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Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Magickal Day at Lodge Hera

Today something amazing occurred. In a simple room,draped in dark green, a picture of Hera hanged in the East, the square, compass, rule and peacock feather atop the alter; a member of the Hellenic cult, received her raise in wages.

The first Fellowcraft degree of the Hellenic Rite to occur in the USA. The officers dressed in their ceremonial garments, aprons and collars. The music of the occasion played softly in the background. the energy was raised as the candidate was lead skillfully around the middle chamber.

People often ask "why 1613?" Well, today is why. A new ritual, from a simple idea to a leaving and breathing member of the royal art. I have never been as proud of my path, never as resolute in my convictions.


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