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Monday, April 11, 2011

Light of the Rising Sun

I am proud to introduce the latest addition to the 1613 family and the growing current of Post-Modern Freemasonry. Lodge Light of the Rising Sun, located in Gifu City, Japan.

This is a very significant lodge in many ways. First, it is the premier lodge of the 1613 Nation and the pioneer ambassador for Post-Modern Freemasonry in Japan. Second, it is the very first Rite of Memphis lodge in Japan. To think that for nearly 200 years since the inception of the Rite it has never been introduced to Japan, until now. And finally, it is one of only two gender equal lodges in Japan (the other under the jurisdiction of LDH) and is the only one to actually work in Japanese.

This is a tremendous occasion. Anyone who knows me would tell you that next to Freemasonry and the occult, Japan holds the closest place in my heart. Everything Japanese has always been a passion for me. I am so excited to have Post-Modern Freemasonry represented in a magical land where tradition lives alongside rapid innovation.

Lodge Light of the Rising Sun is comprised of some awesome leadership. Worshipful Master Annie Matsunami forged her Masonic career in the quarry of LDH. She is also an active Rosicrucian and an advanced occultist. Her passion for the arts and her spirit of creativity also shine through. She is a passionate adept of the 1613 Nation and I can think of no one better suited to lead our efforts in Japan.

The lodge is dedicated to the development of open table lodges so if you are in the area contact the lodge and I am sure they will welcome friendly travellers with open arms.

Contact Details:

Worshipful Master: Annie Matsunami Annie@1613nation.org

Senior Acolyte: Ana Kowano Ana@1613nation.org

Lodge Secretary: Aalma Busaco Alma@1613nation.org

Lodge Address

23 bairin nishi machi gifu
Gifu City, Gifu 500 8116

Phone: 090 7684 2961

Skype: Annie Matsunami




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