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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Foundation of Universal Freemasonry

Over the last couple of days, I have had extended conversations with Bro. Stephen Quest and his new venture , the Foundation of Universal Freemasonry. This is a new confederation of independent Masonic lodges based upon the principles of peaceful coexistence , freedom and harmony. While it is not itself a Post-Modern Masonic group, they are friendly to Post-Modern Freemasonry and we can consider them to be our Brethren and friends.

The Foundation of Universal Freemasonry comes from a very passionate and idealistic platform. While I can say that I would do some things differently, I appreciate and support another avenue of choice being made available to sincere seekers of Masonic light.

This opens up yet another potential for partnerships between the 1613 Nation , and those of different communities. The Foundation of Universal Freemasonry will provide another choice for those seeking independent forms of the Craft away from the authoritarian Grand Lodge/Grand Orient system.

The Foundation considers themselves a force for Masonic reformation. Those who are interested in that now actually have a viable and progressive option. The 1613 Nation supports our Brethren in their endeavour and we consider ourselves in peaceful coexistence and cooperation.

Brad Cofield
1613 Nation

1 comment:

Magus Masonica said...

Well boys and girls, the website for the Foundation seems to have taken a dump. The Yahoo groups have also gone without as much as a vapor trail left behind.

After further discussions with Mr. Quest it became clear that the Foundation was simply a means to an end for his Masonic Museum/Hotel and Resort plans for his land in Arizona. So much for that.

I remain a supporter of all independents. I'll also remain a believer in the greater good of humanity. Even if I'm proven wrong once in a while.