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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

WGH Frank G. Ripel, $@#% gets real

Well, this is in all honesty a hard blog to post. I was a dedicated member of the MEAPRMM for six years. I built the MEAPRMM worldwide. The membership increased over 500% directly due to my own efforts. I believed that an order based upon the Operative Rite would be a great thing. I knew that many would be intrigued by the Operative side of real Masonic alchemy.

I was both right, and wrong.

The MEAPRMM turned out to be a very niche product. The Operas of the rite are very difficult, technical and designed 100% to be worked in a lab alone. Not at all what those who are interested in Freemasonry nor any other Western Mystery Tradition would expect, nor would they do for any length of time. As a result, interest in the MEAPRMM was a cycle of ebbs and flows.

Despite all this I got it up to a pretty respectable level. We were able to do what we did , with very little input from our esteemed WGH Frank G. Ripel. Frank would, on occasion offer a tidbit of esoteric wisdom, often pretty profound, and we'd be satisfied with that. From continent to continent however, Frank was not a part of the day to day hands on operation of the guild. How do I know? I was, and I rarely if ever sought his input and he rarely if ever offered it.

I worked with members from around the globe. While not a gangbusters success, we did have a steady international membership and despite any titles or official chain of command, I was the go to contact. This started in 2008 and in 2010  I was promoted to International Deputy Grand Master and National Head for the entire English language. The 97th degree. And even though by this point, 1613 long surpassed the MEAPRMM on my schedule of priorities, I was nevertheless very honored and proud of this achievement. Why wouldn't I be?

This is when , it comes to the MEAPRMM things started to unravel. A group was founded on Facebook called the World Association of Egyptian Obediences. This FB group was set up by MEAPRMM Israel and was in theory supposed to unite all Egyptian Freemasons in discussion and harmony. Totally idealistic but what the harm? I began to participate, and Frank as well as his wife Galbix Red enthusiastically supported this group.

Now, keep in mind this is just a Facebook group. It's not a jurisdiction at all. They right away started to play the usual Masonry politics. Calling others "clandestine" and "bogus." They started issuing charters for speculative lodges under the MEAPRMM. I expressed my dissatisfaction at both of these developments as A.) The MEAPRMM was never intended to be a speculative jurisdiction. 2.) MEAPRMM prohibited any and all jurisdictional politics. It was a violation of MEAPRMM code to label another jurisdiction , especially a non operative "clandestine"or bogus."

The purpose of the WAEO was not to "unify" but rather to be another "dick measuring" group that would be judge, jury and executioner against any group they felt slighted them in any way. I issued an edict stating that MEAPRMM Washington State as well as the Orients under the MEAPRMM English Language would not support the WAEO. I announced that based upon the direct violations taking place as policy within the WAEO, all members of my jurisdiction would withdraw from it and no longer have anything to do with it. Furthermore, we would advise all others to stay away from it until such time they decided to act in a Masonic manner of inclusiveness and Brotherly love.

A few days after, I was removed via edict from Frank G. Ripel. No warning, no formal charges being filed, no Masonic trial. In fact no access to Masonic jurisprudence or due process whatsoever. With just the waive of a hand, I was done.

I told Frank that I did not respect nor recognize his tyrannous action. I would go on about my business as usual, which is what I've continued to do. Upon that he issued a "black hand of death" upon me and my family. Of course I let him know, any threat of force would be met with greater force. I am no amateur in this regard. I also let him know should anything happen to me or (more importantly) my family , there will be no safe haven on Earth for him. As a family man, it is within my rights to defend my family and myself from physical harm.

I also let him know that he not now nor ever had any authority over me nor my jurisdiction. He changed the direction of the MEAPRMM from an operative Masonic guild to a speculative den of politics. That was his choice and not one I nor my Brethren would endorse. In fact, we would consider his position to be one that was illegitimate and undeserved. Oh how right I turned out to be.

Fast forward and what do we see. Other National Heads of the MEAPRMM being thrown out without cause, without trial and without ability to defend themselves. As of this blog at least two National Heads have been dismissed, over the internet and without cause. These included WB Andrew Heim- NH of Hawaii  and WB Mario Serenko- NH of Utah.

Above you'll see a picture of WDH Frank G. Ripel. He seems to be having a great time. Now, I'm no stick in the mud. I have no problem with an old man getting his freak on. I do however have an issue with someone who reports to be the first 100th degree since Yarker doing so, in public with such little regard to his title and responsibility. As Masons , we're to tyle our actions. Obviously, WGH Ripel forgot this basic Masonic lesson. Or did he know it in the first place?

WGH Ripel claims to have been initiated into Freemasonry in 1946. Let's assume that he was of legal age as per Masonic custom when he was initiated. that would make him 87 years of age. Does the above individual in the sex club look 87 to you? He's since claimed to be 56, if so how did he found the Order of the Mystic Rose in 1949? Something doesn't add up.

By the way, what's up with the fake breasts on the wall?

Also, Frank let's new members of the MEAPRMM know that their "purpose" is to promote Frank Ripel's books around the world. What's that? To make Frank money? I suppose hookers and strippers in Vampire sex clubs aren't free?

Look, I'm no fuddy duddy. I'm not against an old man (even if he's half the age he previously claimed) getting his freak on. But , I do hold individuals who claim to be adepts to a higher standard. Obviously, Ol'Frank is a pervert, a misogynist and is just another fake esoteric prophet with nothing more than economic profit on his mind, that and some young ass.

What a shame, but not at all surprising.

Hey Frank, what happens in the sex club doesn't stay there..






I am Andrew Heim and I was kicked out of MEAPRMM without trial under false accusations which have nothing to do with the current charges, which are different accusations, than the initial accusations levied against me that are now listed on the MEAPRMM webpage. The charges against me are baseless, and another brother was caught in the crossfire for literally no reason at all. All attempts to rectify the situation with Frank have been unfruitful, and he has disarded all established Masonic jurisprudence as well as affording those accused the benefit of a Masonic trail. This has been a sad week for Egyptian Freemasonry.

-Andrew Heim
Former National Head of Hawaii of MEAPRMM of the 96th Degree


My name is Andrew Heim. I am the as of now the Former National Head of Hawaii for MEAPRMM after being appointed to the position and the 96th Degree. The false accusations being levied against me as listed on the MEAPRMM webpage are just that false and untrue. These accusations listed are a new set of accusations which were different from the initial accusations levied against me. In addition another National Head Mario Serenko was booted out of the organization on false charges of running this so called false MEAPRMM webpage. This webpage that is being refered to was created by me on Facebook in which Frank Ripel under the guise of Galbix Red openly participated in. Frank Ripel has discarded established Masonic jurisprudence and has not afforded any of the right to a Masonic trial. This is a sad week in the world of Egyptian Masonry.