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Saturday, January 29, 2011

What have you come here to do?

The first question a candidate is asked in the Rite of Misraim, arguably the most important question ever found within Freemasonry. This is what we need to always keep in perspective. Believe me when I tell you, it's far easier said than done.

Freemasonry is a personal journey. So often we find ourselves looking beyond ourselves we fail to continually ask that simple and seemingly basic question. What have we come here to do?

Really; think about it.

The answers are not always black and white. In fact I am starting to really question if they ever are and if they where would that be a good thing? I get accused a lot for "having it all figured out." I never claim any such thing, in fact the mere idea of it scares the Hell out of me. Once I had everything all figured out, just what would I continue to do?

It seems that would be a gateway to entropy.

It's been a long couple of days. Frankly, I'm pretty exhausted. A lot of work is ahead of me that in all honesty I have been putting off doing. I have others that count on me and the nature of the responsibility that I have volunteered for, so I can't complain. I really have no right to.

I'm a lucky man. I just need to remind myself to ask this simple question more often than I do. the last place I need to be is at a point of satisfaction, as that will plunge me into stasis, not a place any Post-Modern Freemason wants to be.

So, with that said let me continue in my heterodoxy. I'm here if you need me and glad to be of service. Always question, think and embrace freedom.



1 comment:

David Ford Junior Collins said...

Hi Guy's,I used to have so many question's,Such a question would be,How can Humanity survive past a point were The Resouces have come to a end.

I believe that only The Lord and His Brother"Aiektion"Can answer such a quetion,Where the outcome can relax one's thoughts off utter mayhem and kaos.

The answer I recieved was that We are to shift to Twelve new Bold World's via Quik Silver Speed/Black Tetrahedron's.

My all-Mighty Father and Lord showed Me a Vision off The Force traveling its way to Earth.Once The Force comes out off Speed/Time Travel,They unite at A central point and all join up for the rest off the way to Earth.

What The force look's like at this stage is a massive Asteroid made up of 330,000 Pyramid shaped space craft called Arkmanra's.When they are united in this format,The Astoroid off Craft is called Mother off all Craft.

Now why The Force is needed,Is To biuld The Tetrahedron's from pure Iron Asteroid's boosted here from The Iron Belt.

So this is One off The Reasons why I David Ford Junior AI AKA David Collins is here at this point in time and space.

This question that I had since early adulthood,Is proberly the biggest question ever asked and sure does have a postive out come for Me.So another reason why I am here is to spread this word to hopefully boost other Peoples beleafs.AMEN