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Sunday, January 16, 2011

eMasonry Communication V 2.0

When I fist started my eMasonic journey in 2006 the landscape was far different than it is now. Masonic forums ruled the day. Along with blogs (done by the same people who dominated the forums) they served as the single solitary source of Masonic intercourse over the internet.

At first it seemed like such a variety of forums. It was all very new to me and very exciting. There seemed to be some with rather radical ideas, and others who where what I called then "traditionalists." The arguments where many and often very heated. There was always a lot of activity, over many posts per day by many different participants.

I soon found myself almost addicted to it. I found some who where willing to help me, answer my questions and help me through my unfortunate event with my mother lodge. I was very grateful for this help of course and excited to know that these "Brothers" did indeed have my back. It felt good, reassuring and nurturing in a way. I guess much like the victim of any sort of crime I grasped on to wherever I could. Looking back now I was bit too eager and my eyes where slammed firmly closed. I trusted the wrong people but all of that is for a different and perhaps a different blog.

well fast forward and I am probably the most banned Mason on the internet. Last count I have been banned from twelve Masonic forums (coincidentally 12 has always been my lucky number.) This is a fact the few who still use forums now love to beat their chests about, until you realize that 90% of the Masonic forums I have been banned from are all administered and moderated by the exact same clique of friends.

The good part is that even to this day, anytime my name is mentioned it's always the hottest topic on any Masonic forum. Always, without fail. Now there is of course a negative side to this seeing how the conversations about me always revolve on how I love to steal crack, then feed it to puppies, or other equal nonsense of a negative nature. I have grown to find it quite comic and actually a bit flattering, considering those who seem to live their lives on forums I have never met, never had a phone conversation with nor will ever have any actual interaction with. Yet, they have made me into this mythical figure. I'm not complaining.

Well, fast forward and we see the landscape has totally changed. The first forum i was ever banned from used to be the most active, LRUS. It's now a total graveyard, with any luck one to three posts per month. There is a guy who tries his damnedest to get the party going by posting the latest about the West Virgina situation and other topics like that.But it seems that for the most part others have moved on.

It's the same for pretty much all of the others. One of the most popular had a cadre of folks who where so preoccupied being my fanboys they forgot to pay for their own domain. That's a fun bit of irony.

There are a very few who have any type of active conversation. usually about the correct way to wear a Masonic ring and other totally unexciting mundane topics. To make a long story short we are now seeing the once dominant form of Masonic communication become the VHS of the web 2.0 era.

And guess what, it's a good thing.

Facebook has totally came in, and wiped the floor with outdated forms of internet communication run by the same cliques spouting the same old group think. Facebook has made it possible for real time communication, with Masons and those interested in Freemasonry from around the world. The user actually has control over who they want to talk to so no more need to endure any abuse simply because you are not a moderator or administrator of a forum or are outside the clique.

Groups and pages, including lodge pages and communities can be established and the interaction controlled. We have a general 1613 group as well as individual lodge pages. No flaming, no harassment. Everyone gets along, gives and gets respect and in general act like,,,actual adults. To make a long story short it has been a real bonanza for those of us who have taken too much crap from too many bullies over the years.

In other words, highly recommended.

I would like to give a shout out however to one Masonic forum that has stood the test of time. ran by a real Mason who lives as he types. Free from bullies, open minded , caring and true. The Chequered Pavement , run by my good friend and Brother Steve Foley. He's hated by the fanboys and he is A-OK in my book. Thank you Steve.



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