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Friday, April 15, 2011

1613 Nation Welcomes new Rite of Memphis lodge in Florida

Oh how I love spring. The days are longer and gone are the endless hours of early darkness in the Pacific Northwest. I always find a new energy at this time of year.

The winter was very productive for the 1613 community, we are now seeing the seeds that where planet come into bloom. It does me great pleasure to announce to the world our newest addition to the family of Post-Modern Freemasonry - Lodge Frederick Douglass- 1613 Nation.

Named in honor of one of America's greatest hero's and fighter for the freedom of all men. That represents the attitude of the 1613 Nation perfectly. Equality and personal freedom are essential components of the 1613 platform. Lodge Frederick Douglass is lead by Worshipful Eric C. Collins. Worshipful Collins is a well known and hard working Brother who has shown through the years to walk as he talks. A veteran of Prince Hall Masonry, he brings a diverse skillset to the nation which we welcome with open arms.

I am personally very proud of these Brethren as they have shown great dedication and fortitude. It's not easy to establish a 1613 Nation lodge, the decision is one that is not appreciated by many. It shows great courage and a dedication to self sacrifice for the good of humanity. Please show these Brethren your support. When in Orlando stop on by, I'm sure they will welcome all friends and Brethren with open arms.

Lodge Frederick Douglass- 1613 Nation
4375 N. Pinehills Road #67
Orlando, FL 32808
Phone: (407) 455 8026

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