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Saturday, January 22, 2011

A quick note on personal freedom

A simple truth about the age we're living in is the seeker of Masonic light has more choices available now than ever. There are plenty of options and this is in my opinion a very good thing. What works for some may not work for others, and that's all well and good. As it should be. What does scare me though are tactics designed to restrict personal freedom and I think these need some serious thought by the potential seekers.

Most Masonic organizations practice what is in my opinion a gross violation of basic human rights. The right to freedom of association and freedom of assembly. Many Masonic organizations require as a condition of membership exclusive membership. That means that you may not be a member of any other Masonic organization other than that particular one. Choose to break this "rule" and the consequence will be removal and the (at least very uncomfortable) situation of being ostracized.

Others will allow "affiliation" in another Masonic organization that they are in official relationship with. While this is better than an outright ban, this is still a severe restriction of personal freedom.

The 1613 Nation and MEAPRMM/Grand Orient Egyptian would never restrict the seeker of Masonic light. We respect the individuals rights and we fight to preserve individual freedoms.

It is up to the individual to really ask themselves, if the crowd they are about to associate with is worth the elimination of other possibilities. In my opinion, the answer would be clear. No.

Your mileage may very. Think long and hard about not only what you are getting into when you knock on the West Gate, but what you may be ask to forever give up.

Brad Cofield- 1613 Nation

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