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Friday, February 18, 2011

A Nation of Builders

We are a Nation of builders. As a community of independent lodges we have challenges ahead of us that the joiners simply do not encounter. We are forced, by circumstance to think, an act on our own. There is no "top down" authority, no code book to go to for answers. We have to be dependent on ourselves and each other. Communication is key, as is cooperation and collaboration between our sister lodges.

Due to these circumstances, we cannot be lulled into a trap of institutionalized thought patterns. we must release the fear associated with being out on our own. In order to be successful, lodge members have to take "ownership" of their own lodges. In order to build a successful lodge we need to foster a culture of pride in the work, and the benefits of a true community. If we don't do these things, we will be destined to fail.

We must understand fully that those who shout against us have no clue what it means to actually build something from the ground up. It's fair to point out that 99.9% have never built one Masonic lodge that is rooted in the institutionalized structure, let alone an independent lodge from scratch. These people can cast all of the aspersions they wish upon our accomplishments, as they have no practical experience we must keep this in perspective as we deal with the negative attention.

I am so very proud of each and every one of us. Doing what we do is damned hard, the work is needed in the world and we are doing what we have been anointed to do. The light of our work will shine beyond our lifetimes, the hard work and self sacrifices will be appreciate by history.

1613 for life!


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