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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sometimes Douche = Stinky

I recently joined a new forum thanks to my friends at http://www.freemasonsinformation.com/ .
Seriously, check them out if you get the time. Nothing Earth shattering mind you but it is a good place for institutionalists and those not yet ready to claim the moniker to gather. Ohhh, never mind.

Anyway, i joined another Masonic fora ironically called the Freemasonic Discussion Group. You can find them here http://excoboard.com/exco/index.php?boardid=9629.

Well, this group is as interested in discussion as Rush Limbaugh is on the inclusion of gay rights being taught in the classroom.

Well, I can tell all of you boys and girls that I tried, I mean really tried. The usual southern troll who goes by Prometheus hangs out there and as usual he did what he could to bait me into a fight. well friendly readers you'll note I never took the bait. The admins of course hated that so they needed to make up a thread in the guise of the history of our illustrious M.E.A.P.R.M.M. This I regrettably fell for. It was a hit job from beginning to end with the all time elitist prick Dave Mavity on hand. He has let to learn that when you rent a tuxedo from Men's Wherehouse it doesn't mean you aren't a total douchebag.

Anyway, Mr. Mavity attempted to upstage me by making claims he can't back up. Ohhh jeez, he lives in the Bay Area, well so do 15 million other folks. He very well may be the biggest dickhead of them all but who's counting.

Anyway, do to no fault of my own I was banned again. Guess what everyone, those small minded douchebags are still talking about me. I guess I am glad I give them a reason to exist. Ohhh, not really.

Update, Mr. Mavity had to post this on the forum in order to respond. You see, he knows I cannot respond there. Don't be fooled by the clip-on bow tie, he is a coward as well as a douchebag. Perhaps someday someone will will be able to sit him down and straighten him out, until then eMasonry will have to be thankful for all of his B.O.T.A. rehashed enlightened elitism.


BC 96°
National Head Of Washington State
English Language Liaison Office of the Gran Hierophante
Masoneria Egipcia del Antiguo Primitivo Rito de Memphis Misraim
"Trois la dirigent, cinq l'├ęclairent, sept la rendent juste et parfaite"

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