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Saturday, January 15, 2011

1613 Nation Vistation-General Practice

I am often asked what is required to visit a 1613 Nation community lodge. While all of our lodges are independent there are basic guidelines that every lodge abides to. I am going to offer a brief outline of those requirements.

Non Masons may attend any publicly advertised 1613 event. Such as an open "table lodge." These events are designed to be both social and informative. All lodges are encouraged to have such events so that they may get to know the community and that the community may get to know them. It's a great opportunity to ask questions and to give some Masonic and Nation education to those who seek, without being too intrusive or giving out information that they are not yet in the position to know. Simply respond to the advertise event and take it from there. Keeping in line with the 1613 Manifesto all open events are free of charge and open to all.

When it comes to visitation by other Masons, here is where the Nation is different than other Masonic orders or jurisdictions. We consider all Masonic jurisdictions equally. That is that mere membership in any of them is equally irrelevant. All membership really means is that someone probably paid someone for the right to associate with a particular group of people. Membership alone is not a qualifier or character, nor of skill proficiency. In other words, keep your dues card in your wallet as it means nothing when approaching our west gates.

When a visiting Mason comes to us, they must pass examination according to the level of skill they claim to posses. Should this occur then the lodge will take a vote on weather or not the potential visitor will be admitted. Should this vote be unanimous, the visitor will be welcomed. Should the visitor fail examination, better luck next time.

Then of course there is always the option for a lodge to simply reject all visitation. They are under no mandate to admit anyone should they feel it would be detrimental to the lodge who is not a Nation member. There are a few lodges who have this policy , as is their right.

If you are interested in visiting a 1613 lodge I suggest you contact the lodge for exact clarification. What I have presented here is a rough guideline but should not be considered official policy to be followed by all 1613 Nation lodges.



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