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Thursday, July 31, 2008

eMasonry Fight Club

Recently, there has been a lot of blogs with various "camp" designations of different "types" of Freemasons. The "mainstream" or "Traditionalists" or "Institutionalist" or whatever vs. the "Traditional Cosmopolitan" or "Grand Orient" or "Progressive" Freemasons. The problem as I see it is that both of these groups, camps, sects what have you seem by and large to be stuck in the very same rut. One group points a finger at the other group as if they have had their collective lunch money stolen. They claim that the others "have no right" to call themselves Freemasons. The other group has claimed to have built something "better" or "different" but they still spend time seriously complaining about what it is they left behind. Kind of like someone who got a divorce still calling up their ex wife to argue, what sense does that make?

To the "Traditionalists" or "Mainstream" or "Regular" or whatever I ask: The UGLE severed relations with the GOdF well over 100 years ago. What happened? Did they dry up and blow away? Will these Internet fights cause anyone to just tell you all that you are right and then they will stop? What do you realistically hope to accomplish? Like it or not fellas Freemasonry is in the realm of the public domain. For whatever reason no one saw fit to trademark anything. You have your group, you have plenty of like minded to surround yourself with, do that. Get on with your lives, build your temple.

To the "Traditional Cosmopolitan" or "Progressive" or "Liberal" Freemasons I ask: You took the drastic steps and voted with your feet, why continue to lament for what you have left? What do you gain with these arguments? What does it accomplish? Will it help you grow your new organization? Are Internet battles an effective recruiting tool? Do you really think you are going to change the mind of those who's minds are made up? Is continuing to fight with those who do not agree with you, do not like you, do not respect you help you build your temple?
Again, you too have those who are of like mind. In fact you probably have many more of like mind who you have not paid enough attention to because you are so busy with this eMasonry Fight Club to service the seekers of your light. Get on with it, move ahead and build your temple.

Then there is me. A lowly Craftsman. I am going to do my best to build the temple. That is the task that is under my charge. I will work on subscribing my passions and leveling all of my interactions. I will continue to learn and absorb the light that is shined in my direction. I will cast that light onto others that so seek it. I may slip up on occasions and I will ask that those who care please whisper that good council, it will not go ignored.

BC 96°
National Head Of Washington State
Masoneria Egipcia del Antiguo Primitivo Rito de Memphis Misraim
"Trois la dirigent, cinq l'├ęclairent, sept la rendent juste et parfaite"


Bro. Budog said...

Dear Bro. Magus, thank you for your insightful and heartfelt recent blog article. You echoed so many of the thoughts I recently have had... After reading cyber-wars like, "Only Freemasonry is Freemasonry" and other online pissing contest, I was really turned off. It steered me away from joining one certain camp because of the pervasive negativity of some of this groups adherents. The path that is right for me, will be totally wrong for another Brother. IMHO, we are all Brethren under the umbrella of heaven as children of GAOTU. Build your Temple and love your fellow man. For in the end, labels and groups mean absolutely nothing...

Be blessed, fraternally.

Magus Masonica said...

Thank you Brother. Yes, it has taken me a while to really realize what the scope of this whole situation was, but now that I have there is no turning back.

It's a good place Brother. I want to thank you for allowing me to take part in your journey.

The Palmetto Bug said...

Magus said: "...subscribing my passions..."

Being that phrase is an inaccurate copy of a similar phrase from Freemasonry, it is a good guess that the one who wrote it is not really a Freemason. In fact, if you think about it, that quote makes little sense.

I mean no offense, magus. I just call it like I see it.

Magus Masonica said...

I did not in any way attempt to quote SC Ritual, just so we are clear.

The Palmetto Bug said...

magus: You quoted no known Freemasonic ritual. The phrase you used is a frequently seen bastard version of the real phrase. Think about it...does "subscribing my passions" make any sense? You have heard something but completely misunderstood what you heard.

Again - no offense; I'm just calling it like I see it.

Magus Masonica said...

I totally support your viewpoint, thank you for your comment and I hope that you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Its been taken to a level now of no return. Vile attacks have went way too far and Masonry has destroyed itself.

Masonic Traveler said...

The first rule of eMasonic Fight Club is that there is no eMasonic Fight club.

It interesting to see this coming from a brother under the Memphis Misraim, as its been a little discussed or even allowed association here in California. I've actually been interested in what it has to teach in the degrees.

I think your spot on in the analysis of it being a glorified pissing contest. The real work happens in the construction of the temple (internal or external) which is a lesson I believe most masons miss.

But, be that as it may be, it is still a matter of egos and beliefs. The whole "my Freemasonry is Freemasonry" argument (which I moderated in my yahoo group) ended up in a stalemate. Interestingly, the brother holding the position of My Freemasonry is Freemasonry had only been a brother for 12 months.

At the end of the day, it is about the personal journey, but in the mean time, as the pixels fly, maybe the admonition of the first rule is true, maybe there is no eMasonic fight club...

Magus Masonica said...

Masonic Traveler,
Thank you for your comments. I appreciate your honesty and tact. Again, I say thank you.

This blog is meant as a way for myself to purge any and all of those failings of my Masonic past. I got so caught up in some of this it almost destroyed me. I had to close the book on that chapter. But now I realize, all of that pain and anguish had to happen. It was necessary to lay the foundation of the Freemason I was to become. I really get that now, my eyes are wide open.

I have decided to give all Masons everywhere my full 100% support. I will support those who disagree with me, even despise me 100% percent. Who am I do deny them their viewpoint? Who am I to say mine is more valid?

While I need no validation I will validate those that do. May the temple be built and may we do our best twards humainty.


Anonymous said...

Well said Brother Magus!

My Name is Still Nobody said...


How many Temples have YOU built today? I mean physically built ones with street addresses. In one day. Just curious.

This is interesting, although not so much as the lawsuit against Halcyon Lodge:


Certainly, this court case is pertinent.

My Name is Still Nobody said...

Unless there's blood drawn, it's not a fight. Myself, I never started a fight. I never backed away from trying to finish one either.

Magus Masonica said...

My Name Is Till Nobody,
First of all thank you for stopping by. I really appreciate your support. It means the world to me.

As far as to answer your question I have never built a physical temple. I did just finish a brick staircase and I am planning on the begining of one new arch by the end of the year.

As to the other temple I am busy building it, one living stone at a time. Thanks to you, I am having many more living stones to work with.

Thank you very much.