid and mount their Craft"Arkmanra"to the flat surface allready cut.From here now they can apply thrust via their Piro inducted counter suck vector's and pull and push the roid to Earth's orbit.Once the roid is in orbit they lock it there.

Now they have to transform the roid into three cubes.So they lock their craft together to form a blast array and start blasting away at the roid with precision to form three cubes approxiamatly one kilometer cubed.Once they are cut the cubes are pulled and pushed through the roid so that the rest is scrap iron which then is boosted to hit a planet,So that We can watch a cosmic collision.

Now this is were the rest off the super structure is done by hand.Now there are about one hundred thousand astronout's that can fan away Pure Iron with a fan array called Liquid Projection array.So they make serveral holes were the Space Port's and docking station's will be alighned and start faning away and oblitorate the Pure Iron.They can do it by hand for their suit's have an mechanical advantage.

So now You sort off get the picture how the super structure is made,So from here now is up to Jacob's Ladder to fill the cube with all the necessary inforstucture to settle on a new World.This would include prefabricated oil refinery's,Gas seperation unit's,Blast Furnace's,A Hydrogen nuclear power plant and so on.

Once all inforstucture is on board,350,000,000 People are the last to be placed on board the cube.They can travel there via Jacob's Ladder which is Bus like capsuals connected to the base off The Arkmanra via a key lock system.This go's for the inforstructure that is placed on board the cubes.The lift's sit on a platform the same square meterage as the base off the Arkmanra's and then they also lock on to the base off the Arkmanra.You can add as many platform's together as long as you can join the Arkmanra's to the platform's.

Ok now it's ready to leave Earth.So Arkmanra's mount them selves along the leading edges off the cube and start to spin the cube untill it reaches critical mass which is 360 rpm.From here the wall's off the cube start to divide.Once they have fully divided,They are cut away from the cube and are folded invertically so they build the needle part off the craft or call it the Terahedron.It is then hit with a pulse array to make solid the Tetrahedron.When these extra wall's are cut from the cube the rpm's slow down a little to close the gap.Can you see what has happened now?Two third's off the mass off the cube have gone into building the Tetrahedron.

Now it is ready to leave Planet Mother Earth,So now the Tetrahedron is spinning at a rate,Some how critical mass is elongated all the way to the Bold New World,This is exploited so when The Tetrahedron is released from gravity it shoots out out off here at a rate off Speed/Time with a little off Time/Speed so that it arrives at the same time it left Mother Earth.

When it arrives inside the Bold New World,Critical Mass is ended,So that The Terahedron plummets through the atmosphere and drives it self into The Earth,s Crust and with precision it pulls up at the base off the cube.Now all inforstructure can be unloaded plus Man Women and Child.

Blessing's and lots off them David Ford Junior AKA David T Collins