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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year

Wow, what a year 2010 was. We will mark it as a landmark year for Post-Modern Freemasonry. From a simple idea that grew into a single lodge two years ago, to twenty seven lodges around the world. The birth of the Masonic age of self empowerment, the 1613 Nation.

Of course, we got to see the fanboys get even more creative in their attempt to block out the sun. Some of them where admittedly pretty fabulous. I kind of became famous by being the first out of literally thousands of blog subjects to forever be immortalized on Chris Hodapp's blog page. What an honor that was. Sure, he didn't intend it that way ad he played fast and loose with the facts, but when the results are what they have been, who the Hell cares. After all, we 1613 Freemasons are a pragmatic lot by nature and over 6000 reads of this blog alone since he published his little love letter, I won't argue with the results. So, a huge thank you to Mr. Hodapp.

We got to actually see the Hellenic Rite come from idea into action with our first initiates into the Rite. Lodge Star of Minerva's Dawn initiated the first Hellenic Rite EA in April 2010. Lodge Hera followed with two initiations in September. Now, if that has to end up being the extent of my accomplishment in Freemasonry, that's a legacy I can deal with.

We saw a new interactive project take shape. 1613 Radio. Still working out the kinks but in 2011 it will be pretty awesome, you can count on that.

We had our share of tough times. We had more lodges leave the Nation than we would've liked, but the universe will do as it will. There are those for who we are not a good fit and in the end, it was better that those lodges die young, than continue to be unhappy. While we may be puzzled as to the motivation and continued actions of some, it is our duty and our obligation to wish them all the best as fellow citizens in this kingdom under Heaven.

We ended the year with new growth. We saw five new lodges including three new countries that thanks to these brave and dedicated Brethren now have 1613 Freemasonry as an alternative for those who so desire.

We saw talent show itself in the most unexpected ways. brethren, it is my honor every day to be able to work in the same quarry as you. Each and every one of you are blazing stars.

And finally, the Nation was blessed with the most wonderful news of all. We will have four new babies in 1613 families. Proof, that miracles do happen and that G.A.O.T.U. provides for those who provide for themselves.

In conclusion that you all, Brethren, friends and fanboys because you are all so important to what we do. Each a key piece to this divine work that we all must provide to the world. May bless you and yours in this new year. May your success be plentiful, and may your obstacles be met with energy and enthusiasm.

Cooperation, Compassion and Community; we are the pillars of the temple!



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